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Posted in: NHK reporter laughed at for asking black hole team for more on Japan’s contributions See in context

The reporter himself seems to be also slightly laughing as if trying to evoke laughter.

He clearly knew how other people might feel his question.

But I think his intention is not about boasting Japanese expertise. 

Scientists from a Japanese national institution contributed to the finding. Considering the institution is funded by taxpayers money, public broadcaster is expected to explain how those money are used. Therefore, they needed to know how Japanese institutions had contributed to the project.

I think he had just done his job.

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Posted in: Japan releases video of alleged radar lock-on by S Korean warship See in context

@Will Goode


they were busy rescuing a North Korea fishing boat.

Why did they direct the optical camera at the Japanese aircraft?

There's no need to do that.

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Posted in: Japan releases video of alleged radar lock-on by S Korean warship See in context

Now it becomes clear Japanese side made clear radio contact using three different frequencies.

South Korea side needs to provide an explanation for failing to respond to it.

Some media outlets including this one reported they did not respond because the signal level was so low and noisy, and considered it was directed to their coast guard ship.

But considering Japanese side unequivocal English messages and that they used three different radio frequencies to contact, it is difficult to accept that clarification.

When you received messages from the plane you were monitoring, you would think the message was directed to no other than you, wouldn't you?

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Posted in: Japan loses Olympic swimming final tug-of-war with American TV networks See in context

Considering the amount of money Japan Consortium pays to broadcast the Olympics and the cost Japan as a whole spend to host this Olympic games, it is not unreasonable to hope the event would be held in the prime time here.

As one of avid swimmers, I'm disappointed at hearing this news.

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