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Homo, generally, is not meant to be offensive in Japan. It has got nothing to do with whether or not Japan is backward in the acceptance of the gay culture. This is the same for the fact that there aren't as many gays here as where you may have come from. The number of gays in a community does not go to show the level of development (social or otherwise of that community). I believe I'm going to get some flak for saying this but it's almost the same as going to a foreign country, saying people don't speak your language and then screaming "discrimination", et al. No matter what is said about all of this relating to Japan, I do believe there's more discrimination and gay-bashing in Western countries. Imagine being a lone gay or two in a non-gay township in a Western country. It won't be a stretch to say that one would be living in fear more so than in a similar township in Japan. The author's own comments alluded to that.

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smartacus, it does

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Dear timorborder, I can't imagine how your kid(s) got themselves into a situation where they got bitten by a dog. Could it have been pure accident? Devil's advocate :-)

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