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From my time in China and speaking to Chinese outside of China, the CCP will stay in power as long as they deliver on two key points - economic growth and unity.

From my experience having lived in four countries, including China, the so-called democratic governments are yet to deliver any of those two to their countries. So the collapse of China is just a wet dream of the pentagon weapon sellers, and the herd that thinks such a cathastrophe would benefit them.

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No news and not a comment on how was the Tianjin Costa Serena handled. No news is good news,

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They will be asking foreign countries to buy food from Fukushima next.

They already did that, with South Korea. And when South Korea refused to resume buying the contamined stuff Japan triggered a set of export bans,

Yes, surprise, surprise, Japan export restrictions on SK are not related with "strategic materials" security mumbo jumbo, it's all about a monetary tit for tat.

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