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Posted in: Tokyo Banana Curry adds capital’s souvenir sweet’s sweetness to roux, but not in Tokyo See in context

It's not too much to say that Tokyo Banana is the most famous souvenir from Tokyo. We often receive the sweet from people who visited Tokyo. I think not a few people have already been bored with it. Therefore, I'm sure this strategy will give the dessert a tailwind.

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Posted in: Japan giving Washington 250 new cherry trees to replace those to be lost in construction work See in context

I didn't know there is this kind of connection between Japan and America through cherry blossoms. I've also known that sakura is famous to many people. I'm proud of sakura.

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Posted in: The Fake Burger really returns to Burger King Japan See in context

Burger King always makes us pleasant. I would like to try it. However, it's difficult to find franchises aside from urban areas.

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Posted in: Magical Girl anime: The lasting legacy See in context

Until now "Sailor Moon" franchanses are popular regardless of age and natinality. It's about time to be started the play of "Sailor Moon". Japanes famous idols play characters of the manga, and of course, they change their appearance from plainclothes to witch uniforms.

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Posted in: Magical Edo period-style cherry blossom event at Kinugawa Onsen See in context

I hope that this project will have a positive impact on revitalization of Kinugawa Onsen.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut’s new coriander pizza contains more cilantro than ever before See in context

I don't really like cilantro, especially it's flavor. I want to over come it.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work across Japan as fiscal 2024 begins See in context

Maybe not a few new employees were nervous. I'm rooting for you.

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Posted in: Spring in Yokohama See in context

Whenever I visit Yokohama, it is always crowded. Since Yokohama is full of attractions, people go there seeking out something enjoyable.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms start blooming across Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto See in context

Cherry blossoms haven't bloomed at where I live yet. When I was a child, I went to "Hanami" with my family and relatives. But now, I haven't done it for a long time. I miss my childhood days.

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Posted in: Nara considers increasing number of deer that can be killed each year See in context

When I was a middle school student, I went to Nara park and interacted with deer. When I gave deer snacks, they bowed to me as if they returned the favor to me.

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Posted in: Collaboration brings Baskin Robbins macarons to FamilyMarts across Japan See in context

I didn't know "Popping Shower" was so popular that it was excluded from the poll.

Certainly, in addition to me, many people favor that flavor.

By the way, "Chocolate Mint" flavor seems to be the second most popular.

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Posted in: Bitchu Matsuyama Castle: The highest fortress in Japan See in context

I don't know much about Okayama prefecture yet.

I would like to visit Mastuyama Castle at least once in my life.

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Posted in: Yen falls to 34-year low against dollar See in context

I hope this strategy will work for the better.

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Posted in: New book teaches Japanese people English to help out foreign travelers See in context

I would like to become able to communicate with travelers from other countries in English. Also, if they were in a jam, I'm sure I will give them a hand.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

I think there is no way that Ohtani do anything which deprives him of baseball.

However, I don't know all about what happened.

All I can do is wait for the time when all facts will turn out.

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest two men for theft of ¥4.98 million Yu-Gi-Oh! card See in context

Cardgame is no longer only for playing. Cards are exactly "stocks".

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Posted in: Tenkaiho: A delight for nature lovers See in context

I've never seen these spots. However, I totally understood all of their attractions. I want to visit Tenkaiho at least once in my life.

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Posted in: Japan aiming for wealthy Asians to visit rural areas near 2025 Expo See in context

Popular areas everyone knows like the center of Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto are always full of the hustle and bustle. Such environment will make you tired. Therefore, I find it great to recommend hidden gems in rural areas. There are still many attractive places where have yet to appeared in travel magazines.

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Posted in: Derelict hotels See in context

I'm from Tochigi prefecture. However, I have never been there. If I could go back in time, I would like to see lively Kinugawa-onsen.

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