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@Cortes Elijah

One side of me completely hates this woman. Seriously, it's called a condom? I hate it when people really do not think about what they are doing when they have sex. Lots of people are so immature about it. I love sex, but I still use my brain.On my nice side, I thank the mother for doing the right thing. The child will be safe now.

Apparently that one side of you that hates this woman also likes to make assumptions. We have no idea how the mother became pregnant. What if she was raped? These days you can get drugged easily and be the victim of a date rape. I do think it must have been difficult for her to carry the baby to term and deliver it (which is obviously done outside of a hospital). I suspect the mother is young (given the use of katakana) and I commend her for -- at least -- trying to do something good, given the situation she was in. Socially, Japan needs to reform itself -- removing the social stigma of adoption and allowing families to become parents for adopted children more easily. While changing the many laws needed for this is difficult, changing the way Japanese society thinks will far more difficult.

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