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For the whales and for the well being of the human population that sadly still consume whale flesh. It's baby steps forward but definitely good steps.

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To those who think that there is no one in Japan who oppose the horrific dolphin drive hunts, the killing of and the selling of live dolphins to captivity facilities - OMG are you wrong about that ! Before you speak out not knowing the facts, why don't you visit his site and learn what and who this remarkable man is who is out there trying to change things for the better for the people there & for the dolphins who's birth right it is to live free in their ocean homes !

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Learned much more by reading the comments, so thank you very much for everyone's information - why is it so difficult for any chef, anywhere to make sauces that are not based on meat and fish .... vegetarian should mean just that, no animal/fish flesh products. A dash of this or a dash of that used from animals is an absolute no goer for me or any other vegetarian I know, most certainly for those who are vegan. If one eats fish but not the flesh from animals who breath air, they are not vegetarian, they are peskitarian so foods served should be clearly understood by the consumer. I wish people in the restaurant business would just be honest with their paying public !

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd seeks U.S. court injunction against Japanese whaling See in context

The Sea Shepherd does the work that all others in power should but fail to do - if the ocean life dies, so will ours ! Sea Shepherd has NEVER harmed a living soul during any of their campaigns. They as any right minded person does, protect their families, OUR ocean family from exploitation. They fight the illegal slaughtering and the depletion of life in our oceans.

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