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I took it for granted that I would see the movie through to the end. I'm a little uncomfortable standing up when the end roll is playing. But I guess I watch to the end because there's usually a little movie after the end roll. I like to watch that because it makes me feel a little special. I also like to watch the making of the movie, and if there's a song I'm interested in, I'll watch it all the way through to check it out. When the cinema lights up, I feel like I've finally finished watching the movie. But I don't think that people who watch a movie until the end are true fans. For example, if there is a celebrity whom I love and I spend all my money on him, I don't think he is a real fan. If you consider yourself a fan of something, that's enough to be a fan. If you don't watch a movie all the way through, just get out of there quietly.

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