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Posted in: How not to get fired in a bad economy See in context

I don't appreciate the tone of this article at all. As if it's the small guy's fault this economy went to crap, because they are bad workers or something overly lavish spenders, what about the guys with million dollar bonuses, why don't you write an article for them?.....I guess with a bad economy comes the trickle down effect and the little guy gets the worst deal, a long with finger pointing and a lack of sensibility from the guys on top that have the audacity to tell other people how to live. Don't you think all the above "strategies" are things that people in those precarious situations would obviously figure out themselves? Yeah write an article and state the obvious. How do you still have your job?

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman breaks into love hotel room See in context

you're kidding me right?

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Posted in: Woman slain in Tokyo apartment; boyfriend dies in suicide in Kawasaki See in context

this is sick and scary.

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