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Crazy Joe: I hope that people there with their integrity and good sense of morality, take actions ASAP as we outside of the US have been reaching the limits of our patience.

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This man does not seem to aware that the biggest threat to the lives of American people is he, himself, and the law allowing ordinary citizens to own guns.

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To Tony W.--- I think your way of thinking is pragmatic but I cannot agree with you when you say that “it is also quite reasonable that they should be encouraged to develop their own defense capabilities, including nuclear strike defense,” To anyone of Hiroshimaite, like me, any words which encourage to develop more unclear weapons is anathema. If you visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, you can strongly feel how at any cost we must abolish nuclear weapons. If you think that if other country is armed with unclear, then we have to do the same, the world would be fall into the abyss of war-hell. That is many people anxious about it might be happen after Tramp takes office.

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How many more lives will have to be sacrificed until they finally truly understand that the right to bear firearms, which was written hundreds years ago, is no longer legitimate nor fit at this time of age.

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You can not swallow the whole stroy on trust.

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I am writing this out of being very frustrated by those right-wing or extreme groups of people. Do not listen to anything what those people are saying, especially any words from Mr.Kamei. He is exactly the Japanese version of Mr. Tramp. What we, the general Hiroshimaite, are seeking for is a world where everyone can live without fear of nuclear weapons, wars and any conflicts, not seeking for an apology.

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