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Posted in: Aso returns year's salary over scandal; 20 other finance ministry officials punished See in context

Abe wants Aso to stay on so the lesson were learned from the scandal... (okay to be repeated)... haha

what a joke.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. will need to give Kim Jong Un security assurances See in context

Not a North Korean supporter.

But President Trump just messed up with a nuclear deal with Iran, without evidence.

Who is in the right mind (NK) would make a deal with Trump again? The US even ask NK to abandon nuclear, give up ballistic missile BEFORE economics sanctions will be offered.

Anyway, the outcome will be great to follow.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry admits altering land sale documents, removing name of Abe's wife See in context

Go Abe go.... how can people trust this administration when they can do such thing?

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Posted in: Japan surprised at Tillerson's dismissal as U.S. secretary of state See in context

Trump team is losing one general after another... How he gonna succeed? How the US be great?

He seems to run the White House like his own company.

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Posted in: Trump fires back at British PM over his retweeting of anti-Muslim videos See in context

You don't expect such a carelessness act from a person of responsibility like the President of the US. I guess a lot of people get offended.

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Posted in: Top carbon-fiber maker Toray says tire parts unit falsified inspection data See in context

The German do it too, remember Volkswagen emission scandal.

But there is one difference; VW paid a few billion dollars in fine and these liars Japanese manufacturers just "moshiwake arimasen with a bow". If Japan Industry ministry make a fine, maybe they will not lie!

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Posted in: Overconfidence in technology led to Japan firms' misconduct: academic See in context

I agree with @Disillusioned on one thing.

The other thing, but what is the role of the ministry overlooking these manufacturers? They just accept what these liars submit (for approval or patent or permission...) without double checking? (Scandals: Mitsubishi motor, Nissan, Subaru, Kobe Steel.... who else?)

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi slams 'misinformation' over Rohingya crisis See in context

that is bs, Suu Kyi. it happens when Nobel she received was motivated (to encourage her to topple the military & its China ally)... but it looks like she share the Nobel with them (army). sad

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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

I have never known them yet I cried reading this news. Beautiful last action, ... say I love you and gone.

it is life after all... RIP

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Posted in: Gamba Osaka fined Y2 mil over fans hoisting banner resembling Nazi symbol See in context

@Jimizo: +10 for ya ;)

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Posted in: Japanese destroyer leaves port reportedly to escort U.S. warships See in context

Japanese Destroyer... no no

Japan Aircraft Carrier, yes!

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

What a good news today! ^^

But wait... oh no wait, I have been consuming with alternative theories (1. A 7 years old survive by himself for 6 days. 2. A troops of rescuers and especially Self-Defense Forces couldn't find him within a 6 kilometers range!!!]... I am desperately need to learn how to survive like this little "forest-hardened" boy (sic)

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Posted in: GSDF joins search for missing Hokkaido boy See in context

Davasted by this news and been following ever since it appeared. Sigh, we are in the dark. Will the author shed some light on the interrogations of father mother and the other child? Poor little boy, I wish you'd find a better shelter.

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