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Posted in: Naomi Osaka slams reporters who ask her to speak in Japanese in new Nike ad See in context

When she won US Open, not only the media but also the Internet was full of sneaky comments. The most disgusting thing was about her racial identity. The people those who've never cheered her up to that moment weren't satisfied with her being a member of team Japan and commented that she should become an American citizen or should be naturalized in Haiti. This AD shows how the voices of such sneaky people are meaningless.

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Posted in: Trans weddings in Japan: Forced surgery before 'I do' See in context


No one has forced him to operate. The law only states that he should not use the men-only bath unless he has had surgery. Is that wrong?

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Posted in: 1,000-year-old tree See in context


Japanese Sakura weren't from China. These are native to Japan, and horticulture became very popular among ordinary people during the Edo period, many varieties improved were produced.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife leaves Japan to appeal to French gov't; prosecutors want her questioned See in context

Didn't she complain with crocodile tears that her passport was taken up by Japanese prosecutor office?

Her scarf, her jewelry, her luxury hair styling, the botox and fillers on her cheeks and lip were paid from the money of Nissan workers and 20,000 fired workers.

She earned the title of a Nissan officer without doing any work and has received $ 18 million a year. Besides, she owned more than 10 paper companies in Netherlands, Lebanon, Brazil and more.

She also charged Nissan for $ 715,000 to repair her villa's chandelier, and it invoked the wrath of Nissan executives.

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Posted in: New era name echoes Abe's national pride agenda See in context

The first era was "Taika(大化)" and It's July 17, 645 in Christian calendar.

In this article, people all over the world would misunderstand that those are only 5. But actually, Reiwa is the 232nd.

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Posted in: Can Japan end its love affair with plastic? See in context

Unfortunately this report is beside the point and it only conveys a part of things. Japan's waste disposal is sorted by "combustibles / non-combustibles", and many local governments treat plastics as combustibles. They have the ultra-high incinerator and it prevent the occurrence of toxic chemicals. Despite being a huge consumer of plastic packaging, this is why the generation of marine debris from Japan is low. (And Japan is the victim of drifted wastes from China and Korea)

The main cause of the marine debris problem is the runoff from the landfill. Every year, 15% of wastes from world's landfills drain into the sea.

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Posted in: Japanese Olympic chief Takeda resigns amid bribery scandal See in context

However the witnesses, African representatives, also received huge donations from China over and over again. His allegations were totally rejected at the Olympic Committee, who loves racism for anti-Japan, by donations and lobbying of China and Korea because Takeda was a former member of the Imperial Family. No one examines his claim, trying to sanction him with just one scammer's testimony. And it was said to be reprisal for the arrest of Carlos Ghosn by French gov.

After all, no one could provide evidence about his injustice. This is usual racism of IOC that targets only Japan.

IOC always rewrites their rules to favor players of White and their minion states' every time Japanese player makes a new record in swimming, ski jumping, track and field, figure skating and judo. It has been repeated for over 50 years. Should we have to give way to racists' harassment again?

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