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Posted in: Teenager sent to reformatory for killing 3-year-old sister in Okinawa See in context

Posters...Please keep a proper perspective of things.

The young man may have been raised by a dysfunctional family....It causes fuzzy interpretations of life and wrong choices by the boy.

I would never hurt people of any age other than a fly or a pill bug....I guess I put the human race in the same category....well...wings will be pulled off and the rocks will be flying above them like missiles.

I did that as a child....They were my toys. Think “Putin!"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,391 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 31,008 See in context

Let the tourist in as so many want. I am fine with that.

"Time to put covid behind us and get back to the days when we could lick handrails, share toothbrushes, and have a good old time!” Anyone is allowed to do so.

But, keep those people who are infected away from me. Just keep them in your company/group. I am just concerned about my well-being/family/friends.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘How do you find a good man?’ See in context

"girl in tokyo

Sorry thats just not true.

All the things you said “only men” do, women also do, just at a lower rate because they don’t have testosterone."

They (women) don’t do it at a “lower rate,” but in a “Passive-Agressive” way.

It is just under the radar. So, the percentages are smaller.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘How do you find a good man?’ See in context

Just change one word for another...at it becomes simple: Men to (=) Women or Women to (=) Men....

“Men (=Women) very, very often lack empathy for women (=Men), and instead of seeing women (=Men) as equals and partners, they see them only as a means to get sex. They can't identify with women (=Men) as human beings, can't put themselves in womens' (=Men’s) shoes, or see things from womens' (=Men’s) point of view. They're incapable of being friends with women (=Men), and if you can't be friends with a woman (=Man), you can't have a good loving equal relationship with one, either. And men (women) don't even know that this is what's happening, because they're far to wrapped in in what they want to find out what their partner wants - this is why when a woman (man) instigates divorce, the man (woman) goes "wha happen"? 

This isn't all men (women), of course - gay men (women) are actually really empathetic, which is why so many women (men) love having gay guy friends. And some straight men (women) - men (women) you would probably deride as beta males (females) - also see women (men) as people and treat them as they would treat their guy (not gender difference) friends. These men (women) are gems and I cherish each and every one of my male (female) friends who goes out of his (her) way to really try to see women (men) for who they are, as people, instead of looking at them only as "can I hit that."

This is true of western men (women), but goes six times for Japanese males (females). They grow up in a culture that celebrates maleness (femaleness) and derides women (men) as less-than. They see women (men) as incompetent and treat them like children. So if you are a foreign woman (man), and want a partner who will treat you as an equal with love and respect, I'd tell you not to bother dating in Japan at all."

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Posted in: Biden vows 'never again' in marking 80 years since Japanese Americans' internment See in context

My father and my relatives were forced to go “Camp.” He/They just took it on the cheek and endured.

After being released from the “Camp,” they had to endure the public’s hate with Asians.

In 1980, my Japanese American friends and I entered a Denny’s. A few of the patrons shouted out to us “Remember Pearl Harbor!"

Things have not changed...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18,891 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 99,695 See in context

Let’s leave behind personal beliefs and/or insufficient knowledge.

We have to work together (collectively) to beat this virus.

Let the researchers do the work in understanding this virus.

We have to be patient. It is a pain in the b*** to follow all the restrictions but that is all we have.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,113 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 92,078 See in context

The interesting thing about governments, despite the current turmoil, is the payments to them don’t change.

People’s situation have changed. The governments’ answer, “It’s not our problem. It is yours. Please pay on the due date."

They know people are struggling BUT WE must pay on the day that payment is due.

If you can’t pay, they will strong arm you with letters of confiscation of property.

They have forgotten that we pay for their salaries! All of us.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,113 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 92,078 See in context

I must be doing something right...people in their 50s is pretty low. I know I will get this bug someday but not today. I am fully vaccinated and waiting for a letter to get my third....

I ensure I follow protocol/prescribed advice and do my best to keep this bug from entering my house, my place of work, and from me and others (wash my hands, wear a mask, keep my distance from others, etc.). It is the least we can do to put this pandemic at bay.

But, it has been a boring life for the past few years but I can work and get paid. I lost a lot of substantial amount of money as an average “Joe” from this pandemic.

Will the Japanese give another hand-out another ¥100,000?

I will not hold my breath on that pipe dream....Abe-masks are the definitive way the government thinks.

By the way, I have a few in my drawer and unused...Who paid for them?

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Posted in: More than 9,000 tree species still undiscovered: study See in context

It doesn’t surprise me.

I sense that people have forgotten to look, listen, wonder and notice.

Steve Jobs tried to give a device to allow all of us to take notice of the world that surrounds us....and make us immune to the silliness of drones.

And now, the people have become a slave to those devices. They look down while looking for “Likes” or who are checking their messages.

Look to what can be! The greatest thinkers never needed digital devices to make progress..greater things .

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Posted in: It is our responsibility to take back the quiet night for the children who live near the base as well as for the younger generation who are the future of Okinawa. See in context

I agree with most posters. Unfortunately there are aggressive adversaries (countries).

It is a necessary evil. The bases are necessary.

As for noise, election time in Japan is the most annoying.

I’d rather hear a helicopters making their noises. At least I have the opportunity to see some human achievements.

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Posted in: Even if we have enough doses of vaccine, we still need to secure staff and venues. In addition, some people cannot receive booster shots any time soon because their health condition has changed or for reasons related to another vaccine they took. See in context

The Vaccines are abundant....The problem is distribution.

To get one takes only a few minutes. Anyone can give a shot in the arm without a doctor’s license...you don’t need a license to do so,

Payments are the problem. Money.

Some people live day-by-day because that are not paid properly...There is a teacher in Japan that get paid over ¥350.000 to knit during the day


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Posted in: Mother pleads guilty to leaving 3-year-old daughter alone at home for week to die See in context


You hit it right on the mark!

I have the same understanding as yours.

I wish I had the money and the means to help such people. It would not be burden for me.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with parasites in my life. They keep me quite busy...but, when I notice things that are wrong, I move. I was told by the American Embassy to not to interfere with Japan’s social issues and problems. If I did, I would be detained for questioning by the police because of my good intentions.

I have a decent job that pays the bills but the parasites keep coming unrelenting.

The mother may have tried to seek out help but the system probably put her at the end of the line. I sought out help from government agency and they ignored my concerns. The reason: It is not your problem and it was not in their manual.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,503 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 44,810 See in context

There should be a site that allows people to input their PCR test results so that we can really understand the situation. The government has other issues at hand but we, as individuals, can do something.

I bought a personal PCR test kit. It cost about ¥1200. Their goes my beer money!

I am in contact with over 1200 people on a daily basis...¥1200 is not a lot of money when you want to ensure you don’t infect other people.

Took the test...waiting ... it was like taking a pregnancy test....The result: NEGATIVE...is that a good result?

I know you can get free testing but the results will take time.

The processing companies are pleased with the wait time. They get paid while your average Joe....has to find a way to live.

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

I have kept myself and others safe. My basic routine (1) home (2) work (3) supermarket.

I am saddened that I see so many Japanese travel to far off places and return to Japan.

Now, the government blames “American Bases.”

How about families going to Okinawa/Osaka/Tokyo for a family trip and come back to Hiroshima (My Home)?

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

“(1) coronavirus testing and (2) quarantine rules"

(1) From my perspective, most people are not being testing in Japan because of the cost. Go to a clinic or hospital, they will charge you a pretty penny to be tested but a vaccine is free of charge.

(2) My students, unfortunately, have been sickened by this virus. No "quarantine rules” were implemented. That is one place in Japan. How many more are there?

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Posted in: Tokyo lawyers to collect info on police stopping foreigners for questioning See in context

I think all we want to know is :

What is the criteria the police are using to stop foreign people and asking for identification indiscriminately?

I remember a time when I just landed at KIX (Osaka) Airport after a 12+ hour ordeal. (Actually, it was nice. Changi Airport is a nice place to wait for the next flight.)

I had to chaperon a student for a 3-month stay in New Zealand in order to insure that the homestay parents are worthy to host a female Japanese student.)

When I arrived at KIX and exited, an undercover police flashes his badge and apologized to me. He told be he was just doing his job.

I asked, “Why have you decided to asked me for identification? I went through passport control. They searched my luggage. If there were any red flags about me, they would not have let me out the exit. I just want to go home and see my family."

He replied, “I'm just doing my job."

I have lived in Japan for over 30 years. That incident still stays in my mind.

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Posted in: Japan considers not sending ministers to Beijing Olympics See in context

The Chinese Government makes statements every day. The government has become masters of “fake” information.

Their usual response is “We don’t need the west.” Okay!

The WTO gave them the chance. I took it quite slowly but .. now the thieves has to bide the rules.

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Posted in: Japan considers not sending ministers to Beijing Olympics See in context

My best suggestion is to send diplomates who visited Yasukuni Shime to this Game. It will give me a smile to see the infantile responses from the Chinese Government officials who claim that they are adults.

I have no problem with anyone visiting such places. I don’t know how much the Romans or Mongolians have done under their rein. How far back must we go?

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Posted in: Kishida visits areas hit by 2011 disaster for 1st time as PM See in context

Please...posters...be more sensitive.

I lost my hometown 女川町 (land and grandparents’ houses).

At least his visit will remind the Japanese people of the hardships people are facing.

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