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masato2011 comments

Posted in: 1st Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer See in context

****“This is an alarm bell for that policy,” he added.

What would a nuclear plant bring us?

we would be less reliable on coal fuels, out of shortage in nature energy, competitive business.

Thanks to a nuclear, we have enough sufficient supply. But, how could we keep enjoying many supply, that would give damages to our health. That would prevail an extremely big ripple effect on health of people near nuclear plant. More and more we depend on nuclear plant, we would be closer to death.

It is the easiest question, which one is more important to keep health safe or boosting economy???

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Posted in: Okinawa governor revokes approval for relocation of U.S. air base See in context


****They’ve also experienced that from a succession of local political, media and academic leaders that have told them that the best way to reduce the US military presence is to refuse and stall any agreements – so there is enough “mendacity” to go around on both sides.

you are true.

If someone claim their voice in public, that would lead others to stifle their standing viewpoint, not only go against them. We have a conference, and politic to take a step to consider how to solve. We do not have to race or decide which one is better, or stronger.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

@Nobusaki Your proposals have such a great point to pursue for the equality labor environment in man and woman.

We should take a step little by little to revamp the society.

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Posted in: London mayor flattens young Japanese rugby fan See in context

@Moonraker Boris might be a member of England’s rugby if he would have enough sufficient power to play with adult players. He just wanted to show off his power even playing with kids.

He would be on the game again, playing with adult players, and someone would hit him as strongly as he did , that would be such a good retaliation on him.

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Posted in: Burberry revenues hit by slowdown in Asia See in context

At only recently, there are many spot lights on chinese market because there are many richer resident comparing to European market, Therefore many business tried to cash in on chinese richer to boost their business. It was definitely successful to not only promote their business but also to lead richer resident to spend more money.

In term of the business, they gained the sufficient revenue. however they did not perspective that their customers would get tired of spending much money. Much worse, they would fall short of rich people.

This is the worst problem that expanding a new business in developing country would not keep supply and demand balances.

There are many spot lights on the company strategy is to boost the business again.

it is easier to make a good commodities and expanding own business, but keeping own business in a good shape is very tough.

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Posted in: London mayor flattens young Japanese rugby fan See in context

That movie leaded me to have his character as too enthusiasm and violate.

This event is just recreation for sports event to boost rugby as popular, not for real game. It is common that adult people focus on showing off their skill less and let younger kids play as much as they want. Therefore that would be a great opportunity to communicate with younger kids and a great effect to boost a specific sport.

He is too childish.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor revokes approval for relocation of U.S. air base See in context

I think that the funding is not sufficient to complete the transfer by a specific date.

His idea is so smart that we should reward him.

We should take an independent assessment of the out poll in local nation.

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Posted in: Toyota aims to nearly eliminate gasoline cars by 2050 See in context


I totally agree the project by toyota.

First, the project by toyota leads by example as the significant role in auto industry in order to tackle with global warming and pollution. That would encourage other auto industries to produce only hybrids and fuel cells.

Secondly, Jpanese economy would rely on fuel less, that would make japanese economy more steady than depending on exports fuel.

therefore, i m side on the project by toyota. That would have a great effort to deal with not only the global warming and pollution. That would make a great effort to revamp the dependence japanese economy.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor revokes approval for relocation of U.S. air base See in context

There are many arguments about a local governor's action in japan because any local governor never defy japanese government's action. This is unprecedented incident.

In my opinion, i am on his side.

Fist of all, we should reflect where to keep the US based seriously, we need to take more time to consider about the issue.

Secondly, we will have a bad effect on the local economy in Futenma if the base will be relocated. We don't have enough funds to compensate for the loss.

Finally, the japanese government forced the decision about the issue.

For these reasons, i support his action about the incident. In order to deal with the issue, we should spend more time to conclude the result. The local government and japenese government should have a lot of meeting. We should take proper steps, and keep japan politic as democracy not autocracy.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

@Wc626 Thanks for your great feedback too.

I feel relieved to hear "Even though you must devote your life to your company and sacrifice so much- it's not all in vain." from you. I just thought i wasted my youth life in order to devote to the belated japanese company. I also though i did not obtain any specific skills while spending times to go to "NOMIKAI". Worst of all, i felt but nothing to being a modern working slave. Therefore, i felt anxiety of living in japan and contributing to japanese company for the future. however i cant take my situation from a different perspective, i can find out a few good points of my situation. thanks so much!!! Also, i hope the global economy change will have a significant effect on the prototype of japanese labor system.

Anyway, your ideas are so impressive because you can perspective what it will happen in the future. You must be smart and strong!

I really wanna ask you , have you been working for japanese company before??

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Posted in: Japan-backed fund considering investing in Sharp See in context

i have been thinking how the company can recover from the dreary economy.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

****Japanese government should try to change the labor environment

****And likewise, the Japanese workforce should change their their enslaved-indentured like attitudes towards their company. One of the first things that "shocked" me about Japan when I was new here, was that how Japanese men put their company (& careers) first. In my country, family always has top priority. Not one's employer.

Dear MAC262 thanks for reply

i have been working for the biggest company in japan in almost three years. i was shocked how Japanese employee should devote their time to the company in the first year. Even though i was born and grew up in japan, i was so shocked at that, and did not figure out how they could put up with over 30 years until they will retire from the company. More worse, my boss and colleagues do not spend any time to revamp the whole labor environment, they just get along with the stereotype custom.

For the third year, i have been job hunting to run away from the biggest and oldest japanese company. Worst of all, no one can revise the longstanding japanese labor custome.

What younger Japanese can all is to go abroad and to get a job, if they would like to have life with family time.

I think we can not rely on japanese goverment measures, it can not revanmp thelonger working labor custom,The company is composed of having older japanese people who get used to have the custom.

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, lame on me , i was born in this country

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Posted in: Twitter reportedly planning layoffs See in context

****Oh Layoff the answer of any corporate profits problem, but they don't seek any solution to make more attractive for costumers. If layoff will be the solutions of everything, all the world will be a better place but is doesn't work just make look the company incompetence to make floating around a little bit more.

I totally agree with your idea. lay off is the best solution to recover from a dull business, and enhance the business as competitive. But the strategy don't take how to make the business thriving, just have done how to cut the expenditure. The business should be looking for how to make profit and try to less expenditure without laying off.

For example, cutting budget like bonus or decrease topone a executives salary.

**** the social media platform’s growth has slowed and it has yet to turn a profit.

the social media platform is getting less because many users became tired of using the social media. much worse, some people are depression , suffering from social net service. A little by little, people acknowledge part of social media as weary aspects, not only comfortable to get contact with anyone and any informations easily.

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Posted in: Japan-backed fund considering investing in Sharp See in context

****A Japanese government-backed fund is considering a range of options to help turn around Sharp Corp including a direct investment, a person familiar with the matter said.

****A direct investment would mark a shift in thinking at the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), which previously only wanted to be involved in Sharp’s liquid crystal display business.

That is a good strategy to give a hand a domestic company in a tough business. That would can help enhance Japanese economy. But we should consider which company has the key role to recover Japanese economy in my opinion, the company doesnt deserve to get any help

****Once among the top display suppliers to Apple Inc, Sharp has been pushed aside by the likes of LG Display and Japan Display as the U.S. device maker diversified its supply chain amid longstanding concerns over Sharp’s prospects.

Many demand company have casted doubt on the company to get efficient supply.

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Posted in: Uniqlo to open fewer stores in U.S. after missing profit target See in context

****it should draw spot light on employees satisfaction.

****Yeah, I wonder about the life of their factory workers... but so do I about those of other brands, from the cheapest to the more luxury priced ones.

thanks for reply

I am very concerned about the labor environment in their factory, just thinking about their working schedule, that makes me feel bad. Moreover, the shop salesman in different branches in uniqlo in japan, they are struggling to work under their labor environment. at least three years, many employees are leaving the office. The company don't unveil the an employee turnover rate. Job hunting in japan always see the rate as the significant benchmark to decide to work for. But the company don't announce the rate officially.

Surprisingly, the company don't have to compensate for loss of the retire employee, because the company easily get job hunting attention. The company is expanding the business abroad, and keep their profitability reputation.

I wonder the company is going to be thriving in the future.

****Doing it in a totally different industry... I'd say less tought than being foreign in Japan.

you imply living in japan is tough .....................could you tell me a little bit more?

Anyway thanks for comment , so honor to have your comment :)

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Posted in: Computer shipments sink under weight of strong dollar See in context

japanese yen weak............ how long it will take ..........

many customer would like to buy PC cheaply. Also they pay attention to which company made the product.

The customers consider about the safety and cost.

I would like to know how much the product has been fracturing by foreign currency market.

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Posted in: VW shares jump, sparking questions over 'mystery' buyer See in context

i think that the mystery buyer should be consider as just buyer buoyed by the company executives, they just wanted to improve the reputation , hoping rebuilding the same situation as before cheating,

everyone wonder when the company can recover from the situation moreover it never can fix the problem

It is common the investor are not willingly to cash in on the company invest.

For the reason, I think that the relative people invested the company on the basis of not good reason.

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Posted in: Uniqlo to open fewer stores in U.S. after missing profit target See in context

the challenging let me consider that it sounds tough to bring japanese business into different countries.

In japan, uniqlo is very famous

Cheap, comfortable, Easy

the company always focus on making profitability , customer's satisfactions

in the other hand, more profitability the company gains, the more employees are leaving office because the authority make them work harder in order to seek business profitability.

before expanding their business, it should draw spot light on employees satisfaction. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

this guy has mentioned how to control the population in japan..............

Thats a good idea to think about the future in japan we should improve the social structurer down the road...................

in my opinion, the first priority is to revamp a whole labor environment as much as we can.

Japanese people are under much pressure we spend much time as over work. we can not afford to spend time with our family Also, we dont have much fund to raise and support family

in the situation that we dont have much time and budget, what could cause us to boost the brithgiving?

Even though we are not content with our life, our environment, how could we try to give much contribute to our country???

Japanese government should try to change the labor environment, and boost japanese nation happy rating :)

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