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Posted in: After four years Cool Japan is Y4.4 bil in the hole and continuing to show few results See in context

“if if it’s not “cool” to begin with, then it’s doomed no matter what. Dragon ball, Doraemon and AKB48 might be cool in places like Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore. & that’s it!!“

Really? Theree are alot of cool things about japan that have nothing to do with akb or doraemom. Dragonball is awesome though and is is loved world wide. Plus there are video games, robots and other electronics. Oh and cars. Japanese make amazing cars.

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura's 'Doctor X' garners highest rating this year See in context

So much hate in the comments. Typical JT I guess. I personally love Jdramas. I have seen over 100 of them and I manage to enjoy them just the same as american stuff. As much as I love Game of thrones and the walking dead sometimes its nice just to enjoy something light hearted. Acting is fine.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda returns to showbiz this week 3 months after giving birth See in context

Great! She's very beautiful and immensely talented. Her voice is unmatched by anyone in Japan.

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