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Posted in: Japan to give $15 mil to fight terrorism in Middle East, Africa See in context

i wonder who is actually get those money..the Middle east?the ISIS itself?or to the "police of the world" who are trying to steal other countries wealth in the name of "peace"?

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Posted in: Book containing Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad goes on sale See in context

<>Alex Einz-What has "respect muslims" has to do with Caricature book , they dont need to look at it if they dont like, their claim to depictions not allowed can and should be only followed by people that practice Islam and absolutely nobody else.

For me, of course they dont like it and they dont need to look at it. But, the prophet is what they believe in and show loves to Him, it is like Jesus(please be upon Him) for Christian. While I cannot see or found (maybe i was wrong,but prove me that I am wrong) any cartoon that provoke Jesus. If there is, why people dont complain about it?because they dont have faith in it?

And by the way Alex, please show some fact that you quote as below. <>on that same note, they themselves have absolutely no issues depicting other religions badly.

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Posted in: U.S. jury orders Toyota to pay $11 mil to victims of fatal crash See in context

Toyota was not guilty but has to pay 11 M dollars... There were no evidence, just allegations.... I just love America well said!

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Posted in: Slain hostage's 4-year-old tweet embraced on social media See in context

and im quite surprise too when there are not many who leaves comment here..I like Goto-san phrase when i read between the lines!

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Posted in: Record number of teachers disciplined for corporal punishment See in context

once i met a japanese father who had a son that will graduate this year in teaching field. Surprisingly he told me that he will ask his son not to be a teacher and should help in his business instead. He said that many cases of suicide in Japan also came from teaching profession!!! I agree with this phrase by presto345,

Isn't it sad parents can't be punished for failing to discipline their offspring and expect school teachers to do a job they could not themselves achieve at home?

i condemn personally whoever give bad for the comment

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Posted in: Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot but no mention of Goto See in context

so sorry to hear that,but,what about the other one?no relative representative at all?or im missed the boat

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Posted in: Forged resident cards use postal system to evade authorities See in context

a law are made to be broken

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Posted in: Obama says terror group has killed Japanese hostage See in context

wow, i am truly impress with obama, he knows what happened quicky rather than abe itself. truly what people said, obama is police of the world!

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Posted in: France arrests 54 in crackdown on hate speech; Charlie Hebdo's new issue sells out See in context

aaaa,another joke of the is OK, everyone understand it

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Posted in: 111 crows found dead in Saitama See in context

111?nice number

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

if i see people buying too much diaper in one time, I can call the police??wow

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Posted in: S Korean prosecutors to arrest ex-Korean Air exec over 'nut rage' See in context

lesson to be learned from for those who think that they simply can do anything with the wealth!

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Posted in: No. of tourists to Japan tops 13 mil for first time ever See in context

I feel like I'm in China when I'm at Fukuoka

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Posted in: If The Avengers could have one Japanese superhero, who would it be? See in context


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Posted in: 16,000 New Year greeting cards stolen from 26 Lawson stores in Hokkaido See in context

maybe the thieves attempt to create the Guiness record, "the most Christmas greeting card delivered from a person"

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Posted in: U.S. auto safety regulator calls for nationwide recall of Takata air bags See in context

one of the reason why yen is very week now

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