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Posted in: Japanese women list top 10 lies they can spot the second a guy says them See in context

The 10 famous lies in history

I love you The check is in the mail You wont be sent to the front You cant get pregnant the first time I`m late....And It is your child Tax cuts for rich really help the poor. I am not a liar Thank you so much, i do appreciate it. You really are so beautiful. Your so interesting I am still at the office You look lovely in that dress!

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Posted in: DPJ candidates See in context

Okada`s plan is smart...He is the Date Masamune...He will at least win the Sendai voters

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Posted in: Unsecured Nomura-backed loan, missing CEO add red flags to China lending See in context

Ultrasonic on Tuesday said CEO Wu Qingyong and his son, Chief Operating Officer Wu Minghong, had been missing since the weekend, and most of the company’s cash reserves in China and Hong Kong had vanished. On Thursday, the company said the pair had withdrawn the cash in two tranches.>

Take the money and run baby....We make money the old fashion way...Sucker Japanese investors and then buy US real estate with stolen money!

I am sure a couple of payments to the local communist party and all is ok. After all...The money was stolen from foreigners...Not Chinese..So all is well.

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Posted in: China holds ceremony to mark Sino-Japan war See in context

Well...Discussing History is so important to Chinese leaders that you can not discuss such long ago events as Tiananmen Square Massacre a very distant 25 years ago nor the Great Leap Forward 53 years ago. I mean, what fun is talking about history if it is Chinese slaughtering Chinese. OOPS...Forgot the Cultural Revolution 48 years ago. Another non topic for non history

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