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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting wife with banana peel denies it can be called domestic abuse See in context

I would be more concerned with the verbal assault than a banana peel.

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Posted in: Japan weighs incentivizing childbirth by fully covering expenses See in context

Helping out future generations is welcomed. But how about helping parents who already have children? Childbirth is expensive but it doesn't compare to raising a child.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

Well, let's see if the police actually crack down. They won't.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context


Japanese politics looks to be suffering the same degradation of discourse as in other nations like the USA.

Why do people try to connect bad things in Japan with bad things in the US?

These comments have nothing to do with the US.

Politics are nasty in pretty much every country in the world.

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Posted in: LDP unlikely to field candidate against Koike in Tokyo governor race See in context

Well, she is LDP.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly having sex with minor at welfare facility where he works See in context

A sex offender's registry does nothing to prevent a first offender.

It does nothing for the poor victims who don't report the crime.

More robust laws are needed for these crimes.

Social programs making it easier to repost these crimes are needed. (Not like the child welfare services that return kids to their abusive parent)

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Posted in: French court clears director Polanski of defaming British actor who accused him of rape See in context

Whether or not this specific case is true or false I don't know. But I do know Polanski is an abysmal person who enjoys violence against women.

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Posted in: Ex-interpreter for MLB star Shohei Ohtani pleads not guilty to bank and tax fraud See in context

This guy is a total loser. He probably had one of the best jobs in the world. Maybe his yearly salary wasn't all that high, but the perks would be unbeatable.

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Posted in: Garbage truck driver arrested for fatally hitting girl in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

Drivers in general racing through red lights, doing something else while driving or just speeding is a big problem here. But more so, is the bewildering police who don't enforce these rules.

I swear, if the police sat at the traffic lights in my town for a week and ticketed the drivers who ran a red light, they would have enough funds for the year.

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Posted in: Woman in her 80s dies en route to hospital after ambulance takes wrong route See in context

The fire station is at fault. They should haver never had him driving if he didn't know the routes. In my home country an ambulance driver doesn't have to be a paramedic or EMT. They can be, though. But before you go out on a real call you have to take numerous route tests before you can go out for real. Tests are held at various times such as early morning, rush hour, the middle of the night. Sometimes the test evaluator will suddenly say this route is blocked. Find a different way to the hospital. It's all timed.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

As more people choose to remain single or get married and not have children this problem will increase.

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Posted in: Real estate agent arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman during apartment inspection See in context

Assault? Yes. Definitely.

Sexual assault? No.

He should just be charged wit assault.

This lessens other incidents of sexual assault.

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

The news said the truck driver was speeding.

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Posted in: Two men steal cash, watches, other items worth ¥1 mil from house in Saitama Prefecture See in context

They knew what they would find.

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Posted in: Man robbed while waiting in car as wife shops in Aichi See in context

Even when parked and just waiting in your car always keep your doors locked.

Nothing wrong with making a judgement on their nationalities. That's what police do all the time. It's called investigating. That's how police rule out suspects.

The problem isn't with the initial judgment. The problem is when despite contrary evidence you stick to your judgement. That is the problem.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context


police in Japan are prefectural police. So the prefecture could send two or so to help out.


not all police are assigned to major crimes. Some police direct traffic. Some give tickets to speeders. Some drive around with flashing lights.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

Typical way of thinking: one solution for various problems. This wall ruins the view for tourists who behave.

Try this. Have several police officers standing in the area. When a tourist jay walks or litters or other thing, just fine them on the spot. Same as no smoking ordinance in many Japanese cities with 2,000 yen fine.

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Posted in: Musk targets Australian senator, gun laws in deepening dispute over X stabbing content See in context

Not his country, but it is his company.

Same as Japanese telling Google to stop providing links.

Same as calling Apple store and Google Play a monopoly.

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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

This prison sentence is quite harsh.

Murderers get less.

The people doing the ore-ore scams are horrible. They pretend to be a family member in need. True criminal activity.

But she didn't pretend to be anything. Even her name "itadaki joshi Riri-chan," literally "sugar baby Riri," makes her intensions very clear.

If I ask you to give me 5,000 yen so I can buy clothes for my kids, but in the end use that 5,000 yen to buy myself a new video game, then I'm rotten but it's not illegal.

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Posted in: Bloodstains found in car of man held over 2 burnt bodies in Tochigi See in context

It surely was a hit. It might not be Yakuza., though. A lot of these crime groups that are local only exist these days.

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Posted in: Japanese youth spend around 5 hours a day online: gov't survey See in context

When I was a kid people complained kids played video games too long.

Before that it was watching TV makes you stupid.

One generation is always complains about another generation.

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for molesting 1-year-old girl in Kyoto park See in context

I had my baby in Japan. old people always came up and touched my kid even when it was sleeping in the stroller.

That act itself seems to be common here in Japan.

He might not have had any evil intentions.

It's hard to know from this article.

For all the tough guys out there saying they would give him a beat down. Go ahead. Beat on a 64 year old. It's quite possible he could have a heart attack, be seriously injured or even die. So then you get charged with a felony a do seven years in jail.

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Posted in: Man arrested for third time after assaulting teenage girlfriend See in context

I'm not sure about the laws in Japan, but in my home country depending on the seriousness of the assault, being charged is up to the victim. The victim can refuse to press charges thus the jerk goes free. Many victims are reluctant to press charges because the punishment isn't that long in jail. When the jerk gets out he comes back with vengeance for the victim.

This could be the case. She might be very scared to press charges or leave him. If she's a teen and in this situation it seems her parents aren't helping her. He is probably controlling the money. too.

A sad situation.

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of role in $90 million investment fraud See in context

This is confusing

suspected fraud worth around 13.3 billion yen ($90 million) 

But they only have to repay

defendants to pay around 320 million yen (about $2.2 million)

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Posted in: Niseko in Hokkaido to introduce lodging tax of up to ¥2,000 a night See in context

Quit being so greedy. Overcharging is part of the culture in this country. Hokkaido is already ridiculous. A nice bowl of Ramen anywhere in Japan 800 - 1000 yen. The same Ramen bowl in Hokkaido is 2000 yen.

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Posted in: Biden and Trump rack up wins on Super Tuesday See in context

You can't believe the polls especially this far out.

Furthermore, it depends on which poll you look at.

Republicans didn't ban IVF. In fact no one banned IVF.

It was the Alabama Supreme court that said frozen embryos are children. This decision cause some IVF clinics to become afraid. Thus these clinics suspended service. Many other Republicans have come out against the Alabama Supreme Court decision.

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Posted in: Biden and Trump rack up wins on Super Tuesday See in context

It's clear Trump and Biden will be the nomination. Biden is too old. Trump is too crooked. But the American people will choose Trump. But they will deliver a serious defeat to the Republican senate and congress. Thus Republicans will control the White House and Democrats will control both Houses.

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Posted in: Trump backs Israel's war in Gaza See in context

As he should. It's the right choice. Hamas attacked Israel.

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Posted in: Doctor gets 18 years for consensual killing of woman with ALS See in context

This 18 years is harsh.

But why did the doctor kill the father too? This is murder.

Also the doctor seems a little too eager to kill someone. He euthanized this person only after one meeting?

A doctor euthanizing someone only after one meeting isn't even allowed in counties which have euthanasia.

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