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Posted in: Native American actress who refused Oscar for Brando dies at 75 See in context

Never heard of her. Guess her protest failed fr at least worked in reverse.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

Some here have suggested we shoot the missles out of the sky.

That is incredibly diffult to do.

Surface to air missles are generally used for much larger targets like airplanes or slower moving objects such as drones or even helicopters.

Think about throwing a pencil throug the air and trying to hit it with another pencil.

The U.S. with arguably the most advanced systems can't even shoot missles out of the sky 100 percnt of the time.

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Posted in: Russia to hold joint war games with China in Far East, Sea of Japan See in context

It's show of force.

Usually done to intimidate, threaten,

provoke and to show soladarity with other nations.

Unfortunately, Russia has already shown the world that its ground forces would be inept against a large nation with significant experience and funds.

Russia and China might have the upperhand with cyber warfare.

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Posted in: Finland's 'partying PM' apologizes for controversial photo See in context

I'm not from Finland. I don't know the ins and outs or their politics.

Perhaps the problem is that this was all done at the official residence. I imagine the tax payers pay all the bills. The partying and pictures would be inappropriate in that case.

If done at her private residence then no problem.

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Posted in: Japan media watchdog reevaluates 'Demon Slayer' following new complaints See in context

The show is overly violent for a kids show.

9 pm isn't that late for an elementary school student especially on the weekend.

If this wasn't anime but live action children would be restricted from viewing this at theaters.

Does anime make it less real?

Less violent?

People on this site protest against sexually violent manga involving minors.

It it was shown after 9 would it then be suitable?

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Posted in: In final hearing, Kelly's lawyer says his client not involved in Ghosn payment dealings See in context

Ghosn's unpaid remuneration, tabulated and updated by Nissan Motor Co secretariat official Toshiaki Ohnuma.

Why hasn't this guy, Mr. Ohnuma, not been charged?

He was crunching the numbers.

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Posted in: Docomo reports ¥100 million in damages in phishing scam See in context

One might want to also inquire how the fraudulent company got all the Docomo addresses.

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Posted in: Gov't to accept Princess Mako's decision to decline ¥150 mil marriage money See in context


Use the money for people in Fukushima still living in temporary housing. Use it for the small business owners suffering during this pandemic.

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Posted in: China, Russia slam Japanese ministers' visits to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

I'm certainly no Japanese apologist but hey China, how about Hong Kong and your security law?

Oh, and Russia, how about killing people who speak out against Putin?

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Posted in: Bob Dylan sued for allegedly sexually abusing girl in 1965 See in context

Statue of limitations applies to criminal court.

She's suing him so this would be civil court.

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Posted in: IOC gives itself more power to remove sports from future Olympics See in context

Weightlifting is most at risk of being cut from the Paris Olympics because of long-term doping cases and governance issues, including financial corruption.

How about

The IOC is most at risk of being cut from the Paris Olympics because of long-term doping cases and governance issues, including financial corruption.

Just a dream.

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Posted in: Japan expands virus state of emergency, restrictions to more prefectures See in context

State of Emergency? What's that?

Don't you know the Olympics are going on?

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Posted in: Go To fiasco may see gov't paying Tokyoites' cancellation fees See in context

i think one reason the English go to was chosen is because the 行く campaign could have various meanings.

the 行く campaign would probably be mocked.

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Posted in: Japan reports over 600 cases on Thursday; 286 in Tokyo See in context

i wonder if this virus can be passed around by mosquito.

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Posted in: Gov't official looking after returnees from Wuhan found dead See in context

Maybe he was pushed.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to release its first ever rice bun burgers See in context

Not for me.

But I'd love to try an adult cream pie though.

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Posted in: Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, Miki Sudo win annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest See in context


Actually vomiting is prohibited and cause for disqualification.

In fact the winner must wait backstage after the competition. If they vomit they are disqualified.

It's called reversal of fortune.

Who cares if one person eats 71 hot dogs or 71 people eat one hot dog?

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate falls to 47.6% amid pension system controversy See in context

How the telephone polls are conducted:

ring, ring, ring,

LDP headquarters Gifu

Do you support Abe?

Of course

There's one

ring, ring, ring,

LDP headquarters Mie

Do you support Abe?

Of course

There's one

ring, ring, ring,

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Posted in: High school teacher in hot water after forcibly giving male student a buzz cut See in context

I had long hair in high school. My teacher was always on my case. He kept telling me to cut it.

I said he could cut it in class the last day if he gave everyone 5 points on their final exam.

He agreed. He shaved my head.

All the students thanked me for the extra points.

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Posted in: SpaceX says billionaire Maezawa to be 1st passenger on rocket trip around moon See in context

It is legal where he smoked it. Legality is not the issue. He has contracts with the US Air Force that require security clearance. For security clearances MJ would be grounds to revoke that clearance.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic costs keep rising See in context

Just think, just a few days ago there was an article about homeless people. Glad we're spending the money on the games.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl killed after wheel loader hits kids with impaired hearing See in context

This is just me thinking about it, but this seems really fishy. I suspect the driver was probably checking his phone or doing something else and not paying attention to driving. How could he accidently press the accelerator if he was driving? His foot would aready be on it.

The police quoted Sano as saying he mistakenly pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal when he was trying to stop

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Posted in: Nobel winner Yamanaka to donate salary to institute after iPS data scandal See in context

I love how the rich dudes always give up some of their salary for punishment. The money won't be missed because they are rich. Nobel prize money is around 1 million dollars. This guy and other excecutives can afford a fews months no pay. If he really wanted to do something, he should go on a tour to elemenatry, junior and high schools around the country. He should explain that fraud is never acceptable. He should talk about how it could discredit you for life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for arranging orgy at Kanagawa hotel See in context


That must have been very awkward.

How do you proceed in this case ? "Lower your weapon, sir !" ?

Sorry, officer. I won't be able to lower it for about another ten minutes.

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Posted in: 3 Mitsubishi Materials subsidiaries falsified product quality data See in context

I think it's interetsing to compare this news with the recent article stating Japanese students among the best problem solvers. A case of the group working for the group only, unconcerned with others outside the group.

Something else  is that a few years back there was the food scandal: high class food actually being mediocre or low level food. This is unacceptable but no one really gets hurt. But these recent scandlas center around aeronautcs, heavy machinery, etc. If these fail then lives could be lost. This is an entirely different ball game. Will there be repercussions?

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Posted in: Abe vows to maximize pressure on N Korea See in context

The North Koreans have called for dialogue several times but have been rebuffed by the Americans each time. Why is the corporate media ignoring this?

@Alfie Noakes

Not sure about the meaningof this post. American coporate media? Not sure what corporate media even means.

Not sure about Americans rebuffing any attempt at dialogue either. In fact the U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson has said they have direct back channels with the North Koreans. This is an improvemnet. Prior policy and prior administrations had to communicate through Swiss diplomats to N.K.

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Posted in: Complaints on rise about private detectives' unsatisfactory services See in context

I'm not so familiar with the scams of just visiting a porn site and being charged. I guess I'll have to do some research, some in-depth research on this.

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Posted in: FBI to soon release documents related to Clinton email probe See in context

Democrats and Amnesty

The news emerged two days after top Republican leaders overcame GOP opposition to a 2015 budget bill that allows Obama to fund his unpopular amnesty for roughly 5 million illegals.

or from a differnt publication ...

President Barack Obama said he’ll defer deportations and open the chance of better jobs for about 5 million undocumented immigrants, ending months of build-up and initiating a showdown with congressional Republicans.

Obama, in a speech from the White House tonight, defended himself against Republican criticism that his use of executive authority to halt deportations for some immigrants based on their family ties to the U.S. amounts to an unfair amnesty for people who broke the law to come to the country.

I think it is clearly a part of the Democrat platform.

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Posted in: Rescue drill See in context


Good question.

But the picture doesn't really tell the whole story. They are just practicing but in reality this is generaly used when individuals are trying to get at a place where a helicopter would have difficulty landing such as a ship or a roof top.

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Posted in: GOP frustrations with Trump mount as allies weigh options See in context

@Mike L

Wow, American politics have reached an all-time low.

Wow. Take a look at the world. Politics around the world are at an all-time low.

For example: Brazil, Japan, Sweden, most Middle Eastern countries, several African nations, several other countries in Europe, Venezuela and guess what, the list is just getting started...

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