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Posted in: Philippines allows Barbie film but wants controversial map blurred See in context

This is a very surreal time to be alive.

People are scrutinizing a cartoon map childishly drawn in a movie where dolls talk and drive cars.

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Posted in: Prosecutors rest sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey in London court See in context

Not guilty.

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Posted in: Ex-head of ADK ad agency gets suspended sentence in Tokyo Olympics bribery case See in context

Case closed. Thanks justice system. You are doing a great job at helping end furture corruption within Japan. I hope other countries follow your diligence and dedication to truth and justice.

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Posted in: Kim vows to boost North Korea's nuclear capability after observing new ICBM launch See in context

It would be really messy with thousands of deaths, but in the end a rigme change is the best option. This governmnet has to be stopped. The sister is the scariest of the bunch. She's obviously vying for absolute control.

Sanctions will do nothing. China and Russia are helping N.K.

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Posted in: Xi says Russia and China should 'lead global governance reform' See in context

I bet both of them have a copy of 1984 on their bookshelf. But for them it's not a warning. It's a how to manual.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to pursue retrial of man who spent decades on death row See in context

Just leave him be. Or find real evidence (Oh wait, there isn't any.)

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man subdued by police in Tochigi Prefecture dies in hospital See in context

There's a video online of a man in Nagoya smashing a store window. He is overpowered my several police. There is no way he can move. But another police officer hits him one or two more times with his baton.

This could be a simiiar situatiion, especially if a fellow officer had been hurt. The man could have been restrained but the police hit him a few more times with batons.

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Posted in: An already full-tilt movie franchise turns it up a notch in 'Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning' See in context

"As a military veteran ..."I can tell you that nobody has a 36 year career, let alone flying and let alone being at the same rank. I didn't waste my time or dough with it, it's an insult. "

First of all, thank you for your service.

"...I can tell you that nobody has a 36 year career, let alone flying and let alone being at the same rank. I didn't waste my time or dough with it, it's an insult."

Second of all, it's just a movie.

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Posted in: North Korea warns it may shoot down U.S. spy planes violating its airspace See in context

I don't think N.K. even has the capability to shoot down U.S. aircratft

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Posted in: Food allergies among Japanese school kids up 1.8 points from fiscal 2013 See in context

Or strengthens and weakens.

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Posted in: Food allergies among Japanese school kids up 1.8 points from fiscal 2013 See in context

I think with many things concerning the body, we don't really understand allergies. I have one friend who had a shrimp allergy all his life but now he can eat it with no problem. I have another friend who didn't have a shrimp allergy growing up but as an adult now has one.

I think allergies are probaly more dynamic than static. Possibly like our immue system which weakens and strengthens over time.

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Posted in: Fishermen concerned over IAEA saying Fukushima water release is safe See in context

So it looks like there's no stopping this. If contamination is found in the ocean and sealife a few years after its all released, the Central Gov., LDP, TEPCO and IAEA should not only generously compensate the fisheries but also the geneneral public and set up funds for other countries once that stuff floats their way.

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Posted in: Japan business delegation, including Okinawa governor, visits China See in context

80 members?

Hey, those are my tax dollars!

Gov. Tamaki, appeasing the oppressors is not solid foreign policy. China is not your friend.

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Posted in: Accuser says he told Kevin Spacey after crude advance, 'I don’t bat for that team' See in context

These cases are always difficulut to know the truth. But just like at the previous trial when the accuser had described aspects of Kevin's house, the details were wrong. This accuser too talked about Kevin and him meeting at events Kevin didn't attend.

Faulty memory? Lie?

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Posted in: Revelers across U.S. brave heat and heavy downpours to celebrate Fourth of July See in context

America with all its internal problems, and there are numerous problems, still at the end of the day is a great example of the poewer of Democracy.

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Posted in: Taliban ban women's beauty salons in Afghanistan See in context

I can't fathom having so much hatred for a person that you want to control every aspect of their life. And disobience leads to torture or death.

You can be antiwar. You can hate America. You can hate American foreign policy.

But at least America attempted to put these women on equal ground with men.

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Posted in: Turner Classic Movies looks to future with help from Paul Thomas Anderson, Scorsese, Spielberg See in context

I totally agree. This is an amazing channel that I watched nonstop during my time in America.

Thank you, Ted!

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Posted in: Divided Supreme Court outlaws affirmative action in college admissions; says race can't be used See in context

I feel like fifty years ago this was a good policy. It really helped minorities get into universities.

But know it is not needed. Diversity at universities is at a all time high.

It's the correct decision.

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Posted in: 'Luffy' crime ring member served another arrest warrant over robbery See in context

The police must be really turning the screws during interrogations. I mean, when they found his phones they had all been wiped clean. Pretty much the only source for such information would be from the individuals not the phones.

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Posted in: Japan political party leader calls for say over any use of U.S. nuclear bombs See in context

I wonder if technically speaking it would be against the Japanese Constitution to be consutled about the use of such weapons?

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Posted in: Critics of Tokyo redevelopment plan accuse city government of ignoring residents' wishes See in context

No use protesting. The government has already decided what they want to do. The plan was decided well before it ever went public. Don't protest the plan. Protest the politicians. Stop relecting the same party.

Isn't it true two previous Tokyo Govs were caught accepting bribes? Do you think this has changed with Gov. Koike?

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Posted in: Celebrities to urge climate action at Hollywood gathering See in context

I'm almost always interested in hearing an actor talk about their craft. I also enjoy hearing about the different experieces had while in a role.

Beyond that i don't care what they say. It's not important. Your mansion has how many air conditioners?

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Posted in: Biden calls Chinese President Xi a dictator See in context

He probably isn't a dictator in the strictest sense. More like an authoratarian.

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Posted in: Man Utd fan banned for 4 years for mocking Hillsborough tragedy See in context

Banned from attending soccer? How can this be enforced?

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Posted in: Search underway for missing submersible that takes people to see Titanic See in context

If someone falls overboard from a ship most of the time they are wearing a life preserver. A good chance of survival.

If something happens in a submersible especially at that depth, I'd say no chance.

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Posted in: Father arrested for taking the fall for son’s hit and run in Tokyo See in context

I wonder if the father did this because in a way he is at fault. Perhaps the son was driving the father's car. And the father knew he didn't have a license.

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Posted in: Japan to regulate smartphone app stores to end Apple-Google duopoly See in context

Choices for where to download aps may be limited, but Google and Apple do a good job protecting from malware and other nasty stuff.

Get ready for an influx of malware.

The situation also hinders innovation in mobile device apps and restricts consumer choice, they said.

This pretty much sums up Aeon malls and many others like it.

Many Japanese companies restrict choice.

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Posted in: Woman declared dead in Ecuador revives during her wake See in context

Tim revives, see how he rises Timothy rising from the bed Then Whirl your whiskey around Like blazes Thanum o'n Dhoul Do ye think I'm dead?

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Posted in: Gov't approves hike in household electricity rates See in context

This stinks.

Some time ago J Gov was talking about raising the consumption tax.

But they decided not to.

They got their money a different way. This way.

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Posted in: Gov't to pitch safety of Fukushima water release to S Korean experts See in context

Japanese politicians and diplomats have been buddying up with South Korean officials. I wonder if this is the real reason.

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