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Why all the damn fuss, its simple, stop producing cigarettes, tell that to the JT and American tobacco masters. Likewise tell them to construct area`s for people who do smoke. Stop blaming the smokers.

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Cash magnet. you really think, money, make you happy! At the end of the day, he just like you and me. Anybody, seen Elvis or Steve Jobs, lately, or MJ. Flushed with money. Sure, what they, and others, would do, for another chance. How much, did SJ, spend to find the fountain of youth, should have just went to Jamaica and chilled with the RASTA MAN

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I can tell you, he, meaning, SC, like many others, suffering from something, Anyway, when he gonna, come out the closet? wanna be famous, be like the girl, who was under ex-Pres. Clinton`s, desk n d Oval Office, she got paid, she remaining silent, I would 2, if I got the cash, she did, but, she ain t feeling to good, sold her soul for the gold.

don give it, to what they want. if you really got it, just produce it yourself and believe in yourself and your talents, never give your soul or body to them, you will regret it. I never would, so they hate me, GOD.

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Tired of this guy, as well. Everybody, ain t gonna be know Elvis, MJ, Sinatra, Diana, Marvin, Bob, Mandela, Diana, Smokey, Lionel, Nate, Julio-Piscasso, Bach, Mozart...

Now, take a look, at all the shows, he has been involved with, tell me, how many of these idols have really gone on to do anything...fake go to the Karokee singers, wanna be`s, man to be able to do what Whitney did, is a gift from GOD, Queen, Freddie Mecury, INXS guy who killed himself, Jim Morrison, Jani, Jimi...

Now, because of these reality, not real, fake, everybody, think they can be a star...Andy Warhol quote....15 min. of fame.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect says signals in his body told him to attack people See in context

Have any of you spent time in the slammer? esp. n Japan. hope not. anyway, all inmates do is talk and gossip, talking bout, what could have been. telling each other tall tales, of stabbing people, credibility thing, behind the wall. Guy, gonna get 4 meals, a day, be popular, even some prison guards, gonna be scared of em!, he ll b living it up, and you will be paying for his Club Med, like stay. No of the injuries, life threatning, cause if he really wanted to kill, he would have.

No hanging, lethal injection, He just the man, in the prison, and I may say, a very popular one. What 10 years in the slammer, please, you have nt heard the last of him. Nepalese man, killed in Osaka, how many years did the boy and girl get?

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Posted in: NYC wants to put cigarettes out of sight in shops See in context

Freaking tired of Bloomberg

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