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Posted in: Kansai gets fewer 3-star restaurants in new Michelin Guide See in context

Naturally Michelin-stars doesn't really mean much to normal people like us (with normal wallets). However, having a given amount of top-rated restaurants is good for a country's cultural prestige. Quite a lot of tourists are foodies, who prefer to experience the countries they go to through their stomachs (a fun way of experiencing almost anything). Winning the hearts of foodies and connoisseurs can make some difference to a tourism-dependent town.

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Posted in: Philippines hopes to lure Japanese investment from China See in context

Actually, the Philippine tech market is growing quite rapidly, and Japanese companies could get good domestic sales in telecommunication and computers, especially with the plethora of new jobs that would be created from a grand Japanese business venture. The Philippines and Japan are already enjoying a very good relationship, as seen in Makati, Little Tokyo, and several public infrastructure projects created in cooperation between the two countries. I applaud these news, and know for sure that the Filipinos will receive the Japanese with open arms.

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Posted in: Memoirs of a Chinese geisha wannabe in Japan See in context

A fine example of cultural exchange which I'd love to read more about. The current political issues might make good headlines, but stories such as this one are what truly reflects the real world relationship between Japan and its neighbors.

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Posted in: BlueLED mice See in context

I like tech reports, but this sounded like a copy/paste of a marketing release. More reporting and less hyping, please. How would this mouse stand laser mice, for example? The micro-receiver is nothing new, Logitech (Logicool) has been using those for years. JapanToday is my favorite news site focusing on Japan, but the past year has seen some sloppy writing here and there.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

One word: Tabehoudai!

1200 yen for a 2-3 hour facestuffing-fest is pretty good value for your money, though I think you'd have to pay extra to have one of the waiters roll you home afterwards.

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Posted in: Pepsi's newest designer flavor - Salty Watermelon See in context

I don't get the animosity on this thread against putting salt on fruit. It's not just the Japanese doing that, most of southeast Asia does too. I'm a European living in the Philippines, where people dip melon, pineapple, green mango, suha and tons of other fruits in salt... I've tried it all and it tastes awesome. Just because it doesn't suit your taste doesn't mean it's right to label the practice as stupidity...for Christ's sake, grow up.

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Posted in: No hands See in context

At first, I didn't notice the UNI-CUB in the picture and thought Mori was doing a James Brown dance for the audience.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context

"No, that is impossible. He is just being nice to Steve. He cannot be gay, because he is Japanese"

The whole "A is impossible because B is Japanese"-thing must be one of the most frustrating things people say. I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it; it's flaming stinking racism, and if you're a Japanese person reading this and not understanding what I'm talking about, look the word up in Merriam-Webster (there are actually a lot of people who don't fully understand the definition of racism).

I beg all you young wonderful children of Japan to shake off the ignorance of your elders and prove that Japan is the wonderful country I always loved!

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Posted in: Obama assets valued between $2.6 mil and $8.3 mil See in context

I was actually surprised at how little it was....after the past few decades, I had gotten used to the misconception that the American president would have an endlessly vast fortune, but this is relatively modest compared to many other powerful Americans. Of course, it's not an "average Joe" income in any way, but the man even has a that to Romney...

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Posted in: Strange drinks that come and go in the Japanese market See in context

Kodomo no Nomimono was probably the one drink that made me go more (o_O) than any other soft drink when I lived in Japan...tasty, though. :D

I really miss the soft drinks in Japan - for some reason, that's among the few commercial fields where the companies really don't bother playing it safe, and just let their creative juices run rampant. Going to the fridge in the convenience store was a little exploration all on its own.

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Posted in: White girl fronting Japanese rock band actually a Swedish boy See in context

As a Norwegian, I thoroughly LOL at this article. :D

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Posted in: Afghan woman sets sights on presidency in a man's land See in context

This brave woman reminds me of Aung San Suu Kyi.....a great leader, who never gives up, no matter how much danger she's putting herself in. I can't say Koofi will have much of a chance in the 2014 elections - especially with the way the "re-talibanization" is going right now. Never give up, though.

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Posted in: Boy steals from high school chemistry lab to make explosives See in context

I had a friend in secondary school who was a budding chemist....when he started talking about the periodic table and formulas, I would just gape in awe (he even knew the recipe for nitroglycerin by heart). Naturally, one of his favorite activities (like with most 14 year old boys) was to make things go boom, so he would regularly detonate some crazy concoction in the middle of nowhere...that Hokkaido-boy deserves a slap on the wrist, that's need to involve the police over such things.

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Posted in: Novelty chopsticks See in context

I can imagine it: You're sitting with your friends in Gusto, and someone tries to take the last karaage. "AVADA KEDAVRA!!"

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Posted in: London's Olympic stadium formally opens See in context

Pictures or it didn't happen.

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Posted in: Pepsi Black See in context

As long as it's not Suntory Chocolate Sparkling....that was the most confusing drink I've ever tried.

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Posted in: From late primary school to middle school, girls develop faster than boys both physically and mentally. So it's inefficient for boys and girls to take the same classes together because their mental ag See in context

Repeatedly saying girls mature earlier than boys is about as mature as saying "my dad is stronger than your dad". Mental age depends on far more than just gender, so all those out there who love to yell "Sexism!" every chance they get; the stage is yours.

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Posted in: Breivik rails at psychiatrists for calling him insane See in context

One of the reasons the psychiatrists are having a tough time is that ABB is backing up his deeds with a lot of ideological rhetorics, while at the same time proving to be severely misinformed and lacking in factual knowledge. This would make him seem evil, but sane...along the same lines as Hitler or Stalin. However, his paranoid delusions about government plots to have him executed without a trial and mad lynch mobs dragging him out in the streets of Oslo for a public hanging tips the scales the other way. If you ask me, no sane person would be able to think and do things the way he does, but then history proves me wrong.

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Posted in: Court in shock as Norway gunman describes massacre See in context

To sit on the other side of the world and watch the news the day after it happened was heartbreaking...Norwegians tend to be rather proud and patriotic people, and to see the almost idyllic country I grew up in turned into a flaming bloodbath was too much. People in my country are having a tough time right now, with all the slowly healing wounds being ripped up again by the poisonous tongue of the horrible man who did all this.

The best way you can help is very simple, and quite enjoyable. Go outside and make friends with matter what their faith, color or background is. The only way to defeat ABB's message of hate, is by showing love to one another.

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Posted in: Norway killer says he aimed for far higher death toll See in context


We (Norwegians) have a maximum prison sentence of 21 years, but there is an alternate sentence called "forvaring" (which Breivik is sure to get, unless found insane). This sentence carries an initial mandatory 21 years imprisonment in a high security facility. After the initial time, the inmate will be eligible for a hearing, where they will determine whether he still poses a threat to society. If deemed a threat, he will be held for another 5 years before he can have a new hearing. This process can go on indefinitely, and in Breivik's case, most of the experts in media are pretty certain he will never again be free.

All my thoughts and sympathy go out to the victims and bereaved after this horrible tragedy.

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Posted in: Sumo wrestlers take part in anti-yakuza parade See in context


I do get what you mean, but what would they be booking them on? Most civilized nations have already seen what happens when the police gets free reins to act (kempeitai?), and people would not be happy if officers were arresting yakuza randomly, only to have to free them a couple days later.

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Posted in: Norway gunman sane, says new psychiatric probe See in context

I'm Norwegian, and have to say I'm very relieved at the conclusion made by the court psychiatrists. If Breivik had been found insane, he would've been sentenced to psychiatric care, thus being released back into society whenever he had been deemed to be well.

I don't believe he's insane (per se)....he just has insane ideas in the same way as Stalin or Hitler did. This is what happens when ideologies go too far without interference.

I do understand why a lot of people would want to see him get the death penalty. However, it would only serve his ends....he would be able to consider himself a martyr dying gloriously for his cause, with the expectation that he would serve to inspire generations after him. Also worth mentioning; death penalty is illegal in Norway.

That's not the way I want him to go, anyway....when he goes, he should feel lower than a turd under a shoe....he should spend life in prison with access to media, so he can see all the ridicule against him, people mocking him and his ideas, and the fact that nothing he did moved Norwegian politics anywhere near his direction. I want him to see that Norway is becoming more diverse each year, and embraces more cultures than ever before....all of his worst nightmares should come true while he's still alive. I hope he lives a long and awful life behind bars, forever knowing that he never made a difference. If he ever gets out, that will probably be the time he gets his death sentence.

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Posted in: Get Carter See in context

Based on a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Please rephrase that to loosely based, as the writer of the screenplay veritably spat in the face of people who loved the original novels. My advice; watch the movie, if only for shits and laughs, or gawking at the rather impressive visual effects. Then read the novels and see how fantasy/sci-fi is properly done...even better than Drizzt!

Isn't it freezing cold on Mars, and not much oxygen? Of course it is; but this story was written in a time when most people knew next to nothing about Mars, and could leave it all up to imagination...and what a wonderful imagination Edgar Rice Burroughs had! Once you shake off the boring scientific facts of the boring real world, you'll be amazed of the amazing artistic liberties the author took in populating the surface of Mars with green warriors, great white six-legged apes and fair red-skinned maidens. A great read!

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Posted in: Gov't orders SDF to destroy N Korean rocket 'if necessary' See in context

Violating Japanese airspace is more than enough of a threat already, especially considering how NK has been rattling their sabers about nuclear weapons up till now. A nuclear weapon is commonly detonated as an air burst for maximum efficiency, so Japan needs to get far more serious about protecting their territories. ASDF should keep their finger on the button, and the second that missile crosses into Japanese territorial waters, it should be blown out of the sky.

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Posted in: Afghans: U.S. paid $50,000 per shooting spree death See in context

Isn't it wonderful to know that we can put a price on human lives? Also interesting to keep in mind that a US Marine is probably worth more than $250,000 when you count equipment, training, lodging, food etc.

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Posted in: Assistant police inspector put uniform up for auction online See in context

With what happened last year in my home country (Norway) freshly in mind, you definitely don't want random people getting a hold of police uniforms. The authorities are right to investigate that buffoon for putting a uniform up for sale, even though it wasn't actually sold.

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Posted in: 'John Carter' loses $200 million for Disney See in context

What disappointed me the most was seeing the film in comparison to Burroughs' work, and how Disney and Stanton completely slaughtered the original material. Believe me, if you're a fan of the original novels, you'll undoubtedly be disappointed. It was a fun movie to watch, good entertainment, but Stanton & Co spat all over Burroughs' work.

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Posted in: Japan slow to take anti-terror measures at nuclear plants See in context


Leaning on Article 9 as proof of Japan's peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world is simply naive. Japan provided fuel and logistical support for American warships in the Indian Ocean during the coalition attack on Afghanistan. It airlifted marines into combat zones - they were not going there to hand out free water to civilians...they were there to strike targets. Whether Japan wants to admit it or not, it has directly participated in war operations. Al Qaida and other terrorist groups could find plenty of reasons to make Japan a target, and the Diet should not try to sweep it under the rug.

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Posted in: Severed fingertip sent to DPJ member See in context

People seem to share the notion that the person who sent the letter must also be the previous owner of the fingertip - it could just as well be someone else's fingertip, which is a very disturbing thought. What if someone important to Mr. Nakai is being held as a leverage tool against him, for the sake of money or political pressure? This is not a case to make puns and point fun at. I hope that the culprit is swiftly arrested and put to justice.

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Posted in: George Clooney says Sudan commiting war crimes See in context

A philanthropist if I ever saw one....I deeply respect George Clooney both as an actor and person. If all the wealthy and powerful were as committed to doing good as he is, we would soon see a lot of change in the world!

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