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Japan offered relief. This is a fact. I have done twice. Japanese are puzzled. Japan Coast Guard's excellent. Maritime Self-Defense Force can also rescue sunken submarine.

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If the United States of America continues look oning at this problem unconcernedly, Japan does not escape a false charge. A court is unnecessary if what those who declare themselves a victim say is certainly right.

However, carrying out the demand with Japan impossible for is being continued without solving China and South Korea in a trial.

The United States of America should help Japan. You have responsibility as a winner.

Although you may be surprised, these tone of argument is made into right-wing logic, and is kept in Japan. The mass media which is a Japanese ultraleft organization is making such atmosphere. It is being reversed by development of the Internet. It says once again. Please help Japan if you please.

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Posted in: U.S. embroiled in Japan-Korea disputes over history See in context

Moreover, South Korea will change history in order to fulfill pride rapidly. China uses history as a political tool. And in many cases, since the United States says nothing although the United States owns the proof which can protect Japan, and data, Japan is feeling sad. Takeshima's territorial right problem is solvable by "MacArthur's telegram."

Although there were many victims of Nanjing as much as an atomic bomb, why did it lose in the Japanese army which can do such a thing? Scientific investigation is not conducted although some which are used as the dead body of Nanjing Incident are in China. Are you targeted by the China soldier who does not wear the military uniform, and can distinguish from the man in the street? It is the same as the American serviceman in Iran or Afghanistan. The soldier and the man in the street who do not wear the military uniform cannot be recognized in an instant. Therefore, it is a fact that the man in the street was involved in. When bombing China, the Japanese army scattered empty to the villa from before for many days so that the man in the street could escape. Since goods are not rich, only military facilities can be attacked.

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