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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

@桜川雪 that's over 100 years ago dude, utterly irrelevant.

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Posted in: Russian journalist who staged TV war protest given 8 1/2-year jail term in absentia See in context

Tells you all you need to know about current Russia. No crime was committed, genuine act of free-speech, happened in a "democracy" (according to Putin), and results in a jail term longer than some murders.

This is just petty and childish behavior by the governing bodies, an embarrassment on the world stage.

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Posted in: Biden tells Japan, European allies Ukraine support will continue after Republicans block funding See in context

@CrashTestDummy: The world is a big and complicated place. Withdrawing support for Ukraine would have dire consequences for America and the rest of the world. Taking Ukraine is a first-step, not the end-game.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce new system on disaster info sharing from April See in context

Japan works out mesh networking in 2023. Nice.

Disaster-proof communications has been a thing for ages, you can even build a LORA mesh network yourself out of hobbyist equipment these days. I wonder how many billions of yen this will cost the taxpayer this time?

It is very good that they are doing this, but the whole article just screams "someone just bought a new yacht".

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Posted in: American cyclist dies in expressway accident in Yokohama See in context

Asiaman7Today  07:14 am JST

When in Japan, do as the Japanese: Don’t cycle on expressways at 3:15 a.m.

And also ride the wrong way down the road, using only one hand to steer, while talking on your cellphone with no helmet or lights, if you really want to fit in with the locals.

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Posted in: Putin says he won't renew grain deal until the West meets his demands. See in context

Tiffany, Today  08:06 am JST

Grain deaI is over because the west didnt do as they promised. Keep the promise and the deal will be back on. Simple.

Which alternate history are you reading? What promises were not kept? The deal expired and putin refused to renew it for military reasons.

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Posted in: Japanese fishermen, locals seek halt to Fukushima water release See in context

"The release to the ocean can never be tolerated as it brings about further suffering to victims of the nuclear accident," it added

Based on what science?

There is no risk from discharging this wastewater. Why can't people understand simple math?

From a BBC article:

The IAEA, which has a permanent office at Fukushima, said an "independent, on-site analysis" had shown that the tritium concentration in the water discharged was "far below the operational limit of 1,500 becquerels per litre (Bq/L)".

That limit is six times less than the World Health Organization's limit for drinking water, which is at 10,000 Bq/L, a measure of radioactivity.

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Posted in: At Fukushima, decommissioning nuclear plant far more challenging than water release See in context

Would have been much safer if they used a molten-salt reactor. Every existing plant should be replaced with one, and we should have started decades ago.

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Posted in: China-based 'Flax Typhoon' hackers targeting Taiwan govt: Microsoft See in context

No-one should be using windows, under any circumstances. The other OS's are not impenetrable, but there's a world of difference between a bucket with a hole in it, and a sieve.

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Posted in: Japan says seawater radioactivity below detectable limits near Fukushima See in context


Can we stop the hysteria now please?

This was never an issue, or a risk. People need to spend less time doom-scrolling and a little more time using what's left of their brains.

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

More panic and fear for the uneducated. Why do people always need something to be the monster-of-the-week. Give it a few days and the news will be full of something else to occupy our fearlust.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

I kinda like it. I'm speaking a foreign language, and so are they. It's fun.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant begins releasing treated radioactive water into sea See in context

Would someone care to check how much water is being released, and then do some high-school math on how much water is in the ocean and work out the percentage of this 'pollution' please? I could do the math for you, but I feel the impact is better when you see the numbers yourself.

This is a complete non issue.

If you disagree strongly, please go ahead and make a note in your calendar to check the news in 2 months for any stories of problems caused by this discharge. Or in 2 years. Or two decades. There will be none. There is no risk. Come at me in a year and tell me I'm wrong.

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Posted in: China bans all Japanese seafood imports after Fukushima water release See in context

and yet the toxic wetmarkets are completely fine and meet all forms of food hygiene standards.

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Posted in: For Fukushima supermarket owner, water release spells renewed battle for survival See in context

Complaining about this released water is like holding a sign that says "I am completely ignorant of the world around me, and I refuse to learn" Could people please do some research before stamping their feet like a baby.

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Posted in: Bernstein family defends Bradley Cooper from 'Jewface' storm See in context

Others have questioned whether non-Jewish actors, like Cooper, should even play Jewish roles.

This line of thought really annoys me.

Do we also need to start employing convicted murderers to play roles in crime movies?

It's ACTING, it's not a documentary. People need to be able to distinguish fiction from reality. He's not wearing a fake nose and walking around town trying to convince people he's jewish.

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Posted in: Chinese local authorities seized food imported from Japan: report See in context

So, they seized the shipment but did they actually find anything wrong with the product?

Was any testing done? None is reported in this article.

Radiation testing of fish since last month, found any problems yet?

They're looking for something they won't find, or will 'invent' and there is no real intent of 'public safety' here.

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Posted in: Scores of horses suffer sunstroke at Japan samurai event See in context

Next year, put some humans in a horse costume and have them run the track themselves. See how they like it.

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Posted in: AI anxiety: Workers fret over uncertain future See in context

Write code better than most humans? No, not true.

The humans has understanding of what the code does, the LLM does not have this understanding at all. That makes a large difference.

The LLM can indeed create code quickly, and really quite good, but as the requirements get complicated, it starts to make dumb mistakes really easily (so do humans) and often completely fails to step toward a solution and instead will bounce between the current wrong answer and the previous wrong answer. Although, to be fair, I've seen similar among human coders!

LLM can code, yes, but it cannot code better than a (skilled) human. It can absolutely be used to make that smart human faster, but (competent) coders are not worrying about their jobs.

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Posted in: AI anxiety: Workers fret over uncertain future See in context

Yet more FUD and hyperbole. Artists complaining about AI image generators may as well be portrait painters in the time when cameras were invented. They Took Our Jobs! Cameras are evil! Nah, it's just progress, move with the times.

Do we want the world to have banned the camera, so painters can keep their jobs?

Prevent the development of the car, so horses can keep their jobs?

Ban the electric lightbulb because it reduced sales of candles?

Outlaw medical research so witchdoctors and scammers can remain employed?

That's just not how the world works. In a short time, "is AI taking our Jobs" style articles with be viewed with the ridicule of the flag-man of history, who had to walk in front of a car so people knew the car was there.

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Posted in: What do you think about Japan's pension system? See in context

I strongly dislike it. Never even been able to complete the login process for the website. Monthly payment is too high, and payout too low. I'd rather save and invest the money myself. Having this as non-optional is basically just another tax.

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Posted in: Sales of Japan’s most convenient train ticket/shopping payment cards suspended indefinitely See in context

Tell_me_bout_itToday  05:16 pm JST

Riddiculous how Iphones are Suica/Pasmo applicable and Androids are not.

This country loves everything murican.

Um.... Android is American.

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Posted in: Singapore hangs first woman in 19 years after she was convicted of trafficking 31 grams of heroin See in context

I don't understand why drugs are illegal.

If they were fully legal, I still wouldn't take them.

Just like non-smokers don't suddenly smoke because they see a pack in a shop.

Can't we just let people do what they want, rather than what we tell them to? When did we all become owned slaves?

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Posted in: Russia places Japanese ICC official on its wanted list See in context

StigToday  07:05 am JST

She will spend the rest of her days in Western Europe, North America and Japan though should think twice about flying from Japan to Europe over Asia.

You understand that Japan is IN Asia, right? How do you propose they fly from Japan to anywhere without flying over Asia?

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Posted in: We must accelerate energy transition and within that transition, LNG plays an extremely important role. We have to establish a reserve for unexpected situations. See in context

Just improve the electricity system, it's an antique right now.

Massive solar fields, hydro, nuclear, gasifier powerplants etc.

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Posted in: Hong Kong steps up radiation inspections of Japanese seafood imports See in context

So many people can see into the future, it seems.

What happens when the water is released and these tests show no difference in the before & after? Wouldn't that prove that releasing this water is totally safe?

Buckle up for the abject lack of news stories about this, because the release will have zero effect on anything.

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Posted in: Some local governments struggle to obtain land for crematoriums and consent from local residents, who feel uncomfortable about having a place of death in their midst. See in context


But the Japanese need to collect the bones of their deceased loved ones. 

No, they "want" to collect. There is no necessity to this practice at all. It's not like the person is going to come back to life and reprimand them.

Once a person is dead, their body is pointless, get rid of it.

Remember the person's life, their achievements, their love and happiness; not the sorrow of their death.

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Posted in: First-generation iPhone sells at auction for almost 380 times its original price See in context

Rare? I've got two of them stuffed in the bottom of a drawer some place.

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Posted in: Backstreet stories: Small Kabukicho park has become a haven for hookers See in context


[...] to make the decent moral people not have to worry about their safety.

and you would define who is moral and who is not, I assume?

What kind of morality allows for enforcing your opinion on others?

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store Lawson unveils new type of egg sandwich See in context


Lawson do know more than a little about marketing. The key here is the sentence in the article "The combination is designed to appeal to regular egg eaters, who are being encouraged to compare the two varieties,....." the key word being "compare". If Lawson get enough positive feedback then the faux egg version will prevail.

Yeah, but eat no meat, and often have the egg mayo sandwiches, but I can't try this one at all, as it has meat. So I'm a regular egg eater that they are targeting.

All they had to do was release a regular egg mayo sandwich, with the plant based egg as the second one in the pack.

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