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Posted in: Sheriff: Alec Baldwin fired shot on movie set that killed woman See in context

A spokesperson for Baldwin said there was an accident on the set involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks.


It's not a 'misfire' if the gun actually fires.

A prop gun does not hold bullets, even blanks. it is a prop.

Someone really ***d up on this one.

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Posted in: Tokyo area set to end COVID-19 restrictions on eateries See in context

As a foreigner in Japan, I keep the mask on despite seeing many Japanese without one. Dont want to be "that guy", you know, the foreigner that won't wear a mask. When the majority of Japanese are not wearing them on the streets, I'll take mine off.

Bars are restaurants are a different issue. No-one wears them in there.

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Posted in: Trump announces plans to launch new social network 'TRUTH Social' See in context

I suspect that "Truth" will be somewhat absent from post posts on this network.

I also expect it to be shutdown quickly when this manchild realises how much it will cost to run.

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Posted in: U.S. steps into China's bitcoin breach See in context

Claiming crypo uses load of energy, and thinking that "real money" is in some way created and managed without using any energy is extremely naive. Paper and metal money? Credit card transactions? You think those things run on magic or something?

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context


Ever been an 11 year old boy? It's not out of the realm of possibility that he was balancing on the balcony for 'fun'.

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Posted in: Olympics VP says China human rights 'not within' IOC mandate See in context

No mandate needed, just basic morals.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 25th-floor balcony in Osaka See in context

Fighto!Today  05:15 pm JST

I've said it before - why not make it compulsory to install netting enclosing the balcony[...]

Because I live in a tall building, have no kids, and dont want to be forced to have a cage around the balcony.

Horrible news though, such a loss.

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Posted in: Case involving teenage cyclist accused of reckless riding sent to prosecutors See in context

For a country of people that (stereotypically) love following rules, it really is strange how cyclists ignore all of them.

Wear masks - ok.

Dont talk on trains- sure.

Ride your bike on the without looking at your cell phone... etc etc - Hell NO!

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Posted in: Outage highlights how vital Facebook has become worldwide See in context

This is exactly why email was invented, but somehow we went back to systems susceptible to single-point-of-failure problems. And ones ran by for-profit corporations at that.

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Posted in: We try out a revolutionary product: long Japanese sandwich bread See in context

Life supermarkets have been selling something very similar for 100yen for ages (4 slices)

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context

Japan had three (3) genders in the past.

Times change. This isn't new. People are complicated.

Move on.

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Posted in: Pivotal bridge from Winnie the Pooh series to be auctioned See in context

Sell it to China.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games CEO: Official costs will be known early next year See in context

I challenge anyone to look back at the 2020/21 olympics in a few years time and think "yeah, totally worth it".

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Posted in: Suga touts achievements, rues short tenure in final press conference See in context

It's odd how there was a big increase in cases when we brought in thousands of people for the olympics, and started to decline when they went away. Nah, must be a coincidence, it was clearly this old guys expert leadership.

Let's elect another fossil and keep moving nowhere.


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Posted in: Japan is losing its credibility among international students as a study destination, which could impact the country’s ability to attract talented individuals. See in context

@Mr Kipling: The ONLY reason they come here is the grants and scholarships they get from the Japanese government.

Hey! I have been an international student. I received no grant, no scholarship; in fact it cost rather a lot of money. I assure you, there are other reasons why people come to Japan.

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Posted in: JR East scraps plan to identify past offenders with facial recognition camera See in context

@Wolfpack: Only communist states need Big Brother watching the people day and night in public places.

Actually, being watched in public spaces is 100% fine by me. Being watched covertly, or in places with an expectation of privacy is absolutely not ok.

In public spaces, where people can see you anyway, I have no problem with a computer watching me as well, Especially if someone attacks me, or even worse, makes a claim that I attacked them. I welcome the digital evidence.

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Posted in: Witness: Taliban hang dead body in Afghan city's main square See in context

Nice civilised behaviour, well deserving of respect. /sarcasm

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening ‘massacre’ at vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Bomb threat by fax, lol. Japan truly is the place that time forgot. Is there anywhere else in the world where a person could send a fax to their local police station?

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

Turn off the restrictions, turn up the healthcare. Did I hear that some hospitals are refusing treatment for covid suspects or patients? Make that illegal, I'm sure that will help. Expand existing healthcare establishments and, y'know, actually DO something. But let people get on with their lives already. Covid19 is NOT going away.

Anyone ever catch a cold? Sure covid is worse, but we accept that a common cold is part of life. Covid will be seen as the same thing to future generations.

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Posted in: Bumpy road as aging Japan bets on self-driving cars See in context

Self driving cars really only have to be 1% better than humans to save over 10,000 lives per year.

And they are likely to be a LOT better than just 1%. The argument against universal self driving cars is an argument for needless casualty and death.

1.3 MILLION people killed world wide every year in car accidents, many many more injured. Can we get over our own ego and put the computers in charge of the cars please? Or are we too 'human' to allow that, and people just have to die so we can drive our own car?

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Posted in: Chinese students hit by U.S. visa rejections See in context

China is the best country, right? That's what the CCP keep telling everyone. So why would anyone want to go to university in an 'inferior' country?

Ah, because a free (as in freedom) education is worth a lot more than a blinkered, biased one available at home. Got it.

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Posted in: IOC suspends N Korea from Beijing Olympics for Tokyo no-show See in context

Yet more proof that the IOC is a childish, petty, money-hungry, self-important dictatorship.

"We're doing it for the athletes" in one breath, "Screw you, you wanted to be safe instead of playing my silly games, you're not coming to my next party" in the other.

The IOC should be cut off, all olympics should be disbanded. It's an archaic tradition and needs to die in thee name of progress.

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context


1. how could these vaccines be considered 'safe'?

2. How do we know what the long term effects are? 

3. why are none of the manufacturers liable


How many people die in air travel every year, or in cars? Yet we consider those things to be 'safe'.

By analysing the results over the longterm, or by having a time-machine. This question seems spurious.

Because if they were, there would be no vaccine. "Limited Liability" exists for a reason.

There you go, three questions, three answers. Hope that helps.

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Posted in: S Korea bans app payment monopolies in world first See in context

"We need this law to protect the diversity of our industry, where artists and creators of all economic backgrounds can share their content without having to worry about the commission fees."

So, shop owners don't pay rent in Korea? Citizens dont pay tax?

What's different about paying a commission to the service hosting your files, handling the transactions and taxes, and providing a commercial marketplace for your product?

Fee's may be high, but if you dont want to pay them, dont use the platform. Put your wares on a webpage and handle the payments yourself, which will involve paying for hosting, and paying for card handling fees.

This 'law" is really dumb.

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Posted in: Poison or cure? Traditional Chinese medicine shows context can make all the difference See in context

A very pro-TCM article with many hand-waving 'facts' and blanket statements, utterly devoid of meaning or substance.

I particularly liked the part: "Ultimately, there is more to a medicine than its active ingredient." Which is utter nonsense. If you remove the active ingredient, it is still medicine? Of course not. The active ingredient is what makes it medicine, by definition.

Entire article could have been replaced with the very well known adage, "It's not the drug it's the dosage" and it would have carried just as much information.

Seriously, people get paid to write this waffle?

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Posted in: Difficult to end state of emergency as planned: health minister See in context

How are the large chain restaurants/bars handing this? They're completely closed, do they really make so much money that they can pay rent and staff for so long without running out of money?

The smaller establishments have even less survival chances.

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Posted in: Honeywell developing new technology for light drones See in context

Reads like a paid advertisement.

What is a "[...] and line-of-sight radio links"? ALL radio links are BVLOS, that's kind of how radio works. Ever notice that your phone works indoors, where you cannot SEE a radio tower??

They're invented radio waves that can travel through walls? Great, someone tell Marconi.

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Posted in: Vaccine protection wanes within 6 months: phone app study See in context


The jabs destroy your natural immune response to the virus, forcing you to receive booster shots for the rest of your life. Not a good situation.

People have no 'natural immune response' to it, that's why it became a pandemic.

And regarding a vaccine destroying a response, um... nope, not how that works.

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Posted in: Nirvana sued by man who was nude baby on 'Nevermind' cover in 1991 See in context

Total abuse of the legal system, hope this gets dismissed quickly.

I must have seen that album cover a hundred times before I ever noticed the kid was naked. It's a baby swimming, what, he's meant to be wearing a burka?

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Posted in: Japan to oblige businesses to reduce 12 disposable plastic items See in context

Plastic in the ocean huh?

Well, charging me for a plastic spoon won't stop me from taking a long train ride to the nearest ocean and throwing it in..... Oh, wait; I never do that. I put the plastic where I am supposed to, in the plastics bin.

Why punish those who are already doing what they are supposed to do?

If the plastic are being dumped in the ocean, then stop doing that. Punish the companies that do it.

This is nothing to do with the individual. It's the responsibility of the corporations. But instead, blame the consumer and line the pockets of the culpable.

Better solution would be to build more Gassification plants and cleanly use the stuff to make electricity at the end of its life, then we can do away with separating our trash in the first place. A gassier can 'burn' everything including nuclear waste and does so in a profitable and clean way.

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