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Posted in: Once 'green' plug-in hybrid cars suddenly look like dinosaurs in Europe See in context

"It's crazy to do this by 2025 because effectively you kill demand today," 

"For most people, a battery electric car is not yet practical," 

So, for “most” people, the need something else… So there’s demand then. And you have 5 years to develop better batteries.

Also, “most people” seems like fiction, I’d love to see stats on who needs to travel more than 300 miles each way every day to go to work. I think for “most” people, a work commute is an hour or less, so about 50 miles at most. For most people, an EV is perfect.

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Posted in: Barrett may be open to reversing Roe v. Wade See in context

Its a lie sold to women that devastates them for the rest of their lives. 

In the vast majority of cases, its flat-out murder.

As is the death penalty, which is considered just fine by many governments.

You do NOT get to tell someone else how to live their life. You DO have the right to not like it, and you have the right to be pissed about it, but you do not have the right to tell someone to bring up a child that they do not want.

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Posted in: Barrett may be open to reversing Roe v. Wade See in context

Go and have a look at aborted babies pictures with their limbs and heads torn off in the process- while they are alive.

No, the person having the abortion can do that if they want, it's not anyone else business. I don't care if it upsets your delicate sensibilities, you're not the one having to live with the child forever. Abortion is not something dictated by society, it's a personal choice.

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Posted in: Barrett may be open to reversing Roe v. Wade See in context

This isn't a question of "men control over women's bodies", it's "someone control over SOMEONE ELSES BODY". Being able to abort a pregnancy should not be in question.

Consider you have a daughter. Consider she is 18. Consider she is raped and impregnated. Now consider you tell her she must carry to full term, and love and look after that unwanted child for the rest of her (*or it's) life. Now consider that you are an inhuman monster for doing this.

The right to abort is compassion, it is human, it is required, it is absolute. It is NOT a COMMAND, it it a RIGHT.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 161 new coronavirus cases See in context

real numbers will be much higher, if your symptoms don't match the clinics criteria, they will charge upwards of 25,000yen for the PCR test. Many people won't choose to pay that.

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Posted in: Japan to launch coronavirus contact tracking app next week See in context

We cant know exactly what method this app will use unless the source code is also made available. Without seeing the source code, and being able to build and compare the binary myself, I won't trust this or any of the other tracing apps.

If they're using the Apple API, then it should be more trust-worthy and reliable than a custom solution, but even then, there's little to stop the app dev's from layering in additional 'features'. If they're too heavy-handed with it though, Apple would probably reject the app in the approval stages. However, Android is a completely different situation.

Given that this is not a commercial, for-profit app; I cannot come up with any reason why the source code should be withheld. Unless there's something in there they do not want us to see. So I ask, who is the dev team, and where is the code?

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Posted in: High court upholds Karpeles conviction for data manipulation See in context

I hope this means there may be some progress in the legal case for the return of the lost funds for customers.

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Posted in: Mie to become 1st prefecture to ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

Dr. TheopolisJune 6  04:52 pm JST

So if a guy is gay and secretly having a gay affair on his heterosexual wife, it’s now against the law to out him? Yes, that’s sure fair! Not!

Was it against the law if he was straight and having an affair with a woman?

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Posted in: Protesters pour into cities for another huge mobilization See in context

"Both pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault and were released without bail." This is not justice. This is the problem. While cops can assault people, on camera, with impunity; whereas a citizen would be held, prosecuted and convicted for the same action, there can be no freedom, no peace.

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Posted in: George Floyd was infected with COVID-19, autopsy reveals See in context

The fact that he had other issues including covid are only factors may have contributed to his ability to survive being choked.

Yes, but my point is, the ability to survive being choked isn't relevant, the murderer would simply have tried harder to achieve his premeditated goal.

All four cops knew the plan, and had their role to play.

If I shoot someone in the head with a shotgun, I don't expect the autopsy to state that the victim had a mild heart condition and that it could be relevant his death.

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Posted in: George Floyd was infected with COVID-19, autopsy reveals See in context

reporting on the drug use is just not necessary. The guy could have been a young olympic athlete in the peak of health, the cop would still have murdered him. Pre-existing conditions really dont come into play here.

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Posted in: World alarmed by violence in U.S.; thousands march in London See in context

They've tried peaceful resistance, it didn't work. At some point, when faced with oppression, violence becomes an option. The system is broken, so break the system.

Who do you call when a cop murders a citizen? The cops?

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Posted in: Fuji TV to end reality show 'Terrace House' after cast member's death See in context

@okochat, please look up "empathy" and "sociopath" in a dictionary. Thanks.

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Posted in: Fuji TV to end reality show 'Terrace House' after cast member's death See in context

Worst possible outcome. Basically handing a win to the badguy.

FujiTV should keep the show on air and actively utilise it in some way to combat the harassment culture, rather than capitulate in a way that can only be seen as virtue-signalling.

Kimura-san's loss is heartbreaking, I don't think abandoning the show is the best way to honour her, although I agree that screening the remaining episodes that have her in them, would be rather painful for many people. It seems that having those episodes and just throwing the footage in the bin is somewhat worse though.

As a Japanese-learner, I find the slow pace and slightly limited vocabulary range of the show to be quite useful and enjoyable.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing concrete blocks from bridge onto expressway See in context

18 & 19 are minors? Not minor enough to not be able to lift a cinderblock, old enough to know the devastation that their actions could cause. Damn, what has to happen to a person for them to think this behaviour is possibly ok?

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

Shocked and saddened. Hana seemed. to be a great person. Such a shame.

I now feel horrible at myself for wanting to see how the show and house members will handle this when the time comes. :/

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Posted in: Language schools learn harsh lesson as virus squeezes student numbers See in context


It's just a fact of life. One thing they COULD do, to keep interest in the prospective students, is do online lessons, a few hours, every day. And when they get here, the transition would be smoother for them as well.

I currently attend language school in Japan, they are doing online lessons. From personal experience I'd say it is literally worse than nothing at all. I could learn more watching a YouTube lesson from someone who knows what they are doing, and actually wants to do it; than from watching someone talking to an iPad with no prior experience of distance learning.

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Posted in: Abe's virus-relief ¥100,000 cash program faces barrage of criticism See in context

I got my online application completed, but the process did seem rather complicated. No idea how long it will take for the actual money to arrive though.

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Posted in: Masks proving widely available despite coronavirus shortage concerns See in context

Yeah, these are the ones that were showing up last week, but seem to be in even more locations now. I have a lot of suspicion for the sources of these masks, but at the end of the day I've gotta wear one if I want to go to a shop, or outside at all really.

I'm pretty certain they're making a decent profit on them, and it would be nice if the price goes back to normal soon, but for the time being, I'd prefer them being available from a 'grey' source at an inflated price, to them not being available at all.

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Posted in: Mos Burger releases savory plant-based vegan Green Burger See in context

Update, have the information that changes this article from useless fluff to actually useful:

Osaki, Roppongi, Akihabara Suehirocho, Omotesando, Nishi-Ginza, Hankyu Oimachi, Ginza Nine (available from April 1), Haneda Airport Terminal 4, and Enoshima.

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Posted in: Mos Burger releases savory plant-based vegan Green Burger See in context

Yeah, knowing which 9 would be useful, I dont feel like going from place to place to find one. Not that I'm super keen to eat it, but if it's in limited stores then that means they are trialling it. If no-one buys it, it will be ditched with a "See, no-one eats this stuff, lets have more meat" attitude, so I'd like to go buy a few to encourage them to keep them on menu.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to release coronavirus contact-tracing app in May See in context

albaleoToday  05:18 pm JST

These apps do not function on iPhone devices anyway due to the power management of the bluetooth layer.

Is that true? The articles below suggest differently:

(I'm not sure how to quote messages here)

Yeah, try this article:

[iPhones' software prevents them from making Bluetooth contact with other devices unless they're unlocked with a Bluetooth app open. That means people using a government-developed contact tracing app would need to leave their phone unlocked with the app running at all times for it to work.]

Other sources state the same, but honestly I cant be bothered looking for them. I'm an iOS developer, I could write a good contact tracing app, but unless your phone is unlocked, screen lit, app running - then it won't work.

It can work if Apple write it into a firmware update as part of iOS, but it will not work as an App.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to release coronavirus contact-tracing app in May See in context

I certainly will not be installing this.

These apps do not function on iPhone devices anyway due to the power management of the bluetooth layer. The concept is fine in theory, but the hardware does not play out.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing real estate agent while being shown apartment See in context

What the *** is wrong with people. Something went very wrong with society for people like this to exist.

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Posted in: Beijing bans 'uncivilized' behavior to improve public hygiene See in context

It'll last a few weeks as a global public show for the press; and then it'll just be ignored again like everything else. They banned exotic meats recently too, remember? Of course, they already did that a few times years ago. Laws are not enforced unless they're directly beneficial to the CCP remaining in power.

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Posted in: Sharp holding lottery for popular masks See in context

Multiple pop-up shops on my street selling a 50 box of masks for 3500 yen, a little high, but not too bad considering I can just walk outside and pick up a pack.

A company as large as Sharp having a failing webpage, and then "fixing" it by randomly picking people to be "allowed" to buy their masks??? Disgraceful.

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Posted in: With new 'English Online Banking' service, Sony Bank rises to say that Japan finally has a bank for foreign residents in Japan See in context

@Ruth Jarman Shiraishi

There are many reasons why someone may have their Apple App Store region set to something other than Japan. Likely the biggest would be they just never thought about it.

However, there is NO reason why the app should be restricted to the Japan store only, there is simply no advantage to doing this, it's not like someone could install it and open an account while not actually living in, or ever visiting Japan. You need ID, address, etc.

Fix the listing on the App Store, it's not the (potential) customer that should be having to think about this, it's Sony. If you want foreign customers, then allow those customers to install your app.

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