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Posted in: Japan starts accepting applications for 'vaccine passports' See in context

This is SO easy to do properly, yet Japan needs me to ask for it, and go somewhere to get it. There is no reason that this isn't automatic. The government has records of everyone already, we have residence cards, MyNumber cards, these are tied to a central database, there is no reason that those databases cannot be updated to include a "vaccinated" flag. It's trivial to solve.

You could then have a portal available to anyone, key in your residence card number and it shows you if the vaccine is completed. This would cost the government basically nothing to do, yet they want to use paper, with a massive administrative cost.

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Posted in: Time to start tipping taxi drivers in Japan? Cab company now gives passengers option in Tokyo See in context

Tipping is fine when it is an actual tip. But everyone knows, in America, it's pretty much compulsory for almost everything. At that point, it's basically a tax.

I strongly hope this is a failure and the company responsible for this thin-end-of-the-wedge idea humbly apologises and promises never to do it again.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for requesting young girl send naked selfies See in context


Japan desperately needs a sex offender registry[...]

It needs something but those registries are probably not the answer.

The whole point of those is that it is permanent. So there is no restitution, no rehabilitation. If you do a crime and get put in prison for it. You get released after a while, "rehabilitated" and ready to "integrate into society". That's the plan, right? Punishments are to fix things, to repair things? That's how civilised society works, right? If not, we should go back to public hangings, and town square whipping posts.

On a sex offender registry, there is no "getting off the list" no hope of a normal life after 10 years of therapy. It can ruin lives. So ask yourself, if someone was at risk of going on such a list, would they be more or less likely to go further with their crime, given that they're screwed anyway?

Like, if the punishment for fighting with someone was life in jail, and the punishment for murder was 5 years.... there's probably going to be an increase in fatal fights.

Japan NEEDS something, but that's not the solution.

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Posted in: Smartphone app enables users to keep COVID-19 vaccination records See in context

This does not even need an app. Data could be stored in iPhone wallet, for example. Many other solutions, such as storing the data against your MyNumber so you dont even need to keep the record yourself.

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Posted in: Higher tolls, priority traffic lanes go into effect for Tokyo Olympics See in context

This is insane. Charge the public more to use the roads so Olympic travel can move freely. I cant imagine how the gov thinks this is a good move.

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Posted in: Bach says canceling Tokyo Olympics not an option despite COVID See in context

The wants of the few outweigh the needs of the many, huh?

As for the massively inaccurate "lose a generation of athletes", who cares? Does the world need professional athletes? Would having more of them lead to development of a cure for covid? Science, people, we need science, not egotists who get paid to exercise and show off.

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Posted in: China vows retaliation after U.S. blacklists companies See in context

China complaining that the US does not support genocide. Nice.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

I know this hotel. I am surprised by this news.

Segregation is a dangerous path to start going down, I'm glad they removed the signs but the person who decided to put them up in the first place should be fired for gross incompetence at a minimum. How could anyone think this would be a good idea? How could they think it could be beneficial?

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Posted in: Robert E Lee statue removed in Charlottesville See in context

If you had an abusive father as a child, you wouldn't keep a photo of him on the fireplace. This isn't about re-writing or deleting history, that's impossible. It's about statue of it in a public space.

This really is not difficult to understand.

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Posted in: Controversial art exhibition in Nagoya closed after threats See in context

Censoring art. Great move for a free society.

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Posted in: Yahoo Japan to get trademark rights for Yahoo brand for ¥178 bil See in context

That's a lot of money for a brand no-one cares about outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to have vaccine passports accepted by over 10 nations See in context

This is going to be a piece of paper with a stamp on it, isn't it?

Surely this is a perfect fit for a blockchain solution. It's literally what that technology is designed for. Issue people a "wallet" key, the string of text used to decode the blockchain entry, and you have unforgeable ledger of the record.

I could code the whole thing in a week. I wonder how much tax-payer money will be spend on producing/issuing/storing the paperwork?

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Posted in: Court orders gov't to pay damages for Miyazaki air base noise See in context

Great news, perhaps it may lead to realising that 130db sirens are not needed on a fire truck moving at 25mph on a deserted road at 4am.

That would be welcome news.

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Posted in: 2 children killed, 3 injured after being hit by truck driven by drunk man See in context

Is there regular "dont drink and drive" commercials on tv in Japan, like there are in the UK? I dont watch Japanese television.

Drinking and driving in the UK was a big problem, then the government started throwing some money at the issue and generated constant messages about it, many quite graphic; the concept of it being a really bad thing is firmly lodged in the psyche of UK people; is it the same in Japan?

If not. That should be fixed.

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Posted in: Conversion therapy is discredited and increases risk of suicide See in context

@Burning Bush

Kids have no understanding of their own minds and bodies; but you do, and you know what is best for them, and everyone else; right?

Why do you get to choose, and they don't?

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Posted in: Top court says laws requiring married couples to have same surname constitutional See in context

The attitude of "It's ok for me, so everyone else should do what I want" in this thread is terrifying.

There are almost 8 billion people in the world, trying to impose rules based on "it's what I want" rather than actual logic and reason, is just a path to failure.

If the people living next door to me are married, and have different names, what difference does that make to me? Do I think "Oh, she has a different name to her husband, that must mean she wants to sleep with me", or "oh, they must not love each other", no- of course not. It's irrelevant and meaningless.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over murder of sex worker at hotel also charged with attempted murder See in context

Disgusting. Name protected because this guy, old enough to purchase a knife, hire a sexworker, book into a hotel, have (incorrect) opinions on population control, and execute a human being..... is too young to be named. Gotta protect the kids, y'all. Pure facepalm.

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Posted in: Top court says laws requiring married couples to have same surname constitutional See in context

The law is indeed different for foreigners. I married in Japan and we completed the family register with different surnames with no problem at all. So the system can handle it, the staff at the ward office didn't even question it.

Surely that difference is the evidence of inequality they were looking for?

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for attempting to kill 5 family members See in context

How is this "suspicion attempted of murder", surely 'suspicion' required an alternate, like, I suspect this meal may be nice, but is may be bad. What's the alternate here? He may have wanted to just annoy his family members and not kill them?? This is crazy!

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Posted in: 'Conbini warp' an increasing traffic problem for businesses, authorities across Japan See in context

Japan is in need of a big overhaul of road usage rules.

There's just not public pressure and awareness of it all. It needs years of commercials, advertisements, PSA's etc to drill road usage into people's heads. I really think drivers/cyclists/pedestrians just don't understand how things work.

Have sensible rules, enforce them, problem starts to go away.

Around here, I constantly see cyclists riding on the road the wrong way and I've read that the believe is that this is safer.

Cyclists use the sidewalks because they are scared of going onto the roads (a cycle is a vehicle, a sidewalk is for..... oh, you work it out)

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Posted in: Japanese soccer star Kumi Yokoyama comes out as transgender man See in context

I care about anyones sexual or gender preferences about as much as I care if you like blondes or brunettes or prefer wine or beer.

It really makes no difference.

If you are the kind of asshat that goes to parties and tells everyone you're a vegan and denounces everyone else as being wrong for eating meat because it's not your preference, then you're the same kind of person that gets offended at people you dont know and wont meet or talk to having a pronoun preference.

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Posted in: 97% of surveyed major Japanese firms plan workplace COVID vaccinations See in context

I dont get it, the vaccine is hard to administer (according to the government who won't allow dentists, paramedics, nurses etc to administer it) needs to be stored very cold and all that, but now your boss can buy a box on amazon and store it in the fridge with peoples bento's?

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Posted in: All Olympic live viewing events in Tokyo to be canceled: Koike See in context

DariusToday  06:49 am JST

Yet people still stuff themselves on trains like a tin of sardines...

Going to watch some people play little games in public is optional.

Traveling to work so you can pay rent and eat, is not optional.


What point were you trying to make?

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Posted in: Drink up, drink fast, drink alone? Tokyo to ease alcohol curbs See in context

Completely ridiculous.

Most places dont follow the 'rules' anyway. This is security theatre and the government should be ashamed announcing this stuff.

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Posted in: World Wide Web code that changed the world up for auction as NFT See in context

That linked article is behind a paywall, and those figures are very inaccurate.

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Posted in: Child welfare worker fined for indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

@Goodlucktoyou, I don't think you were ever a 14 year old girl.

It's simple for adults to say "oh, too soon for sex", tell me what your response was when you were told that yourself as a hormone crazed teenager?

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Posted in: Taiwan thanks Japanese lawmakers for supporting bid to join WHO assembly See in context

Of all the countries in the world, Taiwan is one I look forward to visiting when covid is over.

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Posted in: G7 leaders agree on vaccines, China and taxing corporations See in context

Johnson, the summit's host, wanted the three-day meeting to fly the flag for a “Global Britain,” 

Ah, trying to bring back the British Empire, eh? It worked so peacefully last time. /s

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Posted in: Woman cyclist killed in hit-and-run with motorbike See in context

@Sal Affist: [...the driver of the heavier, powered vehicle is expected to drive with the skill of a "professional driver" ...]

if that logic holds, then a person jumping in front of a train did not commit suicide, they were murdered by a train, and it's the train's fault.

If you cause an accident, you're at fault, it's not about "who's heavier".

That said, there's nothing in the story to suggest the woman was at any fault at all

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Posted in: SoftBank's PayPay surges ahead in Japan's digital payments race See in context

I don't understand why regular ATM cards don't just work as cashless, like everywhere else in the world.

Why should we have to move money from the bank, in to a 3rd party, in order to use electronic money.

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