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Posted in: Aso retracts Hitler comment after criticism See in context

I wonder, if Aso had basic intelligence or if he had received a proper education or if members of his own family had been murdered, gassed, persecuted or shot in their homes by Hitler's troops. Or if his family or friends had been murdered as more than 10 million Asians were by the Japanese imperial army. I wonder then if he would be making such comments. This is a man who said old people should "Hurry up and die" as they were a burden on society.

He is 77 years old in 3 weeks. His political career is a record of failures. He was so hated by Japanese in his failed term as PM, that lifelong LDP voters actually voted for the DPJ.

What is he, if not old and a burden and embarrassment to all Japanese?

In 20 years in Japan I have never ever heard a single Japanese person say anything positive about him.

Why does he not follow his own advice and die? Do it tomorrow. Japan needs leaders who are competent, intelligent and not a burden on society like this cancer.

I wish I were a journalist. I would hold him to task and demand he apologise and shout at him until one of us would be forced to leave the room.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift goes blank on social media, sending fans into frenzy See in context

"I'm scared to go to sleep thanks to Taylor Swift like what if she drops a new song," tweeted an anxious fan called Anu using the handle @shadesoftaylor.

Darwinism at its finest. One of millions of reasons why Ms. Swift has finally done us a favor. Please don't stop there. Please take Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and all the other gormless, talentless, vacuous millenials with you and disappear for good.

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Posted in: Anti-smoking bill leaves scope of ban-exempted restaurants undecided See in context

As always, vested interests, cronies and poorly educated inept lawmakers and members of the elite in Japan delay it from catching up with other developed nations. Of course it's fine for folks to smoke in private but since they are now a minority (approximately 20 per cent of adults in Japan), the non-smoking majority must be able to go about their daily lives in public in a smoke free way. And that includes in restaurants. I predict Japan will eventually be forced to draft proper legislation to that effect.

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Posted in: North Korea leader holds off on Guam missile plan See in context

Hardly surprising. So fatso isn't ready to wiped off the face of the map then?

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Posted in: Trump bows to pressure, calls neo-Nazis and KKK criminals See in context

Too little too late.

Love America.

Hate my dumb, racist president.

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Posted in: Guam stays calm; dismisses N Korean threat See in context

The U.S. has very little time. Either they avoid war and negotiate with a nuclear NK or they take out the ball of fat with a large scale conventional weapons strike. The latter would be the worst option as it would provoke a large scale response from NK who would have nothing to lose and draw in the providers of NK's missiles and technology and funding, namely China and Russia into a protracted military conflict. With the dim-witted Trump and cronies being constantly outwitted by the PR machine of China, Russia and NK, and Trump's collapsing "popularity", I wouldn't rule out the US taking out the ball of fat in the near future. I maintain hope that there are enough people on all sides who are not thick enough to go to war.

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Posted in: Actress Mariko Ishihara not likely to be indicted over shoplifting See in context

The woman is an actress so safe to say she is not poor by any stretch of the imagination.

She could afford the food.

Her action was immoral and illegal.

Why should exceptions be made?

What would we say to our children if they asked us why she she was excused?

This is typical of Japanese society. Everywhere you look there is a lack of accountability. If you have money and a good lawyer, you get off.

It is an unequal society. The prosecutor should have stepped up and

I think she should be arraigned, prosecuted and punished and made an example of.

If my 5 year old is able to understand this simple rule of law then so can the prosecution be expected to.

The prosecution / court should be forced to explain why such a poor decision was made and all persons involved must be held accountable and named in a public forum.

They should be stripped permanently of any responsibilities or authority in a prosecution role for life.

Everyone is equal in the law under the Japanese constitution. So excusing such immoral behavior without good cause means all persons should be allowed to steal and remain unpunished.

If the law is not upheld, it is meaningless.

So tired of this bull****.

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Posted in: Former Japanese defense minister Onodera to take post again: NHK See in context

Inept and incompetent geriatrics with a history of total failure in everything they do. If all the "new" cabinet members were replaced by junior high school children, Japan would have a more effective and competent cabinet to govern. The so-called "leaders" are worse than useless. Put them all in a ship and send it out to sea and sink it. Younger generations need to step up, completely and permanently gut the current system and start from scratch. We need competent candidates who govern in a system where there is fairness and total accountability. Without total and irreversible change, Japan will continue to slide away and remain a political laughing stock.

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Posted in: Renho resigns as main opposition Democratic Party leader See in context

Japanese press are suggesting that Inada and the SDF chief of staff Kabe, who have both just been fired on Sunday evening may have been timed to coincide with Renho's resignation to minimise damage for LDP and cronies. I feel some sympathy for Renho because she is basically a good person, unusually honest for a politician, despite being ineffective as a leader. Renho's poor performance has several reasons behind it. A common reason among many especially older generations is that she was born as a Taiwanese national and is not Japanese. I have heard people, including both my Japanese parents-in-law openly say, I will never vote for her because she is Chinese. How disgusting. This is regardless of the fact that she renounced her Taiwanese citizenship long ago and considers herself as Japanese. Unlike Inada who is finished and will never regain the trust of the people, I hope Renho will continue to join the efforts to keep the highly corrupt and inept LDP ruling party in check.

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Posted in: Abe revises when he knew about friend's vet school application See in context

The usually weak opposition tore strips off Abe today. Some members dispensed with the usual keigo honorifics and addressed the Prime Minister as if he was an ordinary citizen in the street. Abe looked visually shaken. I was amazed to hear Diet members actually yell out it was inconceivable people could now believe anything Abe was saying, interrupting the PM as he spoke. He has now been proved to have lied in his previous testimony in the Diet. We already knew it but now it is a matter of public record and has been recorded officially. It is worth noting that Abe and the LDP commands a large majority in both the upper and lower houses of the Diet. In theory he could remain in power for several more years even though his public approval rate will continue to collapse. One likely outcome would be him being replaced (by Kishida? or possibily Ishiba?) as early as next spring. This would allow the LDP to elect a new leader in the forseeable future without calling a lower house election allowing them to recover some of the public trust. His position is already untenable. For some, this humiliation for the rest of his life may be punishment enough but for many others, they hope that Abe is held criminally accountable. For lying in his Diet testimony, for breaking Japanese laws regarding favoritism, for steamrolling acts through the Diet purely to live out his pet dream of making Japan "beautiful" and ready for war, not to mention his denying history, which is immoral and rightly illegal in some countries. He has broken many other promises and pledges and his "Abenomics" failures continue to drag Japan down. Abe's days are numbered and his reputation is tarnished forever. I personally hope he pays for what he has done to Japan and that his removal from office, reputation as a criminal, liar, and a failure who put his personal interests first, causing great damage to his country and its repuation, will serve as a lesson for future generations. Well, I have hope anyway. There is so much to love about Japan. It could, and should do better.

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Posted in: Abe to speak on favoritism claims at committee sessions next week See in context

Abe will open his mouth, continue to lie and commit perjury. And more and more people will think of his future defence before the courts. He will face justice. Arraign, Berate, Expunge

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe admits having had extramarital affair See in context

Isn't it a private matter between him and the wife?

I wonder if he desperately craves publicity for some reason after his recent performance in "Sea of trees" which has been mocked relentlessly and derided as one of the worst performances ever on screen. So shockingly bad, some people wonder if the whole thing was a wind up and wonder what has gone wrong with him. A drastic fall from grace, it seems he wants people to feel sorry for him. How sad.

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Posted in: Sublime Federer outclasses gritty Berdych to reach final See in context

Federer has already had the number 1 spot and is regarded almost unequivocally as the greatest player of all time. His intention is now to equal the records of Ken Rosewall after reaching 40. He has publicly said that is why he will be playing less and that is why he is only playing in 1 or 2 Slams from now on. The most suitable surface to skip is clay at the French Open as it is the surface on which players are most susceptible to injury. In the modern era of a faster, more gruelling and relentless year round competitive tennis, that is the only way he can remain at his peak, albeit at a slower speed, avoiding injury. He is even smarter than people give him credit for, will remain the greatest player of all time and continue playing for several more years if he so desires.

We the fans are all the better off for it and he remains an inspiration to us all. Go Roger!

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Posted in: Abe agrees to appear in Diet committee session on favoritism claims See in context

It is important that the opposition use the evidence to force Abe to clearly answer the case of his involvement with a Yes / No type question.

In the unlikely event he admits to some extent the meddling by his and Suga's cabinet office, he is guilty. But if as expected, he denies it, he will be guilty of perjury and proper legal proceedings can be mounted against him. The opposition MUST take advantage of this to ensure the Abe cancer and all those who support it are removed from office, prosecuted and imprisoned.

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Posted in: Japan 'Black Widow' confesses to killing husband No. 4 See in context

I hope this murderer is dealt with quickly and disposed of. Depressingly, the continuing lengthy legal proceedings by an extremely inept, slow and self congratulatory 3rd world legal system in Japan will continue to waste even bigger amounts of our public money. This money could be far more effectively used to benefit our society instead of being wasted on this cancer.

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Posted in: LDP headed toward big defeat in Tokyo assembly election See in context

So excited to watch the vile disgusting Abe and the arrogant smirk wiped off his face this evening! I cannot begin to describe how elated my family are that Abe and the other Lying Dishonest Politicians are being so overwhelmingly defeated in this election. Media are reporting that many people while not being strong supporters of Koike, have been voting strategically for her Tomin First party to oust Abe's cronies from the Tokyo Assembly. This pattern will be repeated at a national level soon and I am convinced Abe can then finally be prosecuted for his role in recent illegal payments over schools. He is more likely than ever to be jailed. Good news.

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Posted in: Opposition demands defense minister quit over SDF remark in stumping See in context

Inada has clearly broken the law and as a lawmaker, she will therefore need to resign immediately.

Her excuse of the possibility of her comments being misunderstood is unacceptable. She and not any other person has misunderstood her role as a cabinet minister and she, not any other person has made the inappropriate comments and she, not any other person has broken Japanese law. Following her resignation, an investigation should be conducted as to why a cabinet member broke the law and what (if any) punishment under the law should be administered.

The excuse of "my comments being misunderstood" is often given in Japan and I wonder why Japanese journalists do not challenge and correct politicians who utter such baseless words. People understood exactly what the comments meant and why they were wrong and that is why people are calling on the minister to resign.

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Posted in: NBC says 'Downton Abbey' movie production to start in 2018 See in context

Given the surprising commercial success of Downton Abbey which has been sold in over 100 countries and been a huge hit in China, it will be interesting to see how it fares as a movie.

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Posted in: Amusement park opens doors to dogs, lets animals on rides with their owners See in context

I think this is a lovely gesture, it will be bring happiness to guests and should be good for business too.

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Posted in: Cosby plans tour to educate youth on misbehavior See in context

Bil Cosby is utterly disgusting and morally repugnant. If this rapist went near my children I would break his face.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker to quit party over alleged abuse of secretary See in context

It was great that the staff member recorded this disgusting and pathetic excuse of a human being and the vile comments made. I hope it inspires others to do the same and stand up to harassment making sure that the perpetrators are permanently removed from public life. I hope the lawmaker is prosecuted and severely punished under the law but being Japan, with such useless and inept people running the judicial system, regretfully this will probably not be the case. My heart goes out to her children. No amount of pity or support will save them from having such a low life as a mother. It breaks my heart to think of the endless humiliation and bullying they will endure at school.

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Posted in: Japanese, EU leaders hail progress in free trade talks See in context

I am looking forward to that smirk being wiped off Abe's face in the coming Tokyo election when the LDP will lose an unprecedented number of votes to Koike's Tomin Firsto party

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Posted in: As Brexit talks loom, UK election leaves May hanging by a thread See in context

The biggest winner of the day was democracy. Far more young people let their voice be heard and went out to vote and the high turnout makes the result more in line with the will of the people than is usually the case. I wish this would happen in Japan so that when we turn on the TV we don't see 80 year old politicians who lie through their teeth with every breath and do not care a damn for the future of young people. In the UK, while a lot of uncertainty about Brexit lies ahead under a relatively weak government, there was some great news for 98.2 per cent of voters. UKIP's percentage of the popular vote fell the highest to only 1.8 per cent.

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Posted in: Britain braces for election in wake of terror attacks See in context

The Tories under May will increase their majority from 17 to something like 50 or so if you look at the latest bookies' averages. Apparently, appalling weather is forecast which might increase the majority further due to lower turnout. Corbyn has fired his number two Diane Abbot the day before the election so things are not looking good for him as she has stronger support among Labour backbenchers. Corbyn will be forced to resign on Friday as leader of the Labour party.

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Posted in: APA hotels won't remove books that deny Nanjing Massacre during Olympics See in context

"Is there something strange about putting my books in my hotels?"

Yes, there is.

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Posted in: Gov’t honors war dead at Chidorigafuchi cemetery See in context

I wonder how Prince Hitachi felt at the ceremony? I wonder whether he paused to consider his own father Hirohito's hundreds upon hundreds of imperial war rescripts during the 1930s and 1940s which directly caused the death of over 15 million people, a large proportion of which were Japanese who were being honored at the event.

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Posted in: English education to start for 3rd graders from FY 2018 See in context

This is a good idea. Given that English is the world's globally accepted lingua franca, Japanese do need to catch up with other nations. I have no knowledge of Japan's English education strategy but when you read corporate messages written in Japlish all the time such as LINE company's "LIFE Platform Strategy", it's just garbage and you wonder how international investors for example from the U.S. would be scratching their heads and thinking what language is this? A few thousand yen spent would have got just one native speaker to check it. I'd volunteer for free.

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Posted in: British election campaign resumes after Manchester attack See in context

Corbyn gave a speech saying that UK foreign policy is to blame for terrorism and the tragic bombing in Manchester. He might want to tell his own MPs because 96 percent of them voted in favour of the UK military intervention in Libya, the very country where the terror network behind the Manchester bombing developed. I just can't imagine how sick Labour must be feeling. How can any leader of a political party sink so low as to use this excuse the same week when so many people are grieving and be so unbelievably dumb as to claim during a general election campaign that the action of his own party's members was somehow to blame for the terrorism.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner reported to be under FBI scrutiny in Russia probe See in context

After this widely despised, unelected, meddling criminal is prosecuted and brought to justice he will be able to cling to only one credit to his name.

That he helped bring forward the downfall and impeachment of the man who installed him in the first place. In the meantime he is being ripped to shreds by the media. There is at least some small justice in that.

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Posted in: Say thank you or be identified, police tell owners of lost items See in context

"the police station has acknowledged that the note could be misunderstood"

Herein lies the problem. This excuse is often given in Japan for example by politicians and implies no wrongdoing. People understand exactly the wording and the meaning. In this case the meaning was crystal clear to the woman and she correctly brought the police to task for their grave error of judgement. If something is poorly worded it needs to be changed and people need to be reprimanded for failing to admit wrongdoing.

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