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Posted in: Biden appeals for unity in Thanksgiving-eve address See in context here is the deal...

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Posted in: Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona dies at 60 See in context

man legend.

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants serving alcohol to shorten opening hours for 3 weeks See in context

Koike?no comment...covid became "smaato birus" wearing watch....this is purely insane and absurd same time

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Posted in: Nissan to sell redesigned Note compact car in Japan as it looks to restore profitability See in context

hmmm no.i skip....

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Posted in: A Grammys 'Savage': Beyonce leads with 9 nominations See in context

and who cares....honestly...who cares...

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Posted in: New Zealand leader Ardern offers virus know-how to Joe Biden See in context

wow. Joe may never need that.


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Posted in: The five least stressful jobs, as ranked by Japanese working people See in context

i may not agree at all.

restaurant work/and particular one in hotel/is really stressful.

rest...ok lets turn the next page...

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Posted in: Australian airline Qantas to require COVID-19 vaccination for international travelers See in context

so here is the deal.

once there will be vaccine-secure one-tested one-and without side effects, i may consider vaccination.

at this very moment all so called vaccines are not secure ones,not properly-yet tested ones,and may have side effects.

so no vaccination and no travel to downunder in foreaseable future?

yes sir!

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Posted in: Big Tobacco gets a pandemic pick-me-up See in context

make prices triple in Japan for it...causing much more deaths than covid in total...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 314 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,519 See in context

and how many deaths?how many in % from total cases?

may we know also how many new cases of cancer or flu?

just to compare...

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Posted in: Sapporo, Osaka preparing for temporary exit from travel subsidy program See in context

beri smaato.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy commander in Asia welcomes Japan-Australia military pact See in context

...and propaganda continues...

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Posted in: 2nd arrest warrant served against woman for stealing ¥5 mil from nursing home resident See in context

hmmm what a "human"...

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Posted in: Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory See in context

I wanted to ask guy who wrote abt "frantic steps" who in fact is next POTUS?

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Posted in: Global monetary easing lifting Japanese stocks despite weaker economy See in context

ponzi scheme and games continues...

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to eat and drink in small groups See in context

she lives in parallel world,out of touch with reality...

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Posted in: Japanese katsu chain releases heaps of bacon and chicken katsu series See in context

what a "innovation" lol

give me a break...

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Posted in: J-Pop superstar Kumi Koda’s new music video stars manga/anime cornerstone 'Urusei Yatsura' See in context

never heard abt this ehm superstar...but okay next page

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

i am tired from this "political correctness".

put it this way.

i have a company and i look for new staff.

i want to know who is person who would like to work for me,what skilss/experience/education candidate have.

sure want see person on photo.

sure want to know if its male or female.

question-why this should be considered as "strange"?or "discriminating"?

any reasonable explanation for that?


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Posted in: Japan's economy rebounds by 21.4% in 3rd quarter as pandemic pain eases See in context

i suggest put notice like twitter does abt POTUS posts...since this ia just pure propaganda as reality is completely different just open your eyes and look around you...

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach confident Tokyo Olympics will be safe for athletes, fans See in context

any fans.from yamada denki...highly likely?

why not abolish this whole circuss for sake of security of potential visitors or "fans"?

why cant use common sense?????

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Posted in: Nissan's damages case against absent Ghosn opens in Japan See in context

Nissan is DEAD BRAND at least in Japan.

Just check their line up and compare say with further comments are needed.

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Posted in: Nissan says it trimmed losses in Q2; upgrades full-year forecast See in context

Nissan is

dead brand

no interesting cars in line up



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Posted in: Japanese teacher arrested for sexually assaulting boy while studying abroad in Canada See in context

this hentai...just top of iceberg...wondering how he can be teacher until today?

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Posted in: Japan not in situation to declare state of emergency over COVID-19, Suga says See in context



Dont panic.

Stay calm,safe,take care.

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Posted in: Japanese stocks catch global investors' eyes See in context

a lot of speculations.reality a bit...different?

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Posted in: Japan sees near-record 1,547 coronavirus cases in possible 3rd wave See in context

maybe i am one and only who cant get right info how many people have died and what is percentage from total cases?

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Posted in: Suga, Biden agree to strengthen Japan-U.S. alliance in phone talks See in context

sure what other reply to expect from ...vassal...?

business as usual...

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Posted in: Apple unveils first Macs built to run more like iPhones See in context

I use Apple since 2010.Windows?No thanks...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start formal talks on costs to host American troops See in context

boys go home to States,Japan is not your "protectorate"...

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