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Posted in: 16-year prison term upheld for man over fatal abuse of daughter See in context

eye for eye teeth for a teeth

16years of jail is a bad joke sorry.

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Posted in: Shizuoka Pref bans teachers from personal communication with students on social media See in context

its 2021 and yes Japan still frozen in its own freezer...

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Posted in: Shizuoka Pref bans teachers from personal communication with students on social media See in context

email and FAX are okay

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Posted in: When you were a child, what profession did you aspire to? And did you actually join that profession when you became an adult? See in context

wanted be journalist,traveller.

did not happen.

later i have found out that real journalism is dead these days.

travelling also.

so doing something else i like.

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Posted in: New Tokyo Olympic president tries to assure Japan on safety See in context

worthless effort at least now as there will be no olympics in Tokyo this year.

pls get it finally its time to WAKE UP

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Posted in: The Tokyo Olympic Games: Will they happen? See in context

may happen but definitely not in 2021

its not good timing for it this year.

pls get it finally and start use money for more important issues of everyday people!!!!!

enough is enough and its annoying to read these "olympics news" everyday!

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan a record 82,643 in 2020 See in context

love is over?

thanks to this situation many of people have found out own real feelings towards to others

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Posted in: Through the mailbox slot: Japanese theater offers new viewing experience See in context


what a..."progress"

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Posted in: Hotel employee arrested for stealing Go To Travel coupons worth ¥1 million See in context

and winner of todays Darwin prize contest is...hotel employee...

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

there will no fans as there will be no olympics if common sense will prevail...finally

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing protected Nara deer See in context

.....and winner of Darwin prize of 2021 is...Hayato Yoshii, a 23-year-old construction worker from Mie Prefecture!

what a .......

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

so far just one case published many are remains unpublished?

one more reason why to not accept properly untested unregistered vaccine without any guarantee from maker who is not able to take any responsibility at all.

as me i will wait and if one day magic will happen and sputnik will be available in Japan-will go and will get two of them...until than iranai,will be happy to give my pfizer,moderna etc to others who are able to take risks...

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Posted in: 58% in Japan interested in Olympics but don't want them to happen: poll See in context

in fact

there will be no olympics in Tokyo this year

completely does not matter abt what fabricated % "support" is published

lets solve and erase covid first


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Posted in: Japan job availability up, unemployment down in January See in context

66.94 million people in employment.

74.55 million working age (18-64) people.

Forgetting most people work after 64 here, meaning the working population I much higher, any other country would report that as 11 percent unemployment. That's 11 percent of the working population without a job.

Of those 66.94 million people with a job roughly 38 percent are in non-regular employment. That's 26 million people without stable jobs.

Why fudge the numbers to make the country look good while ignoring problems that need to be fixed?

YES mate exactly.

Correct informations for "well educated people who know how to think".

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Posted in: Japan job availability up, unemployment down in January See in context

reality is harsh and faraway from painted picture folks...

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Posted in: Burger King Japan dubs its Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger the 'spiciest meat wall' See in context

finally something reminds me real hamburgers from Australia with REAL BEEF MEAT

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Posted in: Freezer firm to investigate after vaccines wasted See in context

you could have sputnik months ago and did not need any freezers at all but yes...TIJ/this is Japan/

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Posted in: Japan job availability up, unemployment down in January See in context

"who can believe to these numbers?"

Well educated people who know how to think.


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Posted in: Japan job availability up, unemployment down in January See in context

who can believe to these numbers?


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Posted in: Man arrested for sending 37 death threats to Square Enix because he couldn’t win at a game See in context

well it is ...crazy... to be short

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Posted in: Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has appointed Tetsushi Sakamoto, minister in charge of dealing with Japan's declining birthrate and promoting regional revitalization, as the "Minister of Loneliness," in an attempt to reduce loneliness and social isolation as the country deals with rising suicide rates due to the coronavirus. What are your views on this? See in context

lets start from scratch.

why Japan have declining birth rate?

let me say my opinion .

its because

-little or zero support for mothers with kids who stays at home/compare with Europe as good example/

-costs for kids education from day one say till 23 yo are sky high and yes again-gov doing nothing about this

-we live in strange covid world,too much of stress poured by MSM to all,mentally more vulnerable people prefe invest in dogs instead.reason is simple-no support from gov for these who are forced work from home/makes much less/ or for these who were forced to close business/companies and get no support from cash handounts,no support plans whatsoever

-mental setting of majority of jpn people,when kids have no idea what is childhod about,missing time with parents...and instead are getting tablets,electronic games and are pushed for juku etc etc to make them busy and occupied young human robots

all in all-nothing new for me.

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Posted in: Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children See in context

to be short and exact.

its awkward.

feel sorry abt these kids who have no idea what is real childhood about...pathetic

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Posted in: Ardern urges New Zealanders to rebuke coronavirus rule-breakers See in context

so liberal...

in GDR it was Stasi,they did same thing to own citizens...

i will not comment more further as wish to stay polite...feel not good from all of this!!!

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon says Tokyo Olympics may be chance to revitalize diplomacy See in context

agree if olympics will be say in 2023 or so...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 121 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 698 See in context

well good news-if true.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 committee to pick at least 11 women to join board: report See in context

cancel olympics now.this is best what you can do.

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Posted in: Vaccination passport for traveling: What's your stance? See in context

definitely NO.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga's dogs recovered safely; no word on $500,000 reward See in context

news of year...2021?

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