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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

Unlucky driver. The bicycle rider killed her baby .. and the driver got arrested.

I had a similar situation while driving in Japan. Luckily escaped from accident. I can really figure out the situation.

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

This news is incomplete...

It looks like the cause must be the negligence of the bicycle rider. One side cars were piled up and other side was moving .. Crossing the road in between piled up cars in one side, when the other side was moving....where the bicycle jumped in front of a moving car......Now the driver has to suffer !!! This is what I understood reading yahoo.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after fatal accident See in context

From the news it looks like it was orange and not red yet... Probably the kid started started walking before he get green signal......cannot accuse the driver alone...

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context

A real useless news !!!.........It is a part of eco system, human need to find food for them self's... This is just a politics.... trying to act.. !

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Posted in: Newborn boy left in front of orphanage with money and 'Onegaishimasu' letter See in context

I appreciate the mother or whomever left the boy. They did not mistreat him .. it is a great thing. The parents who does not need their new borns should follow something like this..

There are lot of couples who are looking to adopt a kid.......and the same time we here lot of child abuse cases around...

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Posted in: China's parliament: Japan has no right to criticize air defense zone See in context

China is a vurus.. somehow we need to stop it..

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Posted in: China warns Japan against stationing workers on disputed isles See in context

go japan ........go and do need to give any attention to china..the set of craps.....****

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

“Japan should learn how to behave,”

comedy of the year !! China teaching Japan how to behave. We should avoid putting those guys comments about other countries..... Let them learn about behaviour first before making such comments......

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