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I sure hear a lot of comments saying they should ban tobacco outright or they should make laws more strict, because they don't like smelling smoke, or some such nonsense. This is the real world people. Laws are not made to make YOU happier. They are made to keep order and to thwart criminal behavior. The fact of the matter is there is not a significant study that shows that second hand smoke causes ANY health issues, because its impossible to prove and highly unlikely. You are exposed to carcinogens and pollutants and toxins and GMOs (and now radiation) everyday. And you want to blame your health problems on the whiff of cigarette smoke you happen to smell when leaving the station? Grow up. This is a society and just because you don't happen to smoke, doesn't mean that stripping away someone's rights to make you feel slightly more relaxed makes any sense at all.

Lets just make everything illegal to try to make everyone that the logic?

Btw, it's the additives in the cigarettes that make them harmful to your health. Nicotine has been shown numerous times to be beneficial to the human body, although addictive.

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I'm sorry, this qualifies as a top news story? Some truck drivers fool hardy hobby?

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It's "a nuclear-powered" not "an nuclear-powered".

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