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I'm so making a t-shirt of this! Ah, It brings back memories or riding the Keihan line.

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so i wonder what will happen to the 17... I mean they are criminals...I hope they have a cool name for their group. Like the Genital Liberation Underground. GLU for short. god this is all so stupid.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl fights off bear in Hokkaido See in context

Well good for her, I mean most people you ask here will say that you should "play dead" if you see a bear. Bears hate noise, so its a good idea to be very noisy should you see one. It is really lucky that she wasn't killed since it came at here while she was asleep. There must have been candy or something in her tent. In any event, seems like all things ended up for the best for the family and, the bear.

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Posted in: Do you think curtailing convenience store hours would be good for the environment? See in context

Stores hours have nothing to do with its environmental friendliness. The major factors of energy waste in these stores are the excessive use of AC, cooler costs, and excessive lighting. I can very well see them changing their closing hours, but not turning off their AC or even dimming their lights. Dim lights mean more possibility of break-in or vandalism, and I’m sure no store owner wants that. My god, what would that do to their image. Family mart suddenly isn’t so family friendly. Personally I’m not worried about an increase in business vandalism, but I think that the threat would be enough to worry the owners so that they would leave their lights on. There has got to be a better way. Building more environmentally friendly buildings is my suggestion .

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