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Matt comments

Posted in: Bahrain F1 Grand Prix practice See in context

Good luck, Yuki!

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Posted in: Jousting makes comeback in England as competitive sport See in context

The Knights of Arkley


This is my sister's jousting company in the UK. They have always been part of my childhood growing up going to events. Heavy is an understatement, I remember as a boy failing to lift one of the swords!

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Posted in: Royal sport See in context

Harry, what are you doing?

No comment about a gesture foreign to Japan?!

This isn’t Thailand!

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Posted in: Knockout round opens at Women's World Cup with Japanese vs Norway, unproven Swiss faces Spain See in context

If only there was more coverage on TV. I am no soccer fan, but women's soccer seems unsupported by Japanese TV. Hardly patriotic!

Well done Japan!

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Posted in: Drinking on the job See in context

Now you've done it!

He's in trouble for not wearing a helmet and the headline implies he's drinking alcohol.

Go back to photos of children splashing in water and office workers mopping their brows, it's traditional.

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Posted in: 3 environmental activists arrested at Wimbledon after interrupting matches See in context

Their often dangerous protests bring them a very negative image, which clouds their cause.

Try appealing to the good side of people, rather than annoying everyone.

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Posted in: Japan falls to record-low 125th in global gender gap ranking See in context

Leo, talk to some Japanese women. They will tell you it is awful!

Too many old men at the top in politics and they can't change their views or just don't want to. It is very similar in local government.

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Posted in: Royal smile See in context

Surely an 'Imperial smile'.

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Posted in: Japan aims to halve pollen emissions in 30 years to tackle hay fever See in context

30 years!

That's way too fast, steady on!

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Posted in: Tsunoda thumbs up See in context

Fingers crossed!

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Posted in: Harry Potter TV series announced; Rowling to executive produce See in context

The original stories were extremely enjoyable. Anyone who went through a four-house secondary school could relate to Hogwarts despite the magic.

I cannot see how the TV series could be overrated as it hasn't even begun yet!

I will look forward to the series, until it eventually gets to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan grants long-term visa to gay U.S. man wed to Japanese See in context

It is the 'spouse visa' that he won't get. A permanent visa based on being married to a Japanese national.

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Posted in: PM makes a pitch See in context

Just do your job properly!

We don't pay you to have fun.

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

A photo would have helped clarity.

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Posted in: Japan Duolingo app users spend longest time on language study: report See in context

Joe, agreed!

Those that have the money can get more from other apps, but on a daily basis it is hard to beat.

Of course, we use Japanese in our daily lives, too!

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Posted in: Japan Duolingo app users spend longest time on language study: report See in context

 a 1,700 percent increase

Hmmm. Not the most understandable choice of wording, but probably somewhere in one of the silly sentences they have.

The report said Japanese was the fourth most studied language in Japan.

Shocking revelations here.

Last week my sentence of interest was:

The plumber was caught trying to steal a red mushroom.

before that:

A philosopher attacked me with an umbrella.

Mostly the sentences are pretty good, though.

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Posted in: Verstappen gets second crack at clinching F1 world title in Japan See in context

I will be cheering for the other teams.

We need more driver racing and less finance induced car performance in F1!

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context

I get your point.

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context

Take your masks off!

Some people just follow like sheep.

Sheep are the fools who don't follow science.

I think some here thought I meant to not wear masks at all. Not what I meant.

Take your masks off 'when outside and not in close conversation with others.'

See the link I gave to governmental guidelines (next down post).

I wear a mask all day at school, in public places inside and outside when in close proximity to others.

In my car, places with no other people, outside not in close proximity to others: no mask!

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context

I suspect they get closer than that... x_x

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context


Mask Use |Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan Government of Japan|厚生労働省 (mhlw.go.jp)

It is clear and generally common sense advice. Seems many still don't understand, or just have their brains switched to stand by.

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context

Take your masks off!

Some people just follow like sheep.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth 'humbled' by cheering Jubilee crowds See in context

I think you have to be British, or perhaps part of the Commonwealth to appreciate this celebration fully. Part of the British psyche or make up is taking part in stuff, rallying together and being proud of what we have.

The charities definitely appreciate all that is done, and how a royal at their head tends to gain more support. It is easy to just look at the spectacle and miss what is going on that never makes it to the front pages.

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Posted in: Japan eases travel advisory for 36 nations See in context

"Individuals from blue list countries are exempt from testing and isolation measures. "

This from the 'Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10

' news item.

It would have helped to include it here, too.

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

The article gives no mention of the entry requirements other than being vaccinated.

PCR tests?

Before flight? Previously they were a prerequisite, including a doctor's signature on the negative certificate (virtually impossible to get).

Has this changed?

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Posted in: Exhibit showcasing UK-Japan royal relationship opens in London See in context

I thought that as Japan has an emperor, it is referred to as the 'imperial family' not 'royal'.

Royal families have Queens and Kings.

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Posted in: Japan may allow 10,000 people per day to enter country from April See in context

The bigger sticking point for me is the 3 PCR tests needed for re-entry.

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Posted in: F1 down to the wire in thrilling title fight See in context

jpn_guy, agreed on all points.

The article fails to mention that Hamilton hit Verstappen because he wasn't told that Verstappen would slow to let him pass. The F1 controller didn't give Merc chance to radio Lewis to let him know what to expect. He thought he was getting a 'brake test'. "...not enough buttons to press" was what I heard from the F1 controller.

Sounds like the technology upgrades have missed radio communication!

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Posted in: Hamilton: F1 'duty bound' to raise awareness of human rights See in context

If Hamilton REALLY wants to raise awareness, he would refuse to race in those countries.

Contract! He is under contract to race at all venues. But, he can use his celebrity status to raise awareness. Nothing wrong with that.

I prefer watching him race. Looking forward to the last races. Usually it is all over by now. Nice to have some uncertainty for a change!

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Posted in: The dark side of ramen See in context

"There are some 24,00 ramen restaurants nationwide."

This seems on the low side.

"taste is subjective"


I'm still looking for a teriyaki chicken ramen.

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