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Posted in: Is it a crime to ditch a bad date and leave them with the bill? Japanese man finds out See in context

It should be illegal.

I've suffered through plenty of dates with people who didn't meet my expectations. If it's your first time meeting somebody, take them to lunch. If no good, have an excuse prepared and you have the rest of the day/evening.

My excuse is usually that I'm watching my friends dog and need to feed them by a certain time.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s ban on high school girls working in the controversial JK industry goes into effect this summer See in context

It's about time! Bravo to the Tokyo Metro Govt for finally addressing this issue. For those talking about pointing the finger - this isn't a matter of the blame game. The real issue has always been that young girls are being exploited for cash, something that goes on in every society mind you, while the authorities have largely looked the other way. Shining a light on a dark market is often the catalyst needed to change public opinion. I hope they continue to shine the light, and all decent members of this society give their full support for this move so we can realize this much needed change.

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