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Matt Hartwell comments

Posted in: Boris Johnson eyes comeback as UK leader See in context

It will be interesting to see what a future new conservative party brings. Will it actually be conservative? Because the Tories are about as far removed from that as its possible to get.

Completely open borders, taxation the highest since WW2, woke police completely uninterested in fighting real crime, knife crime out of control, ellicit drug use out of control, pathetic military that the Tories actually cut further, utterly reliant on others for energy (60% plus for gas), national industrial strengths gutted.

They've been in power for over a decade and there is not a single hallmark of traditional conservatism that you could say is strong in Britain. Its all a mess.

But the real problem for the U.K goes deeper than either political party. The real problem is that the U.K no longer brings enough to the table. There are simply not enough strings to its bow. It doesnt have the innovation of power houses like the U.S and China. It doesnt have diversity of industry like Germany or Japan. It doesnt have some really dominant industrial champions, like Taiwan or South Korea. It doesnt have the natural resources of Australia or Canada or Brazil.

Its was a nation of shopkeepers and increasingly, its not even that....

Labor is going to have a massive, massive amount of work to do, but they wont tackle migration or crime or the decaying social fabric or improving the military in any serious way. They are likely to make all of them worse. Fertile ground for a future conservatism. It will look more like Georgia Meloni than Boris Johnson...hopefully minus any focus on abortion.

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Posted in: Australia's southeast braces for more heavy rain, 'life-threatening' floods See in context

Stephen ChinToday  03:23 pm JST

Every time I read about floods in Australia and that's about at the very least twelve times a year the clarity and striking truth about a certain word often used in news about the second largest island in the world after Africa bcame an island when the France built the Suez Canal in the late nineteenth century comes to my mind that Australia is becoming Unlivable not only because of widespread floods but also because of wild fires and the population cannot move into the Outback which is almost ninety-nine per cent desert occupying at least ninety percent if not more of this gigantic island that was first colonised by convicts from Britain its mother country etcetera...

Its always been a land of extremes. You know the poem, "My Country" written in 1908. Over a hundred years ago directly refers to the pattern of drought and flood the country experiences.

In saying that, the level and consistency of the rains in the last couple years is unusual, but id much rather have driving rains than drought. Water is the source of life....

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Posted in: Australia backs plan for intercontinental power grid with Singapore See in context

This is so inspiring amid so many war scaremongers insisting to adopt fossil fuels or nuclear power as opposed to green energy.

If you were a war scaremonnger, wouldnt you be keen on renewables, particularly solar? Distributed electricity grids are more secure than centralised energy grids. I think the argument for fossil fuel is about maintaining stability and nuclear is about unique case uses. At least from what Ive read. Even Sweden is going nuclear now.

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Posted in: Putting King Charles III on British currency bucks a global trend to honor diverse national heroes See in context

Also, Americans are very traditional and conservative when it comes to currency. The $2 bill never caught on, either.

American currency is quite boring, especially compared to Aus currency which is known to be at the pinnacle of design.

The U.S misses a big opportunity with their boring notes I reckon.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt, groping her on train See in context

“At first, I just touched her upper body but that didn’t satisfy me.”

At least he confessed. Ill give him that.

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Posted in: France begins nationwide strikes amid soaring inflation See in context

Should have voted for Le Pen.

She will win next time. And its going to be very interesting to see how Europe copes with it. No doubt she will dial back anything remotely controversial, just like the new Italian PM will do. They all fold against Brussels eventually. There is no sovereignty in Europe.

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Posted in: Putting King Charles III on British currency bucks a global trend to honor diverse national heroes See in context

Theres nothing wrong with tradition. It provides people with a sense of place and history.

Replacing a serving monarch with other figures, in a country with a thousand year old history of putting the monarch on its coin is just yet another attempt to wipe Britains history. Every single passing day somebody wants to erase history in the West.

Only the West must be diverse, everywhere else, like Japan, can do whatever they please. I NEVER, EVER! see any real pressure on any Asian country or African country or Latin American country to take in migrants from cultures very different to there own.

When is this hypocrisy and double standard going to end?

The UK has a monarch and is 87% white.

There have been 10 million migrants come to the U.K since 2000. The country is flooded. Brexit was, in part, about getting that migrant flow to something approaching reasonable. I seriously doubt the U.K is 87% white.

In Australia, where the queen is depicted on the $5 bill, spirited debate continues about whether or not to keep her image, replace it with King Charles or break with tradition and use an image of an indigenous Australian instead

Indigenous Australians dont even represent 5% of the Australian population. Its one thing to feature famous indigenous Australians on the currency and thats already been done, its another to feature an individual on every coin and banknote from a culture that doesnt represent the vast, VAST majority of Australians.

The new King is not Australian, but is still the head of state and comes from a culture which represents probalby 50% of the population with the majority ethnicity in Austraila being British ancestory and secondly of various European ancestry.

Why should the 95% support it? No, i dont think its appropriate, but sure anything erases white people from the country in which they are the majority is perfectly acceptable it seems.

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Posted in: Japan ranks record low 29th for global digital competitiveness See in context

Name one?

Oh I guess Eriksson etc with 5G. I found one.

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Posted in: Japan ranks record low 29th for global digital competitiveness See in context

Denmark was ranked top for the first time after climbing three spots from the previous year, followed by the United States and Sweden

I dont know of a single Danish or Swedish company in the "digital economy" space that is global.

Name one?

What a nonsense.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors' all-new Outlander wins 2022 Australian Good Design Award See in context

Not convinced on that front end, but the rest looks nice.

Ive been watching some videos of the new Toyota Crown, 2023 model. Its very nice. Different category of car.

Well done Mitsubishi.

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Posted in: Australia's Optus caught in massive cyberattack See in context

What I find astounding is that Australia requires people to produce ID to get a phone number. That requirement is a huge invitation for cyber criminals or adversary foreign powers to compromise that data. I have never had to produce any kind of ID to a phone number.

Its all due to the security community. They just want an easy way to identify somebody if they pick up a potential threat via their communications. Thats what they tell Australians of course.

I think the removal of requiring a photo ID is an obvious first step. That eliminates the need for drivers licence, passport etc. You can sitll identify people based on utility bills and other invoices with an address. You show your photo ID at the time of getting a new account with a non photo ID, but only the non photo ID is stored, if something must be stored.

Using a passport in particular should be the absolute last and unpreferred option.

But what about bank accounts? Require 100 points, which means your nearly always showing some form of very important ID to get a bank account.....

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Posted in: Australia's Optus caught in massive cyberattack See in context

They'll take government ID as well.

Has to be a Photo ID doesnt it. So really, a proof of age card is the only other option...

I dont think you can use a Medicare card exclusively? Thats about it for government ID's in Aus for most.

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Posted in: Australia's Optus caught in massive cyberattack See in context

Anyway why does a telecon company have the drivers license and passport numbers of the customers?

Required by law

Which is now being questioned.

It should have been questioned about 15 years ago.....

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Posted in: Australian lawmakers pay tribute to queen, discuss republic See in context

Sure. The only people in Australia eligible to “fill those shoes” are sportspeople. Australia possesses no scientists, engineers, business people, successful entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists, or other people of achievement, only “cricketeers”.

If you read the post, I was responding to the previous comment that suggested somebody successful in sport is a likely candidate. I did include a quote from the previous poster.....

And there many people who have achieved great things in Australia, but they can never compete with a tradition lasting over a 1000 years and in Australia's case since the foundation of the country.

No, to me, the real question is not about whether we can find an adequate individual. They dont and cant exist in my mind. The real question is whether removing the monarchy, as the representation of the colonisation of Australia is a powerful enough argument to get rid of the monarchy. And secondly to that, that we should have an Australian has head of state. Those two questions is really what a future Republic hinges on.

There is no hope any individual is going to carry enough weight to compete with a monarch.

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Posted in: Australian lawmakers pay tribute to queen, discuss republic See in context

Best chance for a head of state in Australia would be a sportsperson.

Quite possibly.

What a weak alternative to a Queen that was known the world-over after 70 years of service and whos funeral has probably been the biggest and most extensively covered in the media for decades. Actually, in global terms, possibly ever. And Australia, as part of the Commonwealth and one of the most visible members is part of that legacy.

How is some cricketeer going to fill those shoes?

Even a King that might live for just another 20 years will bring far more to the table than somebody who was captain in an Ashes series or who won the Brownlow.

There is just no comparison.

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Posted in: Australian lawmakers pay tribute to queen, discuss republic See in context

I still think if a vote was held, it would barely pass. If the government puts forward a vote which puts a politician as head of state it will be defeated again.

If they put somebody who ticks diversity boxes for the sake of it, they will be openly scorned by 50% of the population and again it will be extremely divisive. A worse outcome than we have now.

It is going to have to be a vote with mulitple candidates, but a popularity contest is also questionable. Also, its not clear to me, will this persons role be head of state for life, like the monarch is?

You have a situation now where you have a tradition of monarchy that has lasted hundreds of years and an entire institution built around it and now, we are going to what, rely on the whims of a single person with no tradition or support structure to call upon? Very, very risky.

It would be very divisive to have a figure with any loyalty, whosoever, to any political party or any idealogy, left or right. They must not have any say, at all, zero, on any government policy or immediately they will be labelled as the enemy by 50% of the population.

This is the balancing act that King Charles now also has to find.

I see very little to be gained by having a Republic in practical terms, in fact, I think in practical terms it could be a mistake, especially if they are political at all. In fact it could be a complete disaster if that is the case.

Symbolically it might be appealing.

The current system has (mostly) worked well, but the symbolic significance of having an Australian head of state can’t be denied.

So you admit the current system has largely worked well and the vote would be symbolic.

You have to seriously question it if thats the case.. And I seriously question it.

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Posted in: Why Australia is battling floods again See in context

If the country had any brains it would have built mega dams in the interior and used the rains of the last 2 years to fill them. How hard is it? Land on the coast is becoming absolutely unaffordable, not to mention increasingly damaging to the ecosystems of the coast. Fertile coastal stretches used for housing is dumb. People need to move inland, but nothing happens without fresh water access.

Its always been the dream but Australia is run by a very stupid and an extremely lazy, unambitious political class. who are far, FAR too comfortable with their excessive public service salaries.

In saying all that, building a single dam would take a decade in Australia because everything happens as slow as a snail and is absolutely prohibitive to build.

The train lines in the Blue Mountains is cut and there predicting potentially up to a year to repair the lines from a smple landslide. Its absolutely laughable.

Anywhere in Asia it would be fixed in a month. Tops.

The Harbour bridge literally couldnt be built in Australia today. Would take far too long and cost far too much. Send the state bankrupt.

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Posted in: Australia's new climate promise meets mining reality See in context

These people are delusional. Energy exports and iron ore are Australia's biggest export earners. What will they be replaced with? Lets hear it. Australia holds no competitive advantage in anything else. Those are the hard facts. Mining and agriculture are it. There is nothing else in the pipeline that comes close.

And this fantasy of exporting solar energy to Singapore is laughable nonsense that will not see the light of day.

Given the economic sensitivities, the Albanese government has so far dodged calls to set a deadline for withdrawal from the sector, arguing international markets will decide when coal is no longer viable.

So thats at least a couple decades then.

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Posted in: Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas See in context

Five people? I think you need to read up a bit more.


The number of real nazis, not just fools dressing up for a camera, but people with serious ill will wouldnt fill a bus in Australia. Its a made up story created by the media and played up by ASIO because it gives them an excuse to claim more taxpayers dollars. They also play it up because the media encourages them to play it up

Why, having spent nearly my entire life in Australia have I never come across anybody even mention anyone associated with such a group? And much of that time in regional Australia, where apparently these groups are rfie

Its a complete nonsense.

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Posted in: Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas See in context

Sorry to puncture the hyperventilating, but the legislation seems to be able to distinguish between political Nazism and religious symbolism.

Hyperventilating about what?

What you just posted proves my point my completely. Its a symbol with a complicated history and for much of that history its meaning has been positive, not hateful. Hitler and his disgraceful regime tarnished the image and its about time people realized that.

So the argument is really about intent, not the symbol.

Does the government think a ban is going to stop the 00000000.1% of nazis that live in Victoria?

There intent is hateful. Deal with the intent.

I mean you could arrest all the 5 people that have ill-intent and the problem disappears. Thats the sort of numbers your talking about.

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Posted in: Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas See in context

What about Hindu and Buddhist swastikas? Are they still okay?

I saw the symbol painted on a budda in Thailand just 2 days ago at a temple in the north. Not particularly old either.

Wouldnt it be interesting if a buddhist or hindu site somewhere in Australia did the same thing. Personally id like to see it. Lets see how the argument would play it when it comes to religious freedom.

After all, Hitler used a symbol thats been used in various ways for millenia, West and East. It wasnt new at all and the fact he hijacked it for his own cause shouldnt stop others from using it.

I dont support banning it and I hope religious groups challenge it.

Only one of them is in the ascendant worlwide at the moment. 

Which is ascendant? If you suggesting the nazi flag is ascendant thats truly laughable. There are multiple countries that stil have the hammer and sickle on their national flag for heavans sake.

Those same flags no doubt appear at the U.N.

Where is the nazi flag flying at the U.N?

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Posted in: Bitcoin plunges as major crypto lender halts operations See in context

Because it's impossible. It's decentralized - can't shut it down.

They can ban the transfer of cash into crypto exchanges from any American bank and ban the transfer of withdrawels from exchanges to any American bank.

Lets start with that and see what happens.

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Posted in: Google pays $118 mil to settle gender discrimination suit See in context

It actually found they paid men less


They just paid the money to make it go away.

Sounds like men might have real grounds to file their own class action and they should do so.

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Posted in: Bitcoin plunges as major crypto lender halts operations See in context

I dont know why the U.S doesnt just ban it and kill it off altogether. China has already done so and its a smart move. Money going into bitcoin is money that should be going into stocks, housing, business or other forms of productive investment. Hell, even straight up consumption would be better. Bitcoin is speculation on steroids. The share market is bad enough but at least it has its uses.

How is it in the national interest of any country to allow this speculation to exist within their borders?

Ban it and end it.

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Posted in: Australia's longest-running soap 'Neighbours' calls it a wrap See in context

How many Brits were duped into believing thats what Australia looked like and then they came here.

Better off going to Spain imo.

Its good the lie is ending.

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Posted in: Japan considers easing weapons export rules to prop up defense industry See in context

Korea is literally beating out German offerings in European markets right now.

That will be short lived once Germany gets serious about its military again and once the European army becomes a reality. Which it will because France will make sure it does.

Europe will become largely a closed shop for everyone other than the U.S and even their involvement will scale back because European manufacturers will require that breathing space in order to build up their supply chains from what is a relatively low base.

You have keep in mind that Europe wants to move away from American reliance, so tell me, why would they move towards South Korea?

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Only three countries in the world will have managed to complete and mass produce 5th gen fighter jets, the US, China, and Korea.

Which plane are you talking about? The KF21 is still not yet in mass production. And its a 4.5 gen aircraft anyway, so im struggling to see what plane your talking about.

America has delivered 750 F35's. In 2021, over 140 alone.

How many does Korea actually have flying. Lets hear it.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia leaders eye stronger defense ties See in context

Looks like Albo hit the ground running. He has so far looked like a good fit for the job of PM saying all the right things at his first international meeting.

Improving relationships with other nations should always be seen as positive and I have no issue with Japan and Australia working closer together on trade, security and research.

A good step forward.

It amazes me that people are so impressed by politicians that say the right things, at least to their ears.

Is that how low we set the bar now? Of course these people are capable of saying the right things at the right time, half of them are trained lawyers before they enter politics.

Its not impressive to me at all and its utterly inadequate. Nobody lives are changed by politicians talking.

Regardless of what the issue is, we should judge politicians on their actions and ability to get things done

I couldnt rarely care less what they say.

This is quite humorous considering most older Australians hate Japan because of the Imperialism war by japan that killed many Aussie blokes, and the bombing of Darwin.

That generation is basically gone. There are vanishly few people alive now that would have fought in WW2.

How many native born Australians do you think there are born before, say 1925? Do the math.

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Posted in: Quad leaders oppose change in status quo by force; Indo-Pacific to get $50 bil in aid See in context

Finally starting to put some money up. Perhaps I spoke too soon earlier today

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Posted in: More turn to UK food banks as food and fuel bills soar See in context

The 118 pounds ($145) of benefits he gets every two weeks don’t go far.

If that is the total sum, that is incredibly low. Must be more to it, like savings this guy has or am I wrong?

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Posted in: China congratulates Australia's Albanese in hint at thawing ties See in context

The relationship cannot improve when we start seeing Chinese naval vessels on Australias coastline.

How is that going to change any minds in Australia to view China positively? Its a complete non starter.

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