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I would like to see the Quad - U.S, Japan, India & Australia do more in terms of trade with Taiwan. Not talking about defense. That's a bridge too far, but certainly they could do more in terms of trade and tourism. Taiwan has been making solid efforts in ASEAN but its hard for ASEAN countries to really embrace that relationship with China looking over their shoulder and with so much of their trade going to China, which in turn, brings us to one of the key reasons why ASEAN countries should be hedging their bets in looking for greater cooperation with the quad.

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He wanted taiwan to fight his wars, but don't want taiwanese to migrate to japan and dilute their "purity".

Under normal circumstances, Japan is under no obligation, but I can easily see a humanitarian crisis developing if China does decide to invade and its countries like the U.S and its partners that Taiwanese, and just as importantly, the international community, would seek out for support. There would be significant pressure on Japan to do its part being virtually next door. There not going to call on Europe as a first stop are they? and ASEAN countries may have a limited capacity to help.

Many would probably choose South Korea, but some may choose Japan. Lets face it. Your average Taiwanese has much more in common with a Japanese national than a U.S national in terms of culture so I should hope Japan is planning for this outcome even if its very low level at this point.

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They are in a tough situation. I suspect China is biding its time until Tsai is elected out due to the economic hardship that China has partially caused. Its obvious China is using economics as a weapon. That is their standard practice. Same with South Korea. Entirely standard practice. When Tsai is removed they will re-initiate the project of integration. Why instigate war and invite the U.S to cause trouble?

Those that support Beijing will stay behind and those that don't, if they have any sense, will be busy squirreling away every cent they can for an eventual move to the West or elsewhere. That's one reason why even though I want a dramatic reduction in Chinese immigration to Australia, I think different rules should apply to Taiwan.

I hope Japan will also be prepared to take in ethnic Chinese from Taiwan with a democratic outlook. It would provide Japanese companies with Mandarin speaking nationals while avoiding the ultra-nationalist element that increasingly makes up nationals from mainland China.

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Hopefully Australia gets England in their group and gives them a pasting. Hilarious! :p

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