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Posted in: Islamic State is prime suspect in Turkey bombing, as protests erupt See in context

The first accusations from the Turkish government incredulously blamed Kurds and Leftists for an attack on Kurds and leftists. Not surprisingly, now a lot of Kurds and leftists are sceptical of anything the government has to say on the matter.

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Posted in: Rabid animal rights activists go head-to-head with tradition See in context

Female genital mutilation is traditional in some cultures, you don't see many people defending it. Footbinding in China is another great tradition. Woman were burnt as witches in Europe, certainly traditional at the time. People, I use the term loosely, hunt foxes in my country for fun; badger baiting, dog fighting and other sports were considered great. Traditions should be judged on their on merits, slavishly supporting them is mindless. Every culture has plenty of examples of cruel practices, hopefully as time passes every culture will have a lot fewer.

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