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Matt Sutton comments

Posted in: Governor tells U.S. envoy bases are 'discrimination' against Okinawa See in context

True, Okinawa Prefecture has, in a way, been discriminated in terms of hosting the most U.S. troops in Japan. But there are mitigating circumstances that have to be carefully examined before classifying the nature of discrimination as oppressive. The U.S. Ambassador should be aware of the controversy and how that impacts the Japan-U.S. Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty. It sounds as if the governor is taking an environmental stance as the basis for protest against the Camp Schwab/Henoko Futenma Replacement Facility. One should consider the magnitude of other type projects on Okinawa sponsored by Tokyo such as the Naha International Airport land reclamation project. Anyway, this is not a simple case of "discrimination", but a complex and often contradictory set of circumstances.

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Posted in: Trumps visit emperor, empress See in context

The Emperor of Japan is not a political figure or an elected official. It's similar to a religious and cultural figure in the flesh. The protocol is to bow. The deeper, the more respect is indicated. Even a half bow would have been acceptable. But this arrogant barbarian has no respect for anyone. Not even the Pope.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S., allies prepared to defend freedom See in context

Standing firm on the DPRK is long over due as part of the U.S. -Japan Military Strategy, but the way this is being handled is an unfolding tragedy. The inappropriate tone of rhetoric before the UN, the personal exchange of juvenile insults as a matter of foreign policy, failure to assist the Republic of Korea [and Japan] by not appointing a U.S. Ambassador, and now, while on Japanese soil, making this all about a “Trump first” campaign, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Apple Pie, and the celebration of wiping another nation off the map. It’s geopolitical ignorance and arrogance—like the world has indeed seen before. It was called the East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Policy. Look it up.

While you’re searching, also look up, “bone spurs” and military service deferment and see who’s image you get in return. Although it’s not fair that military service is a requisite to speak about diplomacy and military policy, it helps to be somewhat conversant in those areas. I see no trace of any such attributes on this visit.

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Posted in: Families of Japanese abducted by North Korea pin hopes on Trump See in context

This story of DPRK abduction has been politicized beyond proportion to this conflict which has been in armatese for decades. Let's, for a moment, consider the full scope of a nuclear weapon capable DPRK. The entire metro of Seoul could potentially be destroyed. Missiles have already been flown from the DPRK on a trajectory over Japan. This demonstrates the threat to all the major cities of Japan when the DPRK achieves its objectives. Then let's consider the destruction of World War Two which left an imprint upon the Korean Peninsula within the lifetime of its citizenry--albeit they are few today. On the macro scale, we have the centuries old rivalry between the Asian continent and Japan (to include the Ryukyu Kingdom).

So tell me again how this handful of abtuctees is a strategic consideration beyond politics?

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Posted in: Japan pledges to help Philippines rebuild Marawi See in context

It might also be a good idea to mention that you need help with the illegal drug epidemic. Restoring the democratic principle in the rule of law and due process would be a more strategic priority than rebuilding a town with a history of subversion.

P.S., Just how difficult is it to properly wear a coat and tie for a few minutes?

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Posted in: Abe, Putin slam N Korean nuclear test; differ on denuclearization path See in context

I have to agree with Cricky and Civitas. Russia has no intention other than to find a way to drive a wedge in the Japan-U.S. relationship. He probably see's Japan coming to them hat-in-hand looking to diversify Japan's security portfolio.

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Posted in: 7 crew missing, 3 injured after U.S. Navy destroyer collides with merchant vessel off Japan See in context

An Admiralty Court will eventually rule on causation. From this report, the U.S. Naval vessel may have been in error. The maritime traffic is very busy in this area. It could have been a matter of choosing the least damaging of navigation scenarios. I'm certain there will be some lessons learned from this collision.

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