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Posted in: Aichi police accused of denying sick man treatment, leading to his death See in context

I'd like to know more about 'the man'. Was he Japanese?

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Posted in: Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study See in context

Next week they'll be reporting that wasabi gives people cancer, and doing one press up a day reduces your chances of developing dementia.

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Posted in: Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals and groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

Would Trump and his ilk have risen so high if not for Twitter? I think not.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim inspects new spy satellite photos of 'target regions' See in context

Maybe they're just trying to get free satellite TV for sports channels. Go Kim!

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Posted in: China, Japan reaffirm strategic relationship in rare leader talks See in context

Nothing is what it seems.

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Posted in: Mexico considering withdrawal from 2025 World Expo in Osaka See in context

What a waste of everyones time

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss further deepening of security ties See in context

I wouldn't trust Grant Shapps or James Cleverly to hold a drinking party in a brewery.

Don't trust these slimy, self serving UK politicians Japan.

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Posted in: Are EVs (electric vehicles) good for the environment? See in context

To make the batteries in a Toyota Prius for example; the nickel is mined in Canada, which causes huge amounts of pollution, sulphur, acid rain etc. It's then loaded onto huge cargo ships on which it's shipped to Europe where it's refined. Then to China where it's turned into a sort of foam, then to Japan where it's put into the batteries and into the cars.

Anyone who says EV's are environmentally friendly have literally no idea what they're talking about. I'm not suggesting petrol or diesel cars are better, but EV's are definitely not friendly to the environment. It would be more friendly to buy a second or third hand petrol or diesel car and drive it until it can't be driven any more.

If scientists can work out how to make it quicker and easier, Hydrogen is absolutely the future.

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Posted in: Learn all about Ryukyu culture with a day on Taketomi Island See in context

Looks amazing. It's going on my list

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Posted in: Next 'Mission: Impossible' delayed a year as actors strike drags on See in context

If you don't like it, don't watch it.

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Posted in: Crown prince praises Vietnam ties during Hanoi visit See in context

If only more countries shared Vietnam's forgive and forget attitude. They're an example to so many countries which hold historical grudges against former enemies

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

The fun police out again to limit what people can and cannot do. Remember people, fun = bad. Maybe this guy didn't have many friends

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Posted in: Rolling Stones launch new album 'Hackney Diamonds' See in context

Every cigarette smoked, five minutes of your life goes to Keith

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Posted in: N Korea unveils first nuclear-armed submarine to patrol waters between Korean peninsula and Japan See in context

I think my bath toys look more suited to the task than this haha

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Posted in: King Charles thanks public for their 'love' as he marks death of late mother, Queen Elizabeth See in context

I'd rather have King Charles and the monarchy system than a politicised presidential system. Yes, the monarchy isn't perfect, but what system is?

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Posted in: UK minister pledges to deal with crumbling school buildings quickly See in context

"We will spend what it takes" - What he really means is "we'll give the building companies owned by our friends the contracts, and allow them to rip-off the tax payer"

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Posted in: Rented electric scooters vanish from Paris streets See in context

It's not like the scooters are a viable transportation method. They're just for entertainment and for the these companies to make easy money. I'm fed up with these companies and products acting as if they're green and eco-friendly. If it has a battery it's not eco-friendly

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Posted in: Do you think mega-sports events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup are good for the host country's economy and infrastructure in the long run? See in context

I've always thought that the Olympics should only be in Greece, if they want it, or somewhere else in Europe every four years. The current model which is used for these global events is totally unsustainable. Football world cup should only be in Western Europe. Rugby World Cup in UK & Ireland. Winter Olympics only in Canada. It will also reduce corruption when bidding for the hosting rights within the governing bodies.

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Posted in: Japan has tough task to convince skeptics on Fukushima water release See in context

Comparing Kishida to Hitler.....I think these people need to go back to school. Unless it's meant to be a Charlie Chaplin tribute in which case.....crack on

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

The hypocrisy from China and South Korea is hilarious. Manipulative media in both countries should take a good hard look at their own governments for what they do to the oceans. Pot calling the kettle black comes to mind. The media has even scared the public to the point that people are trying to break into embassies. Utter madness. Keep the fish and sell it domestically.

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Posted in: Renowned British talk show host Michael Parkinson dies at 88 See in context

Always a gent

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni shrine on WWII anniversary See in context

It's just all a little bit silly, isn't it.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim orders more missiles made See in context

I like this tieless look Kim is going for in this nice white number. Fashion icon right here

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Posted in: Nagasaki urges break from nuclear deterrence at reduced A-bomb anniversary See in context

Until the ability to make profit from arms manufacturing is ended we will never see countries give up their arsenals, or an end to conflict around the world. It's all about the $$$'s

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Posted in: BBC reports on Japan's 'chikan' problem which now includes videos See in context

I think this kind of thing happens almost anywhere, but it is the frequency which it happens in Japan and the lack of action by people that see it happening. Girls should be given self defence classes in school.

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Posted in: This summer, will you be traveling abroad or within Japan? See in context

Going to Thailand to smoke it up

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Posted in: Sri Lanka president to decide on time frame to reactivate rail project with Japan See in context

Sri Lanka does not need this project - the country is crying out for a waste management and recycling system, education reform, healthcare funding - New trains are way way way down the list - It just shows that Japanese companies don't really care about actually making these countries better places but instead making private profits.

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Posted in: Putin, Xi to attend virtual summit hosted by India's Modi See in context

I would trust Modi about as far as I could throw him. As dangerous a man as Xi or Putin.

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Posted in: Japanese government promises expressways will be free by the year 2115 See in context

haha this is great great grandchildren will be thrilled

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