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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context

Yay! I love festivals where the participants have no idea really why they're doing it, and ones which waste a absolutely huge amount of edible food. Well done humanity. Common sense strikes again.

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Posted in: Honda outlines hydrogen power plans to go green See in context

If we can advance the nuclear fusion tech together with hydrogen power wouldn't that be totally green? I'm excited for the future of this technology

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Posted in: Contracts in Tokyo Olympics bid rigging case totaled ¥40 bil, sources say See in context

One rule for them, another for the rest of us.

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Posted in: We’re living in the age of being connected or reachable 24 hours a day by one device or another. Is this a good thing? See in context

It's all about how you use it. Turn off notifications for example, and as the first comment above says, all of these devices have off switches

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Perhaps if people did jobs which actually benefitted society, in terms of healthcare, farming, food production etc, then it wouldn't be such an issue. The issue around the world is this competitive mindset that we've got to be the best at everything, instead of just 'being'. Having a great economy is all very well and good, but what good is it when there's no food. Farming needs to be encouraged, and globally farming needs to be changed into a prosperous career opportunity. Change is possible.

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Posted in: Ardern makes final appearance as New Zealand leader See in context

Sad to see her go. An empathetic and warmhearted leader in a world full of hateful, angry people.

You can never please everyone.

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Posted in: Neil Young drops rift to praise Crosby as 'soul' of CSNY See in context

Good on ya Neil....Love ya man. Peace :)

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Posted in: 1,600 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

It's one of my dreams to see the Toshiya

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to hike prices for third time in 10 months See in context

Save yourself and eat somewhere healthy and sustainable. And also spend your money in places which contribute back into Japan's society. Like in many countries MacDonalds tax paperwork would make interesting reading in Japan.

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Posted in: UK, Japan sign defense agreement allowing troop deployments See in context

All a game and nothing is as it seems. Imagine the crippling affect any war would have on China's economy due to the huge number of investments in countries like Japan, UK and US. It's all a game to keep the poor poor and the rich rich. I don't think British citizens will be happy to have Japanese soldiers roaming the streets, and visa versa. "All the worlds a stage" - Shakespeare

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Posted in: England rushes to discharge hospital patients to ease bed shortage crisis See in context

Politically motivated and created crisis.

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Posted in: UK gov't urges unions to end strikes See in context

It's about time in the UK that these infrastructures were renationalised and instead were run for the betterment of the citizens and the money made was reinvested in the networks, not filling the pockets of the foreign CEO's which one the train companies. Privatised pirates who are milking the UK dry, and ripping off the people. No wonder so many people have cars in UK.

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Posted in: Kishida says he has been invited to visit Ukraine See in context

The arms manufacturers will be licking their lips and rubbing their hands. He's basically a travelling salesman.

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

The funny thing is, is everyone who reads articles about this and then has something to say about it acts as if they know these people. I've personally always though that William and Kate seem to be the bullies in all of this. She has a nice smile, but sometimes you can see the nastiness in her face.

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Posted in: 53-year-old man arrested for beating 82-year-old mother to death with his fists See in context

The illusion of a peaceful society is cracking. The rigidness of Japanese society is causing so much pain within families. Young people with children must do all they can to end generational pain and create a more loving society. All you need is love.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges that Japan will play leading role in diplomacy in 2023 See in context

What a clown.

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Posted in: Over 60% of Ukrainian evacuees in Japan unemployed: survey See in context

Does the state provide language lessons for such people? If not then perhaps that would be a start instead of just accepting a small number of refugees so one day people can say "we did our bit". Pathetic as usual from the government. The xenophobia in these comment sections is incredible too.

I can't wait for the day when Japan is crying out for foreign workers and people turn around and say "uh no thanks. We'd rather work and help people who appreciate it". Stop holding onto your nationalism like a baby in a pram. That era is over. Move on and become a part of the global community.

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Posted in: Yoon wishes for return to best period of S Korea-Japan relations See in context

This is positive. Any increased cooperation between the two countries is good for security and prosperity. Both countries need to move on and realise they're better off together

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

Pointless and putting citizens lives potentially at risk...Well done Japan. Tax payers money well spent again

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Posted in: Kishida to be tested in local elections, Hiroshima G7 summit See in context

He should be tested for a brain first

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Posted in: Decision not to indict over Sri Lanka detainee's death unjust: panel See in context

If the detainee in question had had white skin it wouldn't have happened. Japans institutions are inherently racist.

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Posted in: Musk tells investors he'll pause on Tesla stock sales See in context

Flash in the pan billionaire. He'll flop one day because of his own ego. Better to invest in his competitors. He's too unpredictable

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Posted in: Tomahawks part of Japan's record defense spending next year See in context

There will be some happy shareholders somewhere

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Posted in: Kishida eyes visit to Britain, France, Italy in January See in context

He'll get a nice pat on the back for giving more to arms companies.....

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Posted in: A brief history of Yorkshire puddings – and why they technically shouldn’t feature in a traditional Christmas dinner See in context

Yes, Goose is the traditional meat in the UK at Christmas time as it is this time that the birds are migrating from Europe to Canada I believe, so they were easy to hunt while sitting about at the sides of lakes etc.

Turkeys are a purely US thing that due to the cheapness (I guess) of farming them they have also become popular among British people and Europeans in general. And yes, it is traditional to get blind drunk and insult the family at Christmas in the UK haha.

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Posted in: Sapporo mayor to halt 2030 Winter Olympics bid promotion See in context

Ah gotta love the politics in Japan....Tax people for bombs and guns....Oh, and let's hold another pointless sports event....I wonder how much this one will cost.....

Here's you bill Japan. That'll be $20billion. Thanks. Service charge not included.

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Posted in: France bans disposable packaging, utensils in fast-food restaurants See in context

Come on Japan....time to step up and do similar things....charging for a plastic bag isn't enough. Need to end the culture of waste and excessive consumerism in Japan. Boycott Amazon's good for your health, and bank balance.

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Posted in: British stiff upper lip came from empire: Nobel winner Ishiguro See in context

Some would say the stiff upper lip is a sign of emotional strength.....It's not like that anymore though.

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Posted in: UK nurses begin unprecedented strike See in context

Oh, and frontline services? Nurses are the frontline services!!!!....What they mean is... "Further pay increases would mean we can't give as much to our friends who are buying up medical contracts with their companies".

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Posted in: UK nurses begin unprecedented strike See in context

Nurses and doctors within hospitals have been undervalued by consecutive governments in the UK for the last 40 years. It's been documented that some nurses can't even afford rent and have been living out of their cars, and some have even been forced to go to food banks as they can't afford groceries. Meanwhile there are annual pay increases for MP's and shareholders of corporations and energy companies announce record profits. British politicians and the media who prop them up are a disgrace.

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