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Posted in: Renowned British talk show host Michael Parkinson dies at 88 See in context

Always a gent

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni shrine on WWII anniversary See in context

It's just all a little bit silly, isn't it.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim orders more missiles made See in context

I like this tieless look Kim is going for in this nice white number. Fashion icon right here

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Posted in: Nagasaki urges break from nuclear deterrence at reduced A-bomb anniversary See in context

Until the ability to make profit from arms manufacturing is ended we will never see countries give up their arsenals, or an end to conflict around the world. It's all about the $$$'s

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Posted in: BBC reports on Japan's 'chikan' problem which now includes videos See in context

I think this kind of thing happens almost anywhere, but it is the frequency which it happens in Japan and the lack of action by people that see it happening. Girls should be given self defence classes in school.

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Posted in: This summer, will you be traveling abroad or within Japan? See in context

Going to Thailand to smoke it up

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Posted in: Sri Lanka president to decide on time frame to reactivate rail project with Japan See in context

Sri Lanka does not need this project - the country is crying out for a waste management and recycling system, education reform, healthcare funding - New trains are way way way down the list - It just shows that Japanese companies don't really care about actually making these countries better places but instead making private profits.

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Posted in: Putin, Xi to attend virtual summit hosted by India's Modi See in context

I would trust Modi about as far as I could throw him. As dangerous a man as Xi or Putin.

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Posted in: Japanese government promises expressways will be free by the year 2115 See in context

haha this is great great grandchildren will be thrilled

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Posted in: How the practice of Nichiren Buddhism sustained Tina Turner for 50 years See in context

I'm sure the millions of dollars in the bank had something to do with it as well.......

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Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch ¥3.5 mil in auction; 2nd highest bid on record See in context


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Posted in: Do you think the just-concluded G7 summit in Hiroshima achieved anything substantial? See in context

Just a good opportunity for Kishida to feel bigger and more significant than he actually is.

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Posted in: Atomic bomb survivors look to G7 summit as 'sliver of hope' for nuclear disarmament See in context

False hope. These politicians should be ashamed of themselves

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Posted in: Do you think starting/ending a romantic relationship with someone was easier before there was social media? See in context

Even though there were still may societal issues back then, the world seemed a brighter place before social media.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji eruption escape plan calls on residents to evacuate on foot See in context

Next they'll start telling people you can only choose one grandparent to take with you and leave the others. As the molten rock rains down on their heads the people will be saying "Well....thank goodness we listened to that smart man Kishida. He has our interests at heart".

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Posted in: Japan, Australia concerned over Myanmar disbanding Suu Kyi party See in context

Oh, is that the party that allowed the murder of thousands of innocent muslims and forced many from their homes? I think we'll be okay with that party disappearing into a black hole thank you very much Australia and Japan. She should remain in a damp cell for the rest of her life.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan is more politically stable than the United States? See in context

Political stagnation created on purpose by the right-wing politicians for their own financial gain, and the benefit of their friends in big businesses. At least in the US people can have a voice. In Japan you can only have a voice if you're rich, or a man. It depends on your definition of stability

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Posted in: Police urge cyclists to wear helmets ahead of mandate on April 1 See in context

Rules, rules and more rules.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan has apologized enough for its colonial past concerning South Korea? See in context

The entirety of Koreas nationalism is based on finger pointing across the sea of Japan

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

He doesn't care about the population crisis etc. The LDP only care about having enough men to feed a future army.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain, Italy defense ministers to meet in Tokyo this week See in context

Amazing that in the UK there's growing poverty and homelessness, and people at the lower end of the economic scale are struggling beyond belief, supermarket shelves are bare...... but not to fret everyone, there's always money to build more weapons.....British people need protecting from their own government at the moment, not external threats.

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Posted in: S Korea proposes public foundation to resolve forced labor dispute with Japan See in context

This is really boring now. I mean, yes, the history is brutal, but the current leadership in Japan is not responsible, so just move on Korea. Let it go.

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Posted in: Putin bestows friendship award on U.S. actor Seagal See in context

He's clearly as mad as a box of frogs.

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Posted in: Refugee-averse Japan welcomes Ukrainians after Russia war See in context

What about refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar etc?....Oh white people only please.....

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Posted in: Some UK supermarkets limiting fruit and vegetable sales See in context

This is what happens when you destroy domestic farming and rely on imports from other sources. Take heed Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese startup unveils space viewing tour on balloon flight See in context

This is exactly what we need right now. Superb!

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Posted in: Kishida tells ministers to ease public concerns over nuclear policy See in context

It absolutely blows my mind that they are this willing to play God with the life's of the Japanese people. I mean, this is actually them saying "We don't care. Just keep the bucks rolling in".

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Posted in: Tokyo to demolish historic baseball stadium despite outcry See in context

As always, money and profit over what the people actually want.

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Posted in: Video of Sri Lankan who died in detention to be shown in court See in context

The treatment she received at the hands of the immigration staff would have been totally different had she had white skin. The institutional racism in Japan is so obvious. If this woman had been a US, UK, or Canadian citizen, for sure they would have taken greater care of her.

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Posted in: Japan nuclear regulator OKs new safety rules to extend reactor life See in context

It's nice to know they are moving the goal posts to suit their pockets.

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