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Posted in: Princess Mako, boyfriend Komuro to marry by year-end See in context

Is she really eagerly seeking to leave the Royal Family as you claim? If so, then why deny the lump-sum payment to leave?

They are an Imperial family, Japan not having a king/queen.

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Posted in: Mother, 4-year-old son killed in car crash See in context

"I can't understand why they are so popular."

The tax bracket is much lower and the cost of maintenance, snow tyres and 'Shaken' are considerably lower.

"They are a cheap car to run, but if you have an accident in one and they will cost you your life."

Rather generalized, but it depends on the options. Many come with surround airbags now, like mine. Proximity sensors and auto stop are also options, as standard cars. Many just get the bog-standard setup, these are at risk if they get into a crash. K-trucks are more often in accidents, partly due to the elderlt drivers.

"They're death traps"

Read the story again. You are missing the reported facts and the ones not reported.

12:30am, when responses are weaker and people are tired/sleepy. The children should have been in bed!

No mention of seatbelts, except "suffered chest and leg injuries", seatbelts will injure chests.

Probably, the mother and 4-year-old were the ones without seatbelts, though this is speculation.

"This is why these "light" cars need to be banned."

Oh, dear. Really?

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Posted in: Message from 'Trump' See in context

"But it brings up a good question: Where can I get tested here in Japan?"

Go to your regular clinic. They will set up a drive in PCR test at the main hospital in your area. It doesn't take long. I did it before Christmas. 2 days later got a negative result call from the clinic.

Now it can take almost a week to get the result!

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Posted in: UK announces first major post-Brexit trade deal -- with Japan See in context

Access to fudge would be a definite plus!

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Posted in: Sushi sign See in context

I tend not to stick my tongue out when eating. 

How many more things can we find with this one?

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Posted in: Sushi sign See in context

To me, it implies that the man has eating etiquette problems.

Should we really hoist the sushi above our heads and load it vertically into our toad like mouths?

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Posted in: Rail rose See in context

Looks nice!

No plans for travelling that far yet, though.

One day...

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Posted in: GOP convention showcases rising stars, dark warnings See in context

No comments about the 5 star elephant sign, yet.

There must be some self-congratulatory significance, but to me it reminds me that Trump is a blustering animal who tramples on those who get in his way.

Perhaps it is a reference to his phenomenal memory: Person, woman, man, camera, TV!

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Posted in: Verstappen storms to unlikely victory over Mercedes duo See in context

Isn’t it nice to see Mercedes’not’ winning a Grand Prix!

even though I’m not a fan of Verstappen, it is great to see other teams doing well.

Ferrari, sort yourselves out!

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Posted in: Keeping cool See in context

Paper fans have been doing the same thing for ages. 

The movement of air, no matter how hot it is, feels cooling.  Battery hand fans are everywhere.  The one on my desk is making me 'feel' cooler.  State of mind.  Like the wind chimes.  That sound suggests a cooling breeze and subconsciously we are refreshed!

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Posted in: Hamilton wins British Grand Prix to close in on Schumacher's record See in context

Well done, Hammy!

Interesting to see the black and white flag in use, unsportsmanlike conduct, which I suppose is acceptable language as there are no women F1 drivers.

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Posted in: Please take one See in context

"My face shield is directing droplets onto the leaflets, but take one anyway!"

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Posted in: Kono's creative mask design See in context

Not wearing one of the bog-standard masks we got from Abe, then?

To me, it is too showy, he’s supposed to be at work!

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Posted in: 20 sumo wrestlers rescue drowning woman in Tokyo See in context

How many sumo wrestlers does it take to rescue a drowning woman?

Apparently, 20!

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Posted in: Back to school See in context

Opening ceremonies will take place, albeit in a limited way. Students, especially the new 1st years need info on how to study while at home. ID and passwords for App they will use during isolation are necessary.

Our high school has the entrance ceremony on Wednesday, then off till the 11th May. Mandatory temp. check for all staff has already begun.

Common sense is needed to plan stuff.

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Posted in: Osaka to offer free school meals from April amid virus spread See in context

When I taught in JHS I found the lunches well balanced and the daily menu didn't repeat for ages.  Once we got lamb because the school nutritionist followed my suggestion. 

Yes, the cutty is very sweet, as was the spaghetti 'meat sauce', but it always tasted good.

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Posted in: Japan to develop app detecting forged residence cards for foreigners See in context

This article's title sounds unnatural.  Brevity at the expense of good grammar!

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia sentences 5 to death, 3 to jail over Khashoggi murder See in context

Oh dear, it is a bit naïve to expect the one who gave the order to be brought to justice.  Of course the is no evidence, why would there be?

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Posted in: Asian Music Awards See in context

Not exactly an in depth article.

Bit lacking on details...?

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Posted in: Rock'n'rolling stock: Rod Stewart creates his own downtown train See in context

A man with a truly rewarding hobby/grand obsession. 

Google for pictures of his layout, it does look amazing.

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Posted in: Body of man wanted over woman's murder found See in context

Ah, refresh the page and the ad changes, think yourselves lucky if you get a 'non-meat' ad!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for allegedly abducting, confining female student in his car See in context

Chances are high that from now on, he can't keep working as a teacher. 

I would imagine prison or a mental hospital is his destination now. Kidnapping is a very serious charge.

I was scanning my staff room for possible loonies this morning. Different school but it makes you wonder...

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Posted in: Bosom buddies See in context

The Abe impersonator on TV programmes is terrible! Very cringe worthy, we usually laugh at how bad he is!

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Posted in: Franchise fatigue continues with 'Men in Black' and 'Shaft' See in context

And, the 2 main actors (TLJ and Will smith) are not in the movie!  

The title Men in Black is possibly sexist now as a main character is female. 

Not really what 'movie goers' want.  The Bourne movie without Matt Damon was not exactly a hit, either.

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Posted in: Airbus launches new A321 jet; Boeing apologizes for MAX crisis See in context

214 seats but only 3 toilets!  A fairly important point to include.

Bigger seats (3cm middle, 1cm window and aisle seats).

The bigger TV screen is probably the most important thing other than seats.

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Posted in: Kono puzzles followers with 'enciphered bacon' tweet See in context

with a rash of users guessing at a "secret diplomatic meaning".

I thought they would have written 'with a rasher of users...'

Kono has a ways to go to rival Trump's odd tweets.

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Posted in: Bond 25 launches in Jamaica; Rami Malek to play villain See in context

I used to enjoy the humour mixed in with the style, panache and action.  Not a lot to laugh at of recent, though the action is strong.  More British humour please.

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Posted in: English level at Japan's secondary schools falls short of gov't target See in context

Let's admit where the problem really lies, with older teachers who can't or have no desire to change their 'grammar translation' one pattern method and start teaching real communication English.  Students will mostly follow what the teachers get them to do. 

A proper retraining programme with accountability is the only way to get more teachers doing what they are supposed to do. 

(Did that sound like a rant?  Well it came from the heart).

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Posted in: High school teacher in hot water after forcibly giving male student a buzz cut See in context

An assistant teacher (fuku-tanin) has plenty of student teacher interaction.  I am in that role at a SHS and I do not think it is enough to appease parents.  A physical assault should always be seen as serious enough to get the teacher fired or transferred at the least.

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Posted in: Another flight delayed after pilot exceeds alcohol limit See in context

Job stress?  Pure conjecture.  As usual, we don't know enough about this to do anything other than speculate and tsk tsk.  But the excessive amount of booze is in itself a concern. 

Agree with David, a bottle of wine in the morning?  That isn't normal!

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