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Posted in: Beer, butter, postcard prices go up See in context

I wonder where that picture is from. I've been searching for single cans of Dry Black for ages.

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Posted in: Suntory to sell subsidiary First-Kitchen to Wendy's Japan See in context

I've eaten at a First Kitchen/Wendy's combined store near Roppongi and it was way better than a normal stateside Wendy's. Hopefully this will be the model going forward.

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Posted in: Ichiro so close to 3,000 hits - if he can get enough at-bats See in context

@kitzrow Ichiro has had a couple of weeks on the injured list, but nothing requiring surgery or major medical time off. An occasional sore muscle or random ulcer.

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Posted in: World's first 'robot run' farm to open in Japan See in context

What does 500,000 heads of lettuce a day look like...?

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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

Ants milk aphids.

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Posted in: 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart to stand down See in context

When I studied abroad in Japan back in '03, I had a friend who watched episodes on her PC. After a couple of episodes, I told her "I kinda liked that Kilborn guy better."

Years later, I've learned the errors of my ways. Hope Mr. Stewart gets to enjoy his time with family.

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How are you supposed to mail a bar of chocolate?

They have special kit kat boxes at post offices where you write the address and a message for the recipient on the outside of the box. Last year they had mini daruma dolls with the kit kat bar and the year before was sakura themed, I believe.

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Posted in: 6 people bitten by wild boar in Tokyo See in context

TBS's site had a short video of the deceased boar. The markings and fur certainly make it look like a boar.

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Posted in: Magazine survey picks Japan’s 10 best places to live in See in context

Glad to see a number of places in western Japan. Lived for a year outside of Matsuyama an it's a nice balance between big city and relaxed city by the inland sea.

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Posted in: Man dies after being stung by wasps See in context

Sparrow wasps.. as in "as big as a sparrow" wasp.

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Posted in: Foreigners reveal when they felt they really 'got this whole Japan thing' See in context

Arriving at Narita and thinking "Tadaima" instead of "Youkoso"

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Posted in: Which places in Japan do you think are overrated as tourist attractions? See in context

A couple folks have mentioned Shikoku as a good place to go and I support that thought, especially if you can get a car to go to some remote places.

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