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Matthew C. Belec comments

Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 13-year-old girl; missing boy's body found See in context

Geoff Gillespie

You're kidding, right? The girl's mother hadn't seen her in THREE DAYS!! She only reported her missing on the Friday afternoon at 5.30. At that point, her daughter had been dead for 24 hours!!!

Yes, absolutely the parents must take a large chunk of the responsibility. Crazies can't murder children who are safe at home in the bosom of the family, can they...?

Are you kidding me....? The little girl, Natsumi, left the house while her mother was at work. She took a tent with her, It was the boy, Hoshino, who told his mom he was going to meet Natsumi. They said both kids were having problems with classmates, they both texted friends asking if they could stay at their place for the night, and Natsumi texted a friend saying that she and Hoshino were running away to Kyoto and weren't planning on coming back..you don't decide something like this on whim....no matter how old you are.

Besides your missing the whole point, two kids are DEAD. They don't get a future, they get nothing now. whether or not the parents may or may not be at some kind of fault for this....isn't the issue....those two kids were kidnapped and murdered....for absolutely no reason at all....

So instead of blaming their parents and telling them they need to take responsibility for they're child senseless murder......maybe focus on the fact no matter what the circumstances or what the parents could've or should've been done....two kids ended up dead.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 13-year-old girl; missing boy's body found See in context

Seriously.....People have the nerve to sit there and blame the kids parents because their Mom or Dad let them go meet a friend at night? Who gives a damn?! a 13 year old girl was murdered! Your seriously going to sit there, hear about a little girl getting murdered and go "Ehhh well...her parents should've told her to brush her teeth and go to bed"

It's like basically....No...it's exactly like looking a rape victim in the face and going "Ehhh well...if you didn't wanna get raped....You shouldn't of been wearing a skirt"....bet you'd be singing a completely different tune if it was your kid.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested for killing father See in context

I've read the comment of people saying "It would've been better if he left" but you don't know what the home situation was like. It says clearly that the Father attacked his Son, who's to say this was the first time, or maybe he even attacked his daughters. Of course, saying he should've just left is an easy excuse, I'm sure even he thought of it himself.

I'm not saying he was justified, a man is dead, a Father, all I'm saying is don't be that person who immediately says "He should've just left home if things were that bad" because that's not always an option if you have no where to go, or there's someone you want to protect, I know this from personal experience. Maybe the father went after one of his sisters, and the son was protecting them. Maybe they got into a really bad argument or fist fight and in the heat of it, the son lost his temper and went to far. It's even possible the son just lost it, and killed his father because it seemed like a good idea at the time. We don't know what really happened.

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