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Absolutely stunning.

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Can't believe the time it took for Public Enemies to reach Japan. Over here in Europe it is already available to buy on DVD and Blu Ray...

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QT has made some good and some bad movies, much the same as any film maker. But he does borrow quite heavily from his influences. I personally would like to see something more original from him. Something of an idea were he has to think outside the box. As I said, he has made some good movies and some bad, but he has yet to make his masterpiece and I have not seen a movie of his that I can deem a masterpiece...

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Japanese women are simply gorgeous!

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I can honestly say that in all the years that I have been watching Japanese films, I have never been disappointed by any. Japanese movies are very much original and they have inspired the west in a massive way in the last decade. Hollywood are doing remakes of Japanese films. A clear statement to say that they are impressed with Japanese film makers originality. One of the great Japanese film makers to be over looked is Nagisa Oshima. His films are very daring and he is not afraid to push the boundaries. Long may Japan continue to make enjoyable, entertaining and above all, original films.

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