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Posted in: Kyoto police set up system to predict when and where crimes will happen See in context

OMG !; WHERE have you people BEEN ? Didn't Japan's favorite hero, Tom Cruise star in a movie about just THIS?! Come on....all these comments and I had to be the one to say it first. Anyway, here it is, PRE-Crime, and you saw it FIRST from your buddy & mine, Tom Cruise.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for shooting girl with air gun from car See in context

Or if they were from Laguna, they could blow each other.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to sign pact to limit base workers' immunity from prosecution See in context

As USUAL; the " Media " twists a story to make it sound like someone with SOFA Status can get away with murder....nice work, you've done it again. Someone charged with ANY significant charge (something worth being hauled IN for) is NOT going to hide behind're gunna' get CHARGED.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after stabbing husband with ice pick See in context

I love you honey, so; I'm going to STAB's for LOVE.

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Posted in: Pacquiao, in Tokyo, says Philippine drug problem 'beyond imagination' See in context

Interesting comment there Bush (assuming it's ACCURATE) I happened to have visited the Philippines this past Christmas and New Years (has it been a YEAR already?!; OMG !) At NO time did I ever feel concerned about my "Safety", and no one once threatened or tried to rip me off. If things were "Out of Control" I hardly think I could have gone for two weeks, all the way to Baguio and back down to Manila and NOT get ripped off, or rolled. It appears your INTel may just be RIGHT there, Burn One Bush.

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Posted in: Man beats boss to death at guest house facility in Tokyo See in context

That will make for some interesting comments on HostelBookers.Com

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Posted in: Young Japanese singles list organizations they’d most like a potential date to work for See in context

THIS is PRECISELY why the Japanese Birth Rate is an all time HISTORICAL Low.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy attacked by burglar in home See in context

I bet this 15 year old with a fractured skull may have a different opinion than yours.

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Posted in: FBI clears Clinton after new email review See in context

Nothing to SEE here, MOVE along, Move Along.

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Posted in: Earthquake kills 246 in Ecuador See in context

I spent my two week R&R from Afghanistan, in Guayaquil and Salinas. Wow.

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Posted in: Man gets 4 1/2 years in prison for house fire in which 4 of his children died See in context

4 1/2 years for BURNING FOUR of his INNOCENT children to DEATH...ONLY in Japan

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Posted in: Exonerated man released from Virginia prison after 33 years See in context

But you see; nobody bothers to make any kind of comment, because he's not black...cuz WHITE lives DON'T matter.

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Posted in: N Korea says it conducted successful hydrogen bomb test See in context

Here we go AGAIN:

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Posted in: Iran reacts with fury after Saudis execute Shiite cleric See in context

Here we go AGAIN; BUT, these skums DID need to be disposed of.

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Posted in: Mexico mayor slain a day after taking office See in context

NEW Model Country ? Typical IGNORANT statement. It is a KNOWN FACT the people of Mexico are sitting ducks to anyone ever since their RIGHT to own a firearm was REVOKED more than twenty years ago. " When Guns are OUTLAWED, only OUTLAWS will have Guns "....remember THAT one ?

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Posted in: 700,000 evacuated in Philippines ahead of powerful typhoon See in context

Just GREAT, I already bought a ticket to fly on Saturday...lovely.

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Posted in: Man arrested after slashing mother, 2 police officers with sword See in context

Obviously; he was seeing a doctor for phyco's

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Posted in: China says it could have seized other islands in South China Sea but has shown restraint See in context

Wow; isn't that NICE of them ?

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Posted in: Turkey cancels $3.4 bil missile deal with China See in context

Interesting Reading

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Posted in: Police arrest older brother of 12-year-old Kyoto student over smoking marijuana See in context

So now little NARC has caused big brother to be thrown in the SLAM by " Big Brother ".

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Posted in: New Russian military doctrine says NATO top threat See in context


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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to put big-sized fries back on the menu from Jan 5 See in context

OMG, FINALLY! Now, we can all REST easy.

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Posted in: Pakistan to execute 500 militants in coming weeks See in context

" PAYBack Time "!

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Posted in: Driver plows into pedestrians in France's 2nd 'Allahu Akbar' attack See in context

This is no surprise, I read a week or so ago, there has been a HIGH EXPECTATION of terrorism attacks expected in France for at least a few MONTHS now. " Let the GAMES Begin ". Time to take your head OUT of the Sand.

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Posted in: Yen hits multi-month highs against euro, dollar See in context

Yeah, GREAT...and those of us that are working on a Base, changing our USELESS US Dollar to ¥en, to pay our Shared Room/Train Pass, STARVE...I've lost TEN POUNDS (4-5KG) since I moved back here....keep it up, I'll be out there in Shinjuku or Ueno, living in a cardboard box MYSELF if THIS keeps up.

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Posted in: Baghdad blasts kill 16 See in context

Where's all the BABBLE about how much Iraq is BETTER OFF without "Coalition" Troops ? How it's BETTER that the USA and everyone else that had troops in Iraq are GONE ? Yup, you're all MUCH more SAFE now, Iraqi Citizen, just ask any "Arm Chair" General.

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Posted in: 61% of single men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend; 49% of women unattached: survey See in context

No WONDER it's so EASY for me to find a GirlFriend in Japan! See you at Narita in January.

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Posted in: Hyogo teen accused of stabbing 18-year-old boy See in context

I wish I had a girl that cared that much for ME!

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Posted in: Clarino Beautiful Legs Awards See in context

You GOTTA' be KIDDING me; my Ex-Wife's legs are MUCH nicer then ANY of these, and she's 38 ! Come ON !

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