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Posted in: Hikaru Utada advises fans not to buy her album See in context

her music is bad now.

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Posted in: Galaxy S handset See in context

D.V. is still the best dress.

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Posted in: Let's dance See in context

it is nice she act like a child and not like an adult

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Posted in: Miniskirt Police recruit new members See in context

Hey i just hope I do something wrong. :)

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Posted in: Let's hear it for the toys See in context

cute...but dislike disney

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Posted in: Silent strings See in context

It is nice but if we keep going into this direction their will be no physical musical instruments which i love the sound of it i still do love eletronical but still....

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Posted in: Little Okinawa tucked away in Yokohama See in context

This is the type of place i will lovw to go it not like the crowd cities but a nice and calm area for people to relax and enjoy the pepole,food and history.

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Posted in: Kanji catching on all over, but frequently misunderstood See in context

Kanji is wonderful but it is like when you got to a tattoo place and they have "chinese" wording but do not know what it mean or where it from they just think it look cool that is what happing in the west now they do not know anything but just want to have it because it cool i do hate it when people do it and i now people of japan

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Posted in: Play ball See in context

so cute!

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Posted in: X Japan to make U.S. debut at Lollapalooza in August See in context

I love xjapan but they should not go to us but the worst part is Lollapalooza

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