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Lol, it's been the question haunting me during all of my study abroad. During the first month or so, I mostly used boku. Then I eventually settled it that way:

Use watashi in class and with teachers of course.

Use boku with other students I met at school.

Use ore with the residents of my international dorm, who were kind of my "in-group". It was a way to show that I was relaxed there and didn't worry about being formal. Plus, as a 24-year old guy (kind of a senpai, older than the majority of my friends there who were about 20-21), I felt it was okay for me to be assertive and use ore.

However! I think the comment that "ore sounds weird in a gaijin's mouth" is true, at least to some Japanese people. I've had one girl straight up laugh at me when I used it, and tell me that boku is better. Another one, actually a good friend, after a few drinks, mustered up the courage to tell me that she thinks boku would be better to use.

So I came back to boku and think I'll stick with it from now on, unless I'm in an izakaya with a bunch of guys and everyone is using ore.

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