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Coligny, I'm starting to wonder if you even live in Japan...and if you do...why are you still here if you hate it so much? If you want to argue the beauty of language then you're arguing something that can not be argued. It's all subjective, based mainly on cultural upbringing and education. Don't be so quick to judge something you obviously know little about. If I'm wrong, prove me wrong. Show me some of your mastery of the Japanese language before you start spewing out diatribes that sound like they're coming from someone who started to study and gave up when it became to difficult for them. The issue at hand is the difficulties that lie in translating language across cultural threads. Working in the industry myself I know from firsthand experience that much of translating is not simple word for word translating, instead much of it is cultural and contextual. This is also true for any language, not just Japanese to English or vice-versa. Will computer programs eventually be able to do it? God, I hope not...the human touch in such complex tasks is absolutely needed, in my honest opinion...

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You gotta be kidding me...seems like most people can't read correctly...

It asks about the NEXT WARS not the current ones.... the current ones are about ideology and oil. Although i sometimes tend to agree that all wars since the dawn of communal societies with cognitive abilities have been about ideology, the truth is, the next wars will not be fought over oil (there will be none) nor will they be fought over ideology (hunger and a need to survive is beyond ideology) it'll be about food...

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