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Posted in: Japan’s curious compulsory appetizers See in context

I don't mind otoshi...i would have thought the price of the booze would be more surprising...

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

Hardly Japans fault was it...Canada should refuse ( give incorrect BACs details) or hand back to the Japanese Red Cross....

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Posted in: Gold replica of Messi's left foot on sale in Japan See in context

Football not soccer...foot + ball = football.

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Posted in: Dante Carver mum on relationship with Vivi model See in context

Hope she makes good money as she will have to raise any kids from this relationship alone me thinks...well "most probably"

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Posted in: Sexless in Japan See in context

sure we just have sex once a year. Life is just too hard. We are always thinkinging money. I am marrie so i dont want.

Valmain:Sorry I may have misread this. In the case that you meant "we" as in only you and your spouse, then my apologies. I thought you meant the royal "we."

Sorry to be pedantic but the royal "we" means "I" :)

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