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Posted in: Manager at Turkish jet operator says he helped Ghosn escape because of threats See in context

Of course he paid to mafia-like people to escape, if you are a millionaire, wouldn't anyone do the same?

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Posted in: Japan's aging 'Hidden Christians' fear they may be their religion's last generation See in context

Christianity won't die there. It hasn't under the now-gone Communist regimes and it won't die in Japan. It's legal there anyway.

read again! this article is about the "Hidden Christians" group, NOT regular christianity in Japan, oh and yeah, those evil-babies-eaters-commies are not going to eat them anymore...

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Posted in: Japan stays perfect on road to World Cup See in context

Awful performance by Japan

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Posted in: Carrillo gives Al Hilal 1-0 win over Urawa See in context

Urawa was so lucky there are no VAR for this tournament, there was a huge on-side goal for the saudi team. Maybe is the luck of the champions, Go Urawa for the third title!

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Posted in: Were foreign visitors' wild brawls at Shinjuku's Golden Gai a taste of the Olympics to come? See in context

Where is the Yakuza when you need it? isn't this to be their turf?

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Posted in: NW-A100 Sony Walkman See in context

Yeah, it's a niche product, looks like a good one (but too expensive for me)

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Posted in: Japan suddenly finds itself on the 'nuclear missile Ginza' See in context

Nobody is going to launch a nuclear or non nuclear attack against these countries, this is pure fantasy to sell more weapons to japan s.korea and taiwan.

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Posted in: Japanese views on China remain negative despite thaw in ties See in context

I think almost nobody here actually read the whole article....

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Posted in: Democrats' 2020 race has a new shadow: Hillary Clinton See in context

If "Crooked Hilary" is elected, just be prepared for the invasion of Syria, Iran, Venezuela and who knows where else. It's enough with the current lunatic in the White House.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven Japan to end some 24-hour operations amid labor crunch See in context

Seicomart have being doing this for years in Hokkaido, even in Sapporo, most of the stores closes at night.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

The south korean whining circus is never gonna end... grow up

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Posted in: England's Itoje says rugby cannot be complacent about racism See in context

Football fans/supporters are mostly low class, that's why is way more racist and discriminatory than rugby fans, which are mostly from the middle-upper class. And it also much more popular around the globe, and with that much revenue money, is no mystery why it has the most dirty and corrupt leaders in the sports world.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

Just make the marathon in Tokyo AT NIGHT, at 21:00 or 22:00 same humidity, but less heat, and less traffic jams for the city

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

Who cares about the whining south koreans anyways

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

Paddington Bear obviously has competition.

Who's Paddington Bear? some famous bear from Australia? NZ? kind of the aussie Ted...

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Posted in: NBA's ties with China, worth billions, now under strain See in context

Perhaps all the NBA players should take a knee to show support for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Tibet?

Bad bussiness

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Posted in: NZ store of Japanese sports brand Asics apologizes over porn played on big screens See in context

"Won't somebody please think of the children"... lol

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting drunk bar customer who later died See in context

it sounds like a real life version of Kiryu Kazuma in Kamurocho

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Posted in: Americans love snacks. What does that mean for their health? See in context

Japanese people also love snacks, if not, then why is there a huge snacks section in every conbini or 100円 shop i've been to; the 7-11 even have their own snacks.

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Posted in: Japan kicks off World Cup qualification with Myanmar win See in context

How would they be able to accurately determine the next 4 teams from 8 groups, when potentially there will be teams with identical records and goals scored/given?

As always in FIFA tournaments (including world cups of any age)


2.Overall goal difference

3.Overall goals scored

4.Fair play points

5.Coin Toss

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Posted in: Should the international community protect the Amazon? See in context

As 1glenn said, The current brazilian government is burning the dead forest as a way to clear the land for agriculture and cattle farming.

And that is not the only reason why Bolsonaro doesn't want to fires to be stopped, there are also minerals down there, that now, can be more easily exploted whitout all those trees over there. Sad but true.

An as Brazil is "his country", nobody can do anything about it.

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Posted in: Leclerc in dreamland after leading Ferrari to Italian Grand Prix triumph See in context

At least for once, the stewards let the drivers drive

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Posted in: South Korea calls for ban of 'rising sun' flag at 2020 Olympics See in context

If the Chinese government protest against the use of the flag, then maybe the IOC could possibly review this matter (as it happened in football, when the AFC, the asian football confederation banned the rising sun flag under the pressure from the chinese), but if is only the south koreans, nothing is going to change, because nobody cares about the whining south koreans...

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Posted in: Japan denies it gave away too much in trade talks with U.S. See in context

"Assume the position" Abe-san

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Posted in: Hamilton relishing new rivalry with Verstappen after Hungary duel See in context

Just put Max on the second Mercedes car and only then you'll have a real championship

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Posted in: Landmark U.S.-Russia arms control treaty is dead See in context

Isn't the US a democratic crountry with 3 independent powers? Then why the president has such power to make many important decisions WITHOUT EVEN ASKING the congress?

He just raised the tariffs, destroy international treaties, etc, WITHOUT the congress's approval; this sounds pretty much like a quasi-dictatorship to me...

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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context

Real life "Initial D"

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Posted in: Teachers reprimanded for using Japanese imperial flag and apparent war propaganda on school test See in context

History is written by the winners. History written on books should be facts, but in practice many times it is not.

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