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Posted in: New study suggests Japanese people born in late winter at higher risk of suicide See in context

Smithinjapan. Sorry yeah your right . I should of said the government . That's who I was really referring too. I know that the JT only print out what news they have given them. I just wish there was more help lines and people to talk to about their problems . Seems that all the government does is throw money at every problem they have then they wonder why the country is in so much dept . With the low birth rate , high suicide rate and ageing Society plus the country with the most people over 100yrs old . This problem will take years to sort out . By that time I'll be brown bread and my children's children will have to foot the bill.

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Posted in: New study suggests Japanese people born in late winter at higher risk of suicide See in context

Come on JT . Instead of putting up news about yet another reason why someone might kill themselves . This time it's if you were born between Jan 1st and Apr 1st your at greater risk . Come on ! How comes up with these figgers ? Why not put more news up to try and help these people and really try and find out the true reasons why . Also a few help line phone numbers and websites put up now and then to help those who are feeling suicidal might help. Reading about yet another suicide is bad but when it's about a 15yr old child that's when you ask yourself why ? Japan has one of the highest suicides in the world and putting up if you were born between Jan 1st and Apr 1st is not gonna help at all.

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Posted in: Doctor punches patient in stomach after his third visit to ER in one night See in context

Cry wolf and that's what happens lol . But to be fare as a doctor he should still of acted in a profesoinal manner and done his job properly . I wonder if the guy will be back next week complaining ? My money is on a no no there lol .

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must fix domestic problems before taking in refugees See in context

Too bloody right Abe should sort the problems at home first ! I just wish more country's would follow suit . The ageing and low birth rate in this county will just get worse if Japan starts helping other country's . How about giving the $8000000 to the people that have been evicted from Fukashima . A place that I'm guessing many generations of family's have lived and died there . Many are still living in sheltered accomadation to this day . They are the refugees now of Japan . Look after them first I say . Those people lost everything , family members ., businesses etc . I was gonna leave Japan when the earthquake hit but I stayed and I'm glad I did . My oppion . If Japan let in more refugees it wil be the beginning of the end for Japan. Crime rate will rise to start with. Then job sector will be next . People who feel safe in Japan will no longer feel safe .

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Posted in: How rampant is abuse in nursing homes for elderly? See in context

This is only gonna get worse as the old people in Japan increases . Maybe start by paying care workers and nurses a decent wage . They get payed peanuts for the amount of work they do . It's no wonder care workers are losing it and taking their anger out on the old folk . You would too being payed less than ¥10,000 for a 12hr shift . Also most staff are part time workers so their pay will be even less . Increase the pay and care workers will be more happy in their job and take on more full time workers . Keep it as it is and it will just get worse .

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Posted in: Japanese men reveal 10 times they fell in love with their wives all over again See in context

What a load of Cr.p ! How old are these Japanese men 10 years old ? Really no1 was if she cooks something really nice . I think it's about time more men learned how to cook and take care of the kids once and a while and stop living like cave men . So sick of hearing I can't cook from guys . My wife and I share the cooking and we both take care of the kids . Yes my wife can tell what I'm thinking sometimes and yeah it does freak me out sometimes but it's only because we have been together so long . Does it bother me ? No . I like it. I too can do the same with her . Ive always loved my wife and I was taken ill some time back and had to stay in hospital for almost two weeks . The look of worry on my wife's face made me love her even more . Ask not what your wife can do you you but what you can do for her ?

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape and robbery in Ibaraki See in context

To all women . Stay off those dating sites . They are full of weirdos . If you can't find a guy the old fashion way just give it some time and your meet the right guy .

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing father and keeping body in storeroom for a year See in context

There's gotta be more to this sick story. This sounds like she killed him but kept on taking his pension money and they got suspicious and started sending letters etc and her son must of wanted to see his grandfather and she couldn't take it anymore and confessed to the murder . This happened not so long ago where a family member died and their pension money was still being drawn by the Other family members.

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Posted in: Survey finds 14% of Japanese women intend to get intimate on the first date See in context

14% seems a little low . I think more should of been asked . Sex on a first date might sound fun but just be carful . Woman are just as bad as men when it comes to sex they are just better at lying than men . Snakes with tits !

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Posted in: M5.2 earthquake jolts Tokyo; no tsunami risk See in context

This earthquake woke me up . I'm now on the way to work . Trains are busy so please take care getting on and off the trains .

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Posted in: 'Bring it on' - U.S. women relish facing Japan in World Cup final See in context

Win or lose . I guarantee after the final , one or two japaneses players will retire from the game . I hope Japan win but it's the American birthday weekend . With all the corruption with FIFA at the moment I'm betting a 2/1 win to the usa . Penalty In the last 10 mins with give usa the win . Saying that I still would like Japan to win but I can't see it happening .

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Posted in: Japan has a pill to cure your pre-speech jitters See in context

It's got to be a scam . Japan seems to have a cure for everything. You can't watch the tv without an advert popping up about vitamin pills etc. If you find it hard to give a speech your in the wrong job. A speech at a wedding . Your be so drunk you want care what you say lol . Just remember one thing . If you make a tit of yourself you can just say I was drunk and cand remember .

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Posted in: 104 suffer food poisoning after eating bentos in Tokyo See in context

I have to say a lot of toilets in japan are just nasty . Even some of the ones in shopping malls . Nothing to wash your hands with or dry them with . As for the obento box incident . If more people learned how to cook their own food then food poisoning cases will decrease . We all know that obento boxes are not that good for you so why do we eat them I ask ? Can't cook won't cook that's what it is . Going back to the shopping mall. There are many restaurants of all kinds there and many people too. Bad toilet and hygiene by just a few staff and customers there and it's food poisoning all over again. Above all . Washing ones hands takes a min or two but we need something to wash them with .

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Posted in: Nagasaki theme park to open futuristic hotel staffed by robots See in context

I can see it now at the front desk. "I need your clothes , your boots and your motorcycle "lol I don't think it will be 100 or 200 years from now . The time is now . Cars are made by robots etc . Our money is controlled by computers even our military is controlled by computers . I want to know if it will be like that movie West world ?

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Posted in: Gov't to tighten penalties for dangerous bicycle riding See in context

I see they didn't mention about riding bikes with no lights and I'm talking about front and back lights.Also no one seems to know how to use the bell on the bike.Question is will we see an improvement ? Answer ,NO ! With all the people that uses bikes in Japan they just don't have the man power to enforce it. Riding a bike with an umbrella is just stupid but I've seen the police doing it too so what does that say about the law?

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