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JAL will consider the 787 and Airbus SE A321neo families as possible replacements for its 767 fleet and the A220 and E2 models for regional jets

JAL has 31 767s, 18 Embraer E-170s and 14 E-190s in its fleet, according to its website.

This reads terribly as it comes off implying JAL wants to also replace the A220, and not add the A220 which is what they offically said. I know JT is just reposting a Reuters article

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Posted in: Japan Airlines eyes replacement of 767s, regional jets See in context

Moot any way as the A380 has been discontinued by Airbus when the final orders are filled.

Anyhow, probably academic now that most airlines can't make A380 viable.

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Sorry, I'm lost. But, what am I am suppose to take away from these numbers?

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Even the most doomsday scenario projects a bounce back from the bottom at around 50 million within 100 years. Japan had 70 million right after the end of WWII while its economy was of course devastated, with high adult men casualty. Compared to that, the current situation is not so bad.

I don't know meh. I rememebr i nthe 50s/60s being todold by now I should have flying cars, police use non-lethal lasers guns, and tobots have already allowed mankind to spend the day eating food in pill form. I can in no way see how anyone can future proof society and speculate on future birthrates. Aside from economical and ecological factors, modern Japanese feminism (women preferring careers over having children and/or getting married), and other sociological and political factors, there is no indication that the trend of the declining birthrate could or would in fact level off.

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Posted in: Indonesia defends rail project after Japan expresses anger See in context

Interesting, Japan, pioneer of bullet train tech loses this contract too. They just lost to China in building America's west coast HSR line too.

Let us see how well this Buy China (at discount rates) play out. I for one expect to see much of the shoddy work play out.

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