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0.3, 0.5cm!!!!! out in the real world are called 3mm/5mm, duh: and leave the imperial measurements (ironically) haha to the americans, who obivously know nothing about the origins of said, if they did they would have been rid of, along with the tea.. hahahahah. god bless america and it's eastern colonies, the isles of nippon.

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Not Brexit; not - 'SARS Ver 2' (lets a least call a spade a spade or else what's the point of having a free speech platform?). The bottom line; the greedy, fat cat shareholders and non exec' directors/advisors of companies (many of whom are serving politicians) who have vested interests in keeping overheads down and their remuneration - comparative to the shop-floor worker - at obscene levels. Well, they must think, if F1 drivers and sport -stars are having millions thrown their way, surely we the 'privileged' few, the puppet masters deserve the same. There are over 200,000 licensed HGV drivers in the UK who could be working but have quit or taken early retirement, 50,000 of those have left the industry this year exhausted physically and mentally by the working conditions and pay. I should know as I am one of them. Poaching drivers from other countries is a slap in the face on top of everything else.

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