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Posted in: N Korea blasts Obama as 'monkey' in threat over movie See in context

It is a well known racial insult to refer to African Americans as monkeys, apes... Etc

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Posted in: N Korea blasts Obama as 'monkey' in threat over movie See in context

When you have nothing else to say, when you are at an intellectual deficit.... You resort to personal insults.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift wins big at American Music Awards; nothing for Bieber See in context

i live in nashville. it is a known fact that taylor swift cannot sing. in the music community, of which i am a part, it has become an ongoing joke. yes, she appears to be a great writer, but singing????.... its amazing its continued this long. maybe this is an indicator of how diminished our collective musical intelligence has become. also i should add, she is not the first to pull this off. justin beiber can sing, taylor swift cannot.

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Posted in: Woman dies after beating administered by son, provoked by incontinence incident See in context

when my step-son was younger, i noticed he was sometimes disrespectful to his mother, in a manner no young man should address a parent. my wife, his mother, says this kind of thing sometimes happens in japan but I put a stop to it the very first time i noticed it; furthermore, i notified all the family members (aunts, uncles) of this issue.(his tendency to be rude to his mother) . he understands that in this family, that kind of behavior is not acceptable. he is a young adult now and seems to have no issues now. as for the man in this story; one day soon he will be old, probably experience the very same issues his mother had... what goes around, comes around.

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Posted in: $6.1 mil awarded to Tennessee man in Japan child custody battle See in context

They wont be children forever. when they are older, ,they will consider the situation on their own, seek out thier father, and end up hating their mother. what goes around comes around. in every place, in every time.... Karma works the same.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift basks in Asian limelight See in context

all this from a woman who cannot sing.... amazing

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