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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

Paramedics or police.....dilema...i had the same issue with my office staff in uae... there we calleed police and paramedics...police start investigattion like y when what etc. As soon as paramedics arrived they first asked n investigated medicine he has been taking... soon they discovered that its a case of dimentia that may be caused by some asthma drug or sideeffect... they didnot told about us but they covered him well with traqulizers and all of sudden it went right...he is now well

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Posted in: Cheap and cheerful, Chinese phones outsmart Apple See in context

This News is a propogenda for Chinese Mobiles or u can say Marketing strategy. Its still in its premature state...

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Posted in: Japanese nationalists set sail for disputed islands See in context

@SunnysideUp Koreans and Chinese may be intelligent. But Japanese are surely NOT stupid...;)

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