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Posted in: Nissan rolls out new electric crossover to boost image See in context

I'll never buy Nissan. And I'll encourage anyone I know to not buy Nissan as well.

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Posted in: EU to reopen borders to 14 nations, including Japan but not to U.S. tourists See in context

I hope Japan keep its borders closed. At least until a vaccine or treatment is found.

The Virus in Japan is so far under control, but to open the borders will make the things worse.

I'm afraid it's going to be some time before a vaccine is found. And we cannot keep borders closed until then. But keeping them closed to countries where the virus is still rising is responsible. And we can still continue with life as long as we wear masks and be careful in public.

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Posted in: Gov't seeks more inclusion in education for foreign children in Japan See in context

I'm sorry to hear that.

But, knowing what we know, I think any foreigner who actually marries and has children with a Japanese person has to be nuts. Date? Sure. But marriage? No way.

I guess you meant well. But what a terrible thing to say. I've been happily married to my Japanese wife for 21 years and I've never thought twice about having our daughter with her. I also know quite a few happily married international couples.

I guess you are referring to divorces and some foreigners not being able to see their children. And I fully sympathize with that situation. But things can happen in any marriage. Life can be difficult anywhere. It has nothing to do with being with a Japanese person.

REALLY???? My son who is mixed Japanese is struggling in the elementary school because of me and has since grade 1 because I am a single mother. I have been begging for extra help for him and I MEAN nobody wants to give him that help at the school. With my income get him a private juku teacher once a week its expensive and so on help my son and others who are in this position before helping, outsiders. I stayed here so my son could grow up knowing his father's culture even if father chose not to be part of his life I did not want him to grow up not knowing. I know many other mothers like myself in the same boat go back make less money and struggle and or stay make a better income and struggle there is no win/win.

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. My daughter also struggled in elementary school and junior high. Thankfully she has ended up at my high school and since my fellow Japanese teachers have known her since she was a child, they are looking after her. Her mother is a big help with her studies as well.

The biggest difficulty is going to be your son's Japanese ability and understanding the material. And he could likely use extra help. I wish I had been more insistent on working on my daughter's Japanese when she was younger, whether from my wife or someone else. (We speak mostly English at home). There are local groups sometimes that will help foreign children with their studies. There was one in my city but we didn't take advantage of that. Big mistake. But we are doing what we can now. It's never too late. Even an older lady in your neighborhood might be willing to help your son with his studies. Don't just rely on the elementary school. Reach out. And best wishes.

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Posted in: Trump asking Supreme Court to bar demands for taxes, bank records See in context

There is absolutely no reason to continue hiding trump's taxes from the America people. Only reason would be if he was really trying to hide something. And trump supporters know 100% that is why.

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Posted in: Etiquette a hot topic as social distance jogging gains momentum See in context

I've been jogging nearly every day. But there aren't that many people at the park when I go. And if I must pass someone, I put quite a bit a distance between us. But I noticed some runners on the weekends (when it's busier) just not caring about space or the amount of huffing and puffing they do when passing others.

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What the heck are you doing in school in the first place?

While I agree with you, I'm a tenured teacher who must follow the directions of those above me. They have reduced the number of days we must come in and the number of hours when we do, but you know, Japan still has a hard time giving up the belief that work must be done at the work place. And they still feel the need to micro-manage everyone.

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I went to one vice-principal (who wasn't wearing a mask) and asked him to tell teachers to wear masks, be careful of coughing and sneezing, and maintain social distancing when talking to others. He blew me off. Said he's consult others about it. Nothing changed for a few days. So...I downloaded the 3 "C"s in Japanese (三密) and went to the other vice-principal and asked if I could put them up around school. A few days later, all the heads came out of a meeting and announced that everyone should wear a mask, be careful of coughing and sneezing, and maintain social distancing when talking to others. That first vice-principal began wearing a mask.

Keep persistence up.

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Posted in: Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders See in context

Let's just hope that they don't end up all getting sick like other places that ignored social distance warnings. I know that some may wish it to occur as a "karma" kind of thing. But death and more sick to take care of is the last thing we need. Pray that they understand this before it's too late instead.

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Posted in: Abe defends mask give-out plan; eyes budget submission next week See in context

Couldn't we spend tax payer money a more effective way? Just how much is it going to cost to send two masks? Give me the money directly and I'll spend it in my local economy.

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Posted in: Many go to work despite Abe's call for telework See in context

My school recently joined a cloud system, which means I can work from home on my computer. And yet, we must come in every day for five hours. There are no students here. There are no teacher meetings. But...they still cannot fathom letting teachers stay home. They still seem to believe that work must be done at the work place. And I think some of the higher ups don't trust us.

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I work in a prefecture not included in the State of Emergency. And by the look of my fellow Japanese teachers, they don't seem worried at all about the virus. Two-thirds of the teachers are not wearing masks while laughing and talking right next to each other. And about one-third are unaware that they are coughing or sneezing without covering their mouth or nose. Maybe we'll be lucky.

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It's hard to know how this will all end. Closing schools was a good thing. But the fact that some schools and companies still required everyone to come in still means Coronavirus is spreading. But little testing for the virus gives a false sense of things under control. I predict that things will get worse. Japan just can't overcome the cultural "continue to work while sick" syndrome.

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The students must be over the moon with excitement. They will have no final exams

I think most junior high and high school final exams are finished.

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Posted in: Japan to close all schools until early April to control spread of virus See in context

If my high school closes, I will ask to work from home. I can do lots of preparation anyway, and I’ll be available to look after kids in my neighborhood if there’s an emergency.

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Posted in: Pelosi tears up copy of Trump's State of the Union speech See in context

If we only showed trump and the republicans, we'd be seeing the likes of North Korea. Devotion to a false leader, brain washed to believe lies, and scared to speak otherwise.

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Posted in: How to apprehend a 'chikan' and protect women from being groped on a train See in context

All these people telling foreigners to not get involved. Just no. There is right and there is wrong. If I see someone doing something wrong, I will say something. I guess it depends on how you go about it. But please, please don't look the other way and ignore it. Also, the only way for Japan to change their views of foreigners is for us to do the right things.

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Posted in: Japanese politeness is a myth: One person’s tale strikes a chord with people around the country See in context

I have always made it a point to say thank you to the people who clean public toilets. I've noticed how so many people just walk by them without any acknowledgement at all. I like to see them smile when I give them a hello and thanks.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

Hey Masako Mori, we don't believe you. History has shown how unfair your justice is. If you really want to improve Japan's image, then quit denying there is no problem. Just fix it!

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Posted in: Thin line between neglect and independence for Japanese kids See in context

When I first moved into my house in a new part of my city, there was a young girl who often played outside my house. She was a bit older than my daughter, but she was friendly. One Sunday morning, she was over around breakfast time, and we asked her if she had eaten breakfast yet, and she said no. Turns out that her mother worked full-time as a nurse and was often gone. And her father would sleep all day on his day off. And no one was fixing breakfast for her. So we fed her from time to time. We did make contact with her mother, though, to make sure it was okay. Very friendly mom. Very apologetic. But we didn't mind.

This girl later became too old for my daughter and they went separate ways. But we'd see her from time to time. Still always friendly. In high school, she went on to a top level school and entered an international course which specialized in English. I've always wondered if being at my house, eating pancakes and what not, and hearing English spoken around her, led her to that direction. :)

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

Having more days off in summer is nice, but it doesn't help the tiredness that builds up week after week if there isn't ample time to rest during the day or on the weekends. Extracurricular activities should be only two hours long from 4-6. Japan still doesn't seem to understand quality over quantity. They need a crash course in time efficiency.

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Posted in: Long hours of gaming adversely affect daily activities: survey See in context

Doesn't matter what your passion is. If you let it affect your work, studies, or family life, it's a problem. But I find it funny how those who don't game much, have such a negative opinion of it. I'm an avid gamer. Love playing games, and have developed a pretty strong social network playing them. I also exercise nearly every day, work full-time, and am active in my family's life. It's all about priorities.

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Posted in: Teacher's kick leaves student with broken bone at prestigious Tokyo school See in context

It's a shame to see this still happening. My high school heads have explicitly told all teachers that corporal punishment is unacceptable and would result in being terminated. They have been doing this for years now.

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Posted in: IOC Tokyo Olympic marathon edict should give pause to other cities See in context

In reality, Tokyo is not hosting the games. Japan is. And it is a fact that the Earth is becoming warmer and warmer every year. Comparing 1996 to 2020 is different. I think concern for the athletes well-being is a good decision.

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Posted in: Use of private English tests for university exams delayed after gaffe See in context

The TOEFL is a good idea. My personal opinion is that Japan should use the IELTS exam.

OK! Here's an idea: have all English tests in Japan be either TOEFL or IELTS. Students and/or institutions can choose which or both. Problem solved.

I agree. The IELTS would also be a suitable test for Japanese students.

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Posted in: Use of private English tests for university exams delayed after gaffe See in context

stupid. completely stupid. why do we need 7 different tests of 1 language. Choose one, and only one and make sure it is THE standard by which Japan evaluates English ability. After all, isn't that EXACTLY what they do when it comes to japanese language assessment? Its all about the JLPT. And not only inside japan, its global. Everywhere. The standard assessment of Japanese is the JLPT.

I agree. But as Japan is the only country to use Japanese, it is easier to have only one test. Part of the problem in Japan is that they have consistently used the Eiken. And while popular in Japan, it isn't recognized in the world. More recently, Benesse has been pushing their GTEC, claiming that it assesses students better than the Eiken. Not sure it really does. But it's a business. Benessee is trying to claim a piece of the money pie. But the same problem exists. GTEC isn't recognized in the world.

It's just my opinion. But I think that Japan would be better off using the TOEFL or TOEIC as they are recognized everywhere.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

Why must men wear neckties? There are a lot of dumb rules both male and female must follow.

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I'm confused. Does this mean that when my school tries to retire me at 60, I can legally continue working until 65 at the same salary if I so choose? Or is this just the usual way that teachers retire and 60 and then just continue working part-time on a part-time salary like now?

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Posted in: 2 teenagers hit, killed by train in apparent suicide in Saga See in context

If you work at a school, be sure to welcome each and every student with warm smile. Make them know that you are happy to be with them. And at the end of the day, be sure to send them off with a warm goodbye. Some students come to school with only negative thoughts from home only to be greeted with negative comments from teachers. We must break the cycle.

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Some schools in Japan are making teachers clock out at 4:30 pm. They are only doing this so that on paper, it seems looks like teachers are not being overworked. However, the pressure is still there to continue working, even after having clocked out.

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Just let me wear what I want. If it's cold, I'll wear a necktie and long sleeve. If it's hot, I'll wear a short sleeve. Don't make me wear a necktie and long sleeve until you decide it's hot.

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